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What is SPA procedure?

Today, what is a spa procedure is known to almost everyone who takes care about their beauty and health.  The concept of spa is quite multifaceted. By generally accepted definition, this is a space organized on a professional level and designed to restore, stimulate 5 areas - mental, emotional and physical health, as well as social activity and the creative potential of a person.

The origin of the name SPA has 2 versions.  Many people believe that the word is borrowed from the name of the Belgian city, known as a balneological resort.  Others are inclined to believe that SPA is an abbreviation of the expression “Sanus per Aquam”, from Latin translated as “Improvement by water”.  In any case, the meaning of SPA is to use water (fresh, mineral, thermal, sea), herbs and mud, sea salt and algae in all kinds of health and anti-aging procedures.

At resorts, in specialized salons, centers and clinics, SPA procedures, the benefits of which are observed at once at several levels, are offered the most diverse. 

 SPA programs or individual procedures are:

· Saunas (Finnish, bio);

Turkish hammam

  • Jacuzzi and bathtubs (salt, steam, herbal, mineral);
  • Pools and showers (with hydromassage, mineral water);

 Massages (Thai, classic, therapeutic, anti-stress, anti-cellulite, relaxation, oil);

  • Fitness (gymnastics, yoga, cardio);
  • Cosmetology procedures (Detox, scrubbing, masks, wrapping);

 Caving rooms (salt therapy);


 The main goal of the spa is simultaneous relaxation and recovery.  During the procedures, high-quality professional SPA cosmetics with hypoallergenic properties can be used.  The main programs currently are practiced for the body, arms and legs, face, hair.

Types and classification

 The most common types of spa treatments are associated with balneology and massage.  So, in our salon "Elephant" the following types of procedures are offered:

  • A visit to the hammam with a complete cleansing of the body with kese peeling, with a foam massage;
  • Relaxing, healing and tonic Thai massage;
  • Peelings;
  • Wraps (wine, clay, chocolate, gold);
  • Detox program.

Specialized programs are conditionally divided into specialized and general.  The profile (aimed at obtaining a certain effect) include procedures related to rejuvenation, cleansing the body, losing weight, getting rid of the "orange peel".  General SPA-programs are intended for a wider audience, aimed at relaxation and getting rid of fuss. It can be:

  • Romantic rituals offered for two;
  • Thai complexes;

 Turkish hammam.

Special attention is paid to massages, which play a key role in spa treatments.  The most popular types of massages used in SPA programs are:

 Aromatherapy massage

  •  · Massage with a candle;
  •  · Stone therapy;

 Massage with herbal bags;


 Slim massage

  •  · Traditional Thai massage.

Typically, in SPA programs, massage is preceded by a set of measures for cleaning the skin (pre-steaming, scrubbing, wrapping).  The hands of professional massage therapists, a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, amazing smells of aromatic oils make it possible to achieve a wonderful effect at the therapeutic, aesthetic and psycho-emotional levels.

Benefits of SPA treatments

 SPA procedures, the benefits of which are undeniable, help to cope with stress, insomnia, are a source of vitality and increase tone.  The advantages of SPA also lie in the fact that, unlike therapeutic methods, such procedures are pleasant and enjoyable. The pronounced effects of SPA are as follows:

  • · Improvement of the lymphatic system;
  •  · Saturation of tissues with oxygen;

 Skin rejuvenation, getting rid of dullness, sagging, wrinkles;

  •  · Getting rid of puffiness;
  •  · Figure correction, restoration of forms;
  •  · Getting rid of extra pounds, cellulite without exhausting diets and hard training;
  •  · Slowing down the aging process, "preservation" of youth;
  •  · Elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  •  · Increase muscle tone.

Indications for using the services of spa salons and centers are diverse.  If you evaluate the benefits of SPA, the benefits and harms of these procedures are very revealing, because the methods have practically no side effects and, in the absence of health restrictions, are suitable for men and women of different age categories.

Health effect

 SPA programs offered today in salons, Wellness centers, clinics can really make magic.  Complex body, skin and hair care procedures give pleasure and at the same time improve the condition not only externally, but also internally.  Among the health effects of spa therapy are:

  • Increase immunity without the use of medications;
  • Getting rid of seasonal depression;
  •  Normalization of blood flow;
  • Natural elimination of toxins;
  • Stimulation of metabolism;
  • Activation of regeneration processes at the cellular level.

 Almost indispensable SPA is for people leading an inactive lifestyle, as well as for insomnia, depression, loss of strength, skin diseases, disorders of the nervous system, cellulite.  Another spa is recommended during rehabilitation programs after stresses, injuries, surgical interventions.

Contraindications for SPA procedures

 Despite the benefits of SPA, there are some contraindications, the presence of which does not allow salon procedures.  Such contraindications include:

  • An allergy to cosmetics used during the sessions (creams, peels, dirt, masks, etc.);
  • infectious diseases;

 Exacerbation of chronic diseases;

 Varicose veins;

  • Fresh fractures, postoperative sutures, wounds;
  • Diseases associated with the endocrine system;


 Feverish conditions;


 · mental disorders.

 If the client has cardiovascular diseases, then this should also be reported so that a sparing and safe course is chosen for you.

Reasons to do spa therapy

 What are the indications for the use of spa?  Experts recommend using SPA programs if:

  •  · It is required to restore the impaired metabolism;
  •  · Get ​​rid of excess fat;
  •  · To cleanse the body of toxins, toxins;
  •  · Improve skin condition;
  •  · Strengthen the immune system;
  •  · Get ​​a nice relaxation after hard work, stress.

 The amazing benefits of spa services are:

1. Deep cleansing of the skin, enriching the skin with vital vitamins and minerals, imparting velvety and elasticity, saturating with necessary moisture, smoothing wrinkles, restoring facial contours;

 2. Support for freshness and health of the skin of the face and decollete.  Regular visits to SPA procedures will help to “conserve” your beauty, postponing the process of natural aging for a long time, making it almost invisible;

3. Getting rid of muscle tightness, chronic pain (headaches, back, legs).  After a course of specialized massage, you will feel a surge of strength, free yourself from unpleasant sensations in your muscles, free yourself from constant ailments;

4. Normalization of the nervous system.  Many customers report getting rid of insomnia, depression, and an increase in vitality.  You don’t just forget about your problems during the session. After the procedures, you really feel better, your mood rises, nervousness and fears disappear;

 5. Natural rejuvenation.  Thanks to the massages included in the SPA programs and the skillful hands of the masters, the natural processes of body regeneration are launched.  Metabolism is established, blood flow and lymph flow are stimulated. Puffiness disappears and the correct functioning of the internal organs, actively receiving vitamins and other trace elements, is restored.  Together, these effects contribute to natural rejuvenation.

Why should you go to a spa salon?

A specialized SPA salon is a place designed to carry out a variety of procedures related specifically to SPA.  An appropriate atmosphere has been prepared for customers. All programs are made taking into account modern techniques, the requirements of world standards are highly efficient and safe.

The salon employs exclusively professional masters with proven qualifications, many years of experience and a positive reputation.  We is high-quality cosmetics and tools for procedures. Before sessions with clients, a preliminary consultation is conducted to determine the absence of contraindications.

Customer reviews confirm that even 1 day devoted to visiting the spa is equivalent to a 7-day vacation at the resort.  Therefore, if you feel severe fatigue, your nerves are at the limit, sleep is disturbed, and the body needs proper care, then be sure to go for healing and relaxing SPA procedures.

You can find out what SPA is and experience the charm of complex programs by visiting our specialized salon “Elephant”.  Turning to our masters, you will learn what SPA massage is and what spa treatments can be, you will get a lot of pleasure and unforgettable impressions, recharge your life energy, excellent mood, and your body and soul will be really rejuvenated!

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