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Why is lymphatic drainage massage useful for the body?

    This massage becomes a real ally of beauty.  It is often used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, lymphatic edema and acne.  Done in a proper way, it promises immediate and long-term results.  The treatment can be applied to different parts of the body, such as arms, legs, thighs, armpits, ankles, feet and groin, and more.

    Manual lymphatic drainage massage is often used to treat conditions such as varicose veins and heavy legs.  It can also help reduce venous edema associated with thrombosis or after sports injuries (sprains and fractures).  In the latter case, drainage does not heal the injury; it simply helps reduce the swelling.

 What is lymphatic drainage massage

     Lymphatic drainage massage is a massage technique that stimulates lymph drainage.  It is used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.  This method is based on slow and gentle movements in the direction of the lymphatic circulation with pressure fluctuations.  Thus, it is a massage method that acts on the lymphatic vessels, eliminating edema and cellulite.  It also promotes the flow of lymph into the lymphatic system, which helps to remove waste and toxins from body tissues.

 In Kiev, you can have an effective cupping lymphatic drainage massage — https://elephant-spa.com.ua/en-gb/procedures/massazhi/banochnij-limfodrenazhnij-anticelliulitnyi-massazh .  The master will work on different parts of the body to get rid of excess fluid and improve metabolism.

 What determines the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage massage

    To understand how to program the number of sessions, it is important to know what lymphatic drainage massage is and how it works.  As depending on the results, motivation and areas of intervention, cycles of different lengths can be set.

    The level of stagnant fluids differs depending on the area of ​​the body.  It is also influenced by lifestyle, initial situation and how the body responds to treatment.  Contact a     Thai massage parlor — and they will select the optimal number of manipulations just for you.  It can be a lymphatic drainage massage of the face or another, which also has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

 The benefits are perceptible already after first procedures, but the results are especially noticeable on the body after at least a full cycle of 15 or 20 massages.

 Why is the lymphatic drainage massage so useful?

    It brings different benefits - both medically and aesthetically.  Its main purpose is to eliminate fluid accumulation in certain areas of the body, shrink lymph nodes and eliminate lymph congestion, and relieve swelling.  Massage has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system.

    Among various diseases, it also acts on cellulite.  Lymphatic drainage massage eliminates this disadvantage by removing fluid from the body without retaining water and improving lymphatic circulation.  To be able to soften so-called orange peel and tighten the skin.

    This massage technique is also recommended for women during pregnancy.  During this period, swollen ankles are very common (due to increased water retention).  Here, the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage are especially noticeable.

    Choose this type of massage if you want to lose weight.  Find out more about what procedures can be used in this case in the article on effective massage for weight loss -https://elephant-spa.com.ua/en-gb/news/jeffektivnij-massazh-dlja-pohudenija .

 How much to do lymphatic drainage massage?

    If your goal is to counteract cellulite and get rid of water retention, you can go to treatments in cycles: from 2 months with one or two massages per week (depending on needs).  Usually, a phase of shock therapy for connective tissues and the work of the lymphatic system is envisaged with a massage package of at least 10 sessions + a second phase of 6 supporting sessions.

     After this stage, manual lymphatic drainage can be scheduled every 10-15 days throughout the year.

    Then 2 or 3 sessions a month, also depending on other natural or traditional medicine treatments (which you may be applying in a complex manner).

    The duration of the session is usually about 45 minutes.  The time depends on the area to be treated and the method used.  Although it can also reach two hours of treatment.  The benefits of lymphatic drainage massage are made even more effective by following a clean diet and healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity.

 Indications for lymphatic drainage massage

     The demand for this type of therapy is constantly growing.  There are many cases where this procedure is useful.  Among them:

 ● postoperative period to accelerate the healing and reabsorption of edema (liposuction, liposculpture, mammoplasty, general surgery, etc.);

 ● severe swelling due to circulatory problems or abnormalities;

 ● localized edema (joints, ankles, knees);

 ● lymphedema;

 ● migraines;

 ● cervicalgia;

 ● acne;

 ● wrinkles;

 ● fragility of capillaries.

 Contraindications to lymphatic drainage massage

     In healthy people, this massage has no contraindications.  If the treatment is of a medical nature, the procedure is recommended by a specialist, for example, after surgery. If the purpose of the session is of an aesthetic nature, it is still necessary to check that there are no contraindications associated with important diseases, such as:

 ● heart disease;

 ● hypotension and hypertension;

 ● tumors;

 ● the presence of burns on the skin;

 ● asthmatic disorders.

     Consider the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage and what warnings there are.  Before choosing any type of massage, best of all is to consult your doctor beforehand as a precautionary measure, especially if you suffer from pathology.

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