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What is a relaxing massage?

    The fast pace of life, constant rush, nerves, problems at home and at work cause chronic fatigue in people.  The modern world forces us to be mobile and multifunctional.  At first, this increases productivity, but then this pace becomes the cause of breakdowns, stress and prolonged depression, which is almost impossible to deal with on your own.

     In the fight against psycho-emotional tensions and constant stress, a relaxing full body massage is the ideal solution.  It is a rewarding and enjoyable way to recuperate, gain strength and return to a normal, colorful life.

 What is a relaxing massage?

     This is a great way to escape from the gray everyday life and all the problems and enjoy a pleasant rest for body and soul.  Relaxing massage is one of the most effective and demanded types of massage all over the world.  Its phenomenon lies in the fact that in addition to pleasant sensations and complete relaxation, a person also receives enormous benefits for the body already in one go.

     For a complete immersion in the world of relaxation and tranquility with such a massage,such factors as light, music, aromatic oils and the experience of a massage therapist are also important.  Only with an integrated approach can you make a massage that relaxes all muscle groups and the nervous system.

 Features of a relaxing massage

     There is a misconception that any massage (except therapeutic) promotes relaxation, relieves stress and is beneficial for the body.  In fact, experts argue that this is not the case.  The wrong approach to the process can only harm a person.  Therefore, it is so important to know all the nuances of relaxation massage and the correct operating principle.


  •  This type of massage is recommended in the evening.  This is necessary in order for the body to relax and rest after the procedure.  If you do a relaxing massage in the morning or in the afternoon and then go to work, the effect will be lost and the massage will not bring any benefit;
  •  Room temperature is also important.  It is very important that the client is comfortable, warm, but not hot.  The warmth of the masseur's hands also depends on this.  It should be pleasant and not arouse the client's additional attention;
  •  Having pleasant music is one of the most important points for this type of massage.  Calm music or sounds of nature contribute to complete relaxation and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system;
  •  It is important to choose the right essential oil for massage.  The best option is natural olive oil, which is distinguished by its hypoallergenicity and availability.  There are also special massage oils that the specialist must select individually for the client before the procedure.  Another important nuance is that the smell of oil should be calm and initially please the client.  Otherwise, it will be a relaxing massage, the benefits of which will be lost and will only bring irritation and other negative emotions to the client.

 Relaxing massage techniques

 This procedure involves gentle, slow movements throughout the body, from the fingertips to the neck and head.  A massage master should know the techniques of how to massage properly different parts of the body, because each zone has its own characteristics.  The movements during relaxation massage should be soft, without any use of force.  A relaxing massage whose technique is not in accordance with the rules will not bring any benefit to the body.

 Basic movements for a relaxing massage:

  1.  Stroking;
  2.  Kneading;
  3.  Rubbing;
  4.  Patting;
  5.  Vibration.

 There are different types of relaxing massages:

  •  For example, an anti-stress massage can help normalize blood pressure and improve sleep;
  •  For those who want to relieve fatigue, activate mental processes, avoid nervous tension, aroma massage would be an excellent option;
  •  And for those who have dry, flabby skin, massage with a scented candle will be a pleasant and useful solution to this problem.

Whichever option you choose, any massage has a positive impact on health and well-being.

 What effect does a relaxing massage have on the body?

 The main goal of this type of massage is to relax the body, calm down the nervous system from stress and make all the conditions for external and internal recovery.  The optimal time for a relaxing massage is 15-30 minutes.  And in order for the relaxation massage to give the maximum benefit, after its completion, you need to lie down, rest and what would be best if there is a desire and opportunity to sleep a little.

 Indications for relaxation massage

 A relaxing massage will be helpful for symptoms such as:

  •  Frequent stress;
  •  Prolonged depression;
  •  Chronic vtoma;
  •  Insomnia;
  •  Bad mood;
  •  Feeling of general tiredness in the morning.

 And also this type of massage will be useful to all people who just want to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside and love this procedure.


 Despite the many benefits of such a pleasant type of treatment as a relaxing massage, there are also contraindications.  Such a procedure is prohibited when:

  •  Elevated body temperature;
  •  Skin diseases;
  •  Inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  •  Allergic reactions;
  •  The presence of open wounds;
  •  After recent surgery or, in some cases, if there are diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

 It is very difficult to overestimate the effect of a relaxing massage on the body.  It has a positive effect on both the appearance and the functioning of the internal organs, joints and the nervous system.  Give your body a gift in the form of a relaxing massage, and it, in turn, will give you healthy sleep, a beautiful, toned body and excellent well-being.

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