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How is facial massage useful?

     It is possible to improve the condition of the skin without injections and surgical interventions.  Proper care and sensitive attitude to the skin will help preserve youth in those who are already well over 20.

 Facial massage is an effective way to make the skin glow, firm, look healthy, and prevent signs of aging.  This is a relatively simple, but very important procedure, because the face is the most important area in our appearance.

 Why is massage for the face useful?

 Regular facial massage helps to noticeably improve the quality of the skin.  These changes are manifested both externally and internally.  Due to the increased blood circulation and the correct techniques, after several massage procedures, you can achieve the following results:

  •  prevent the appearance of wrinkles;
  •  improve skin tone;
  •  relieve swelling;
  •  improve complexion;
  •  saturate the skin with oxygen;
  •  improve regenerative processes;
  •  tighten the oval of the face.

 And these are not all the positive changes that await you after at least one course of facial massage.

 What does facial massage give

     Facial massage, or as it is also called - passive gymnastics, will show the first results after the first procedure.  You will noticeably improve the appearance, the quality of the skin, you will look fresher, healthier, the puffiness disappears and the skin will shine great.  But this effect will last no more than 3-4 days.  After that everything will fall into place and the benefits of massage will be completely invisible.

 It is important to regularly massage your face and neck and not miss a single procedure.  This will help keep the result for a much longer time.  It prevents skin aging, tightens the face and maintains its youthfulness.

     But it is very important to be able to do facial massage.  After all, this is not a set of random exercises.  If you intend to do this type of massage yourself, you need to study all the rules of this process and strictly adhere to them.  You should know in which direction you need to go along the massage lines, with what intensity to massage at different points, where you need to move from the wings of the nose or ears in order to achieve a good result, or what means you need and, conversely, it is forbidden to use during massage  ...  Otherwise, you can harm the condition of the skin and achieve undesirable results in the form of the appearance of mimic wrinkles and, in special cases, even hematomas.  But the correct and best option would be to go for such a procedure to an experienced master who specializes in this method of skin care, to a salon or clinic.  So you will be calm about your face skin and your overall appearance.

 At what age can you have a facial massage?

     For preventive purposes, face massage, the benefits of which are uncompromising, can be done at any age.  The right exercise will relax your muscles and make you feel good.  From the age of 25, experts recommend doing this procedure to those who have indications: swelling, flaccidity of the skin, nervous tension.

 From 25 to 30 years old, you can do facial massage procedures to prevent and prevent skin aging.  It can be one course with 10 procedures per year.

 For those over 30, and especially over 40, professionals advise to include this procedure in the list of mandatory ones, because massage has no less anti-aging effect than special creams and similar cosmetics.


 Despite the fact that the procedure seems completely simple and harmless, there are still contraindications to facial massage.  This:

  •  Increased body temperature;
  •  Colds, SARS;
  •  Diseases of the skin;
  •  Rash on the face;
  •  Progressive acne;
  •  Herpes;
  •  Any inflammation, redness;
  •  Oncological diseases;
  •  Recent beauty treatments such as lifting, exfoliation, etc .;
  •  Open wounds, scratches on the face.  Even if they are small.
  •  The presence of such symptoms will become a stop-signal for the master.

After all, when a person or body is struggling with other diseases or inflammatory processes, you need to wait with the facial massage procedure.  Otherwise, it will further aggravate the situation and only harm.

 Facial massage: types and duration

 Massage therapists share the following basic massage techniques:

  •  Cosmetic;
  •  Classic massage;
  •  Plucked;
  •  Healing.

     There are also individual schemes and types of massage for this area, but a professional selects them specifically for you.

 Each of these types has its own characteristics and uses separate points of the face.  The specialist must individually select what type of massage is needed for the client, depending on the type of skin and the client's request.

     On average, a neck and décolleté massage lasts from half an hour to an hour.  During this time, the muscles of the face warm up well, become elastic, and good blood circulation normalizes the outflow of lymph.  This is also the optimal time to increase blood flow in this delicate area and activate the necessary processes.  It is important to note that facial massage is responsible not only for beauty and age-old changes, but also has to do with the state of the brain, as well as the state of internal organs and even the work of the sebaceous glands.  And also, thanks to correctly selected procedures, you can improve the psycho-emotional state.

 For example, Thai head and face massage has a very good effect on the state of the nervous system, and also normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system.  This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, which, in addition to great benefits, also gives a lot of pleasant sensations.

 Facial massage myths

 But despite the benefits of such a procedure as facial massage, it has a lot of common myths.  Here are some of them:

 Massage is a versatile anti-aging treatment.

 Unfortunately, this is not so.  In order not to age and keep your youth as long as possible, the massage itself will not be enough.  It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, play sports, walk a lot in the fresh air and get enough sleep.  These are perhaps the most important criteria that every person must adhere to if they want a beautiful and healthy body and face, including.

 Facial massage is suitable for everyone!

 Of course not!  Above, we have given a couple of examples of when and to whom you should not have a facial massage.  Before taking the course, be sure to consult with a specialist and clarify about the risks and contraindications.  If your masseur agreed to give you a massage or beauty procedures without a previous examination, run away from such a "specialist" - he just wants to make money from you without worrying about your health.

 The effect of facial massage will be after the first procedure!

 Yes and no.  Why?  Because you will see a positive result, but it will be temporary, and in 2-4 days everything will fall into place.  To see real results, you need to complete at least one course of 10 procedures.  And then, ideally, follow the recommendations on how to prolong the effect of the massage the longer.

 Self-massage is equal to a professional facial massage.

 If you think that you will achieve such a result on your own as from procedures in a salon or clinic, most likely you are mistaken.  Professionals know all the intricacies of the process and the characteristics of your skin type.  What is normal for one woman is not acceptable for another.  In order not to harm yourself, it is better to consult a specialist.  After all, a face is a person's business card and it is better not to save on it.

 Massage stretches the skin!

 Not true.  Human skin is very elastic.  It has the ability to stretch and pull back.  Remember the belly of a pregnant woman, which after a couple of months turns back to its previous shape.  Yes, there may be stretch marks, but this is a completely different process!  When massaging the face, the skin becomes more elastic, soft (for the period of the procedure).

But, for the conditions of the correct technique, this does not apply to facial massage, and the skin does not stretch in any way!  You don’t pull the skin with all your strength, but only massage it, disperse the blood in this zone.

 As you understand, there are many myths and false information about this procedure.  Do not believe rumors, it is better to go to a specialist with education in order to preserve youth and beauty.  After all, all this is our health, and health is the most important thing we need to take care of!

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