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What is useful aroma massage?

 The aroma massage offered by various SPA salons and SPA centers today is an excellent procedure that calms and relaxes, has a beneficial effect on the body and the body as a whole.  Such a massage helps much from nerves as a panacea and is used to relieve physical and psychological stress, relieve stress, depression, insomnia. In addition, aroma massage is recommended to remove excess fat and figure correction without exhausting diets and workouts.

A massage is performed using special essential oils made from high-quality ingredients - medicinal plants, exotic fruits.  At the same time, the master selects the oil for each client individually. Before the procedure, a kind of interview is conducted, during which the main problems and wishes are determined.  Based on the revealed evidence, a set of aromatic oils with certain properties and effects is selected.

The positive effect of aroma massage on the body, as well as on individual organs and systems, has been determined many centuries ago.  Today, this technique is successfully practiced when it is necessary to get rid of nervousness, to relax, increase vitality, and increase the resistance of the immune system.  This method of healing and rejuvenation has no serious contraindications, therefore, men and women of different age categories can attend aroma massage.

What oil to massage with?

 Essential oils used in cosmetology and massage techniques have several advantageous properties:

 · High volatility, which ensures filling the room with beautiful aromas in a matter of minutes;

 · Therapeutic effect (skin regeneration, fatigue relief, getting rid of skin rashes, etc.);

 · Psychological impact (raising vitality and mood, getting rid of stress);

 · Cosmetological effect (skin moisturizing, enrichment with vitamins and minerals, lifting effect).

Whether it is a massage with lavender oil or if you need to use oils of eucalyptus, mandarin, cedar - the choice is entrusted to a professional master with the appropriate experience and qualifications.  When choosing the essential oil that will be used during the procedure, the following are taken into account:

 · Condition and type of skin;

 ·  health status;

 · Age;

 · individual characteristics;

·  Possible allergic reactions;

 · Customer wishes.

 Professional oil massage is never performed without prior consultation, which avoids unpleasant consequences.  An experienced master will definitely determine which oil to massage the face with, and which aromatic mixture is better to use for certain areas of the body (back, legs and arms, neck, decollete, abdomen, hips).

The best oils for aroma massage

 Today, at least 400 types of essential oils are known, of which about 40 are used in aromatherapy. Each of the oils has general and specific properties, can affect the body as a whole, internal organs and systems, skin and hair, and a psychoemotional state.

 From those clients who suffer from insomnia and whose life is associated with constant stress

 Oils of chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, cloves.

 To rejuvenate and nourish the skin

 Shea butter, coconut oil, cedar, grape seed, almond, rosemary, argan.

 For weight loss, subcutaneous fat and cellulite

 Oil of orange, juniper, anise, tangerine.

 To increase vitality, endurance, performance

 Sage, rosemary, bergamot, geranium, cinnamon, patchouli, rose oil.

 For the treatment of respiratory diseases, raising immunity

 Eucalyptus, citrus, sandalwood oil.

 To relieve muscle fatigue

 Oil of jojoba, tea tree, sandalwood, juniper.

It should be said that aromatic oils for massage procedures are divided into basic and specialized.  Base oil should be neutral, broad-based. Usually it is apricot, almond or grape seed oil. Then, oils selected for the client taking into account individual indications are added to the base of base.

 The following types of essential aromatic oils are in greatest demand:

 1. Orange;

 2. Lavender;

 3. Ylang-ylang;

 4. Sandalwood;

 5. Tea tree;

 6. Eucalyptus;

 7. The fruits of the Shi tree.

 Using orange oil makes up for the lack of optimism and joy.  Lavender relieves irritability and stress. Ylang-ylang and sandalwood oils help with sexual dysfunctions, improve the quality of sexual relations.  Tea tree oil relieves pain and muscle fatigue, eucalyptus helps to increase working capacity and restores emotional balance.

 Shea butter has many positive effects, which is also used in cosmetology in the manufacture of nourishing and moisturizing lotions, balms, creams, masks.  This tool has a beneficial effect on the skin condition, smoothes wrinkles, evens out the color, removes stretch marks and enriches the dermis with life-giving elements at the level of supply of each cell.

Effective Aromatherapy Method

 How does aromatherapy affect a person?  Using a mixture of essential oils and special massage techniques, the desired effect is achieved at such levels:

 1. The components of the essential oils, penetrating through the skin into the body, through the bloodstream reach certain internal organs.  Proper effects occur - therapeutic or prophylactic;

 2. Ether molecules included in the formula of aromatic oil, through the epithelium of the sense of smell, enter the limbic system of the brain, which is responsible for controlling emotions.  Substances from aromatic oils have a beneficial effect on improving the functions of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, hormones, memory, blood pressure, digestive system, and immunity.

Among the most important effects of massage with oil are:

 · Stimulation of blood circulation;

 · Activation of lymph flow to remove toxins and toxins;

 · Increased metabolism;

 · Normalization of the kidneys, urogenital system;

 · Increased intestinal motility;

 · Normalization of the central nervous system;

 · Improvement of the functions of the respiratory, cardiovascular systems;

 · Increased stamina;

 · Natural rejuvenation of the body;

 · Getting rid of wrinkles, stretch marks;

 · Moisturizing the skin, smoothing, giving velvety;

 · Removal of excess fat;

 · Getting rid of puffiness.

Types of Aroma Massage

 Aroma massage involves the use of special aromatic oils during the procedure.  In this case, various techniques can be used, including such a popular type of massage as Thai.  The following varieties of aroma massage are offered in our Elephant SPA salon:

 · oil massage for pregnant women;

 · Oil massage;

 · Stone therapy;

 · Anti-cellulite;

 · Anti-stress;

 · Traditional aroma massage.

 The effect of massage performed with the use of essential oil has a vascular and lymphatic focus.  The technique is soft, with stroking sliding movements, without sharp twists, with coverage of the entire surface of the body.

How often do you need to do the massage ?

 To get a pronounced preventive and therapeutic effect, it is recommended to undergo a course of aromatherapy massage (at least 5-7 sessions with a frequency of 1 time per week).  The duration of the session is determined by the master in agreement with the client and can be 60-120 minutes.

 The oils selected for the course may vary depending on individual indications and preferences.  An aromatic mixture can consist of at least 3 types of essential oils with a specific focus. After completing the course, you can visit aroma massage for relaxation, prevention and enjoyment at any convenient time.

Indications and contraindications

 Aroma massage is a universal procedure that can be used with almost no restrictions.  Direct indications for this method of relaxation and therapy are the following conditions:

 Transferred stress, depression, insomnia;

 · Frequent headaches, back pain;

 · Digestive disorders;

 · Metabolic disturbance;

 · Obesity

 · Poor appetite

 · Decrease in vitality, loss of strength;

 · Chronic fatigue syndrome;

 · Age-related skin changes, rashes, dryness.

At the same time, aroma massage has some contraindications and is not recommended if you have:

  · An allergic reaction to essential oil;

  · Varicose veins;

 ·  Diabetes;

 · Exacerbation of chronic diseases;

 ·  Infectious diseases

 · Fresh fractures, postoperative sutures, wounds;

  · Oncology;

 · Mental disorders;

  · Epilepsy.

 Also, with caution, you need to approach the choice of aromatic oil for cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy.

 If you want to feel all the charm and the positive effect of aroma massage on yourself, then we invite you to a session in our specialized SPA salon “Elephant”.  Each client is given the opportunity to choose a certified or TOP master, and it is guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience, recovery and good mood !

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