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Hot stone massage: Technique and Benefits

The history of hot stone therapy takes its beginning many centuries ago in China.  Ancient oriental medicine considered this method to be one of the most effective in treating various diseases.  Healers believed that the effect of heat on active points in the body contributes to a rise of energy and recovery from many ailments.

 Many years have passed since those times, and this method of treatment has not lost its relevance.  Now it is one of the most popular procedures in beauty salons.  Many girls and women have appreciated the results of the massage and take the course several times a year.

 What does stone therapy mean?

 Stone therapy is literally stone therapy itself.  The procedure requires heated stones with a smooth surface, which are placed on certain parts of the body.  Usually, black volcanic stones are used for massage, which conduct and retain heat well.

 The stones that are used during the procedure have a special shape.  They are round and flat, which ensures the best possible contact of their surface with the skin.  Due to the fact that the stones are polished, they bring a very pleasant tactile sensation.

Stone therapy: benefits and advantages

 Hot stone massage mainly affects the internal state of a person.  The specialist uses special techniques that help to relax physically and mentally.  The heat of the stones acts on the nerve endings in the body and thus helps to calm down.

 In addition, stone therapy improves blood circulation.  During the massage using hot and cold stones, the vessels expand and contract in turn.  As a result, the blood begins to move faster through the body, delivering nutrients and oxygen to every part of the body.  Therefore, a surge of energy and strength is felt.

 Also, by virtue of stone therapy, the outflow of lymph is improved.  Those who are faced with the problem of puffiness in the morning should definitely try this procedure.  The results after the full course will pleasantly surprise you.

 Thanks to the temperature of the stones, they help fight muscle spasms.  This is especially true for people who are actively involved in sports and often feel dizzy.  An overstrained muscle is not capable of productive work, and stone therapy is one of the few methods of relaxing it.  The heat of the stones can heat even very deep muscles and effectively relieve tension.

  For those trying to lose weight, stone massage is a great addition to exercise and diet.  The procedure speeds up the metabolism and elimination of toxins from the body.

 During weight loss, just few people pay attention to the psychological aspect of the process.  Often, girls are so focused on healthy eating and sports that they can not think about anything else.  In order not to bring yourself to such a state, you need to relax qualitatively.  In this case, the ideal method is hot and cold stone therapy.

 Hot stone treatments can also help soothe headaches.  The heat emanating from the pebble spreads throughout the body, dilates blood vessels, relaxes spasmodic muscles and allows biologically active fluids to move freely throughout the body.  As a result, blood and oxygen rush to the brain and help relieve pain.

 Stone therapy benefits the skin by restoring the natural firmness of the dermis.  Warm stones also help flush out toxins from the upper layers of the epidermis, thereby evening out skin tone.

 Stone therapy: methods of performing the procedure

 There are several options for performing massage.  The stone therapy technique is selected by a specialist, depending on the client's expectations and problems.  Among the most popular massage methods are:

 1. Hot stone massage to relieve pinching and muscle spasms - heat spreads throughout the body and promotes relaxation.

 2. Contrast massage to improve blood circulation - performed using heated and cooled stones, which tone the blood vessels and activate the movement of fluids within the body.

 3. Cold massage to reduce puffiness - helps to remove excess fluid and also invigorates the body.

Stone therapy: indications

 Stone therapy, the benefits of which are obvious, is shown to almost every person.  This is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, feel energized and relieve fatigue.The effect of massage on the body stimulates certain processes, normalizes blood flow and removes toxins.

 Nevertheless, there are a number of indications for the procedure:

  • muscle pain after sports or other types of stress;

  • chronic fatigue and apathy;  

  • lethargy;

  • insomnia and nervous agitation;

  • lowered level of immunity;

  • impaired blood circulation;

  • decreased muscle tone;

  • orange peel;

  • swelling;

  • diseases of the genitourinary system.

 For more information on indications, visit the spa.

 Contraindications to stone therapy

 Like any other cosmetic procedure, stone therapy can not be performed for everyone.  There are several contraindications to this type of treatment.



  • acute infectious diseases (in this case, the session can be postponed for several days, when the state of health is normalized);

  • predisposition to bleeding;

  • varicose veins;

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;

  • skin diseases of viral, fungal and bacterial nature;

  • increased body temperature;

  • pregnancy;

  • other.

 A complete list of contraindications can be obtained from your therapist.

 Stone therapy is a great way to take care of your body, relax and get moral pleasure during a session.

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