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What is Thai massage and how is it done?

Still not sure what Thai massage is?  You doubt whether it is possible to use this service?  Do you want to get comprehensive information about all the predominant features, as well as possible disadvantages of Thai technology?  Then we offer you a small but thorough excursion on this wonderful topic with the recommendations of specialists.


The roots of Thai massage: founder and philosophy


The history of Thai massage begins more than 2.5 thousand years ago, and the famous Indian doctor Jivaka Kumarbhashi is considered to be the founder of the technique.  In ancient Thailand, the technique reached its beginning of the III century BC, at the time of the birth of Buddhism, when Indian temples were the world centers of medical theories and practices.


The secrets of Thai massage from the semi-legendary doctor Jivak, who according to ancient legends was a doctor of the Buddha himself, were passed down from generation to generation.  The doctor did not leave letters describing all the features of the technique, and up to the XIII century selected masters passed only oral individual training.


Beginning in 1277, when the first Thai letter appeared, the history of Thai massage, as well as all the features and principles of Thai massage began to be written down by the followers of the teachings.  Although these letters were not preserved due to the invasion of the Burmese in Thailand, a full-fledged work on the topic of Thai massage, on which, by order of King Rama V, specialists worked for more than 30 years, was created at the beginning of the 20th century.


Features of Thai massage


Why is Thai massage considered to be so special?  The basis of the philosophy of technology is a healing system that combines yoga poses, Ayurveda and acupressure.  According to the founder, Dr. Jivak, about 72 thousand channels of vital forces, connecting in 10 energy lines of Sen Sip, pass through the entire human body.  The technique of properly acting on these lines is a real Thai massage.


 In terms of anatomy, Thai massage through biologically active points:


 · Stimulates blood circulation;


 · Increases the sensitivity of receptors;


 · Promotes relaxation of the nervous system;


 · Improves flexibility, body mobility;


· Activates mental processes.


The professional Thai massage that you receive when visiting the massage parlor is performed in the appropriate atmosphere, with verified movements, with an individually defined intensity.  The procedure is carried out by a qualified master, therefore, in the absence of contraindications, it is absolutely safe for the client.


Types of Thai Massage


What types of Thai massage are there?  Considering the fact that the history of Thai massage has several millennia, and the technique is famous for its high efficiency, today there are many varieties of Thai massage techniques.  The most common types of massages are:


 · Traditional Thai massage (general, universal);


 · Massage with oil (oil massage);


 · "Antistress" (a relaxing massage that increases stress resistance, relieves psychological stress);


 · Thai massage for weight loss (slim);


 · Classic massage for pregnant women;


 · “Buddha's feet” (Thai massage, which the master performs with his feet);


 · Herbal bags (Thai massage with the effect of healing with respiratory diseases);


 · Thai foot massage


 · Head and face (Thai massage, contributing to the restoration of facial contours, getting rid of the second chin);


 · Thai massage "Touch of a melting candle."


It should be mentioned that the principles of Thai massage are universal.  Each type of technique in the basis has a single direction - the maximum effect at 3 levels - physical, psychological, emotional.  The development of energy channels using acupuncture points, used in each Thai massage technique, provides:


 · Getting rid of muscle clamps, pain;


 · Calming the nervous system, normalizing sleep;


 · Getting rid of depression, chronic fatigue;


· Stimulation of blood flow, lymph flow;


 · Removal of puffiness;


 · Elimination of toxins;


 · Smoothing the skin, increasing elasticity;


 · Getting rid of pain in the spine, joints.

Do you want to know what Thai massage is, to get real pleasure along with real health benefits?  Then you should come to the massage procedure by all means!  Do you hope that the secrets of Thai massage will help to cope with your chronic pain, depression, anxiety?  Then do not waste time and sign up for a session with the best masters of our Elephant SPA salon.



What does Thai massage include?


 How is the session going?  Traditional Thai massage includes the following stages:


 1. The study of the feet;


 2. Massaging other parts of the body in an ascending line;


 3. Massage of the neck, face, head.


All sensitive points located along the path of the passage of energy channels and worked out by the master, affect certain internal organs and systems.  There is a gradual relaxation of the muscles, improvement of mood and well-being, exceptionally pleasant thoughts and new creative ideas come to mind.


 In the process of massage, the master uses parts of his body.  Also, Thai massage can be carried out using natural bamboo sticks (foot massage), special oils (oil massage, aroma massage), herbal bags, scented candles, stones.


 Movements are performed with verified stretching, twisting, pressing on certain points that indicate the secrets of Thai massage.  After the session, indescribable lightness, freedom from anxiety and chronic pain is felt.


When to do Thai massage?


 Why and who is Thai massage recommended to? Doctors and other specialists advise using this technique of physical and mental recovery in such diseases and conditions:


 ·  Violation of sleep patterns, depression;


 · Post-stress state;


 · Metabolic disease;


 ·  Lymph congestion;


 ·  Circulatory disturbance;


 · Decreased joint mobility;


 · Prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;


 · Rehabilitation process after serious illnesses, injuries, surgical interventions;


 · Violation of mental processes, problems with memory, mental activity;


  · Increased fatigue


 ·  excess weight;


  · Cellulite.


The unique features of Thai massage, the proven effectiveness and safety of the technique make the procedure popular and in demand with a variety of ailments, chronic diseases, emotional breakdowns.  Common types of Thai massage are used in treatment programs of specialized clinics and medical centers.


Why is Thai massage done in clothes?


Since ancient times, Thai massage was considered a privilege of reigning persons and was performed by men.  At the same time, the ruler, as well as the master, were always in clothes - there was no question of any exposure of the emperor.  The tradition has been preserved, and to this day the classic massage is also carried out in special clothes - comfortable and free, not restricting movement and pleasant to the skin.


In addition, it is customary to conduct any Thai massage with a client who is wearing loose clothing, taking into account the physiological moment.  When performing the Thai massage technique, pressure and twisting should be carried out.  These movements of the masseur can cause pain, which is excluded if there is clothing that protects the skin and tissues from unpleasant and painful sensations.


Another feature of Thai massage involves a slight warming up of the body.  Clothing performs the function of warming if the client feels a slight chilliness and ensures that comfort is maintained throughout the procedure.


Indications and contraindications


Who is Thai massage indicated for?  There are practically no exceptions, because the healing and anti-aging technique is suitable for everyone.  Professional Thai massage will bring real help to drivers, athletes, office workers, people predisposed to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.  They also resort to this technique if it is necessary to get rid of extra pounds and stretch marks, remove cellulite, tighten the skin, and “preserve” beauty.


However, the techniques and secrets of Thai massage are not always able to bring the desired result and benefit to the patient.  There are some contraindications, the presence of which does not allow visits to sessions.  Among these contraindications, the following diseases and conditions are distinguished:


 · Fever (fever);


  · Infectious diseases (including skin);


  · Oncological tumors;


 ·  Varicose veins;


  · Exacerbation of chronic diseases;


 · Fresh postoperative sutures, fractures, dislocations, wounds;



 · Acute stages of diseases of the cardiovascular system.


 Also, with caution, you need to choose the type of Thai massage during pregnancy, the presence of allergic reactions and individual intolerance.


If you decide to use a wonderful way to put your physical and psycho-emotional health in order, relax, recharge your life energy, then we invite you to the Thai massage Elephant SPA massage salon!  You can contact us in a convenient way to clarify the time of visit, the qualifications of the master and the duration of the session.

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