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The effectiveness of Thai massage

Such a popular procedure as Thai massage has been known for more than a thousand years and has been long considered to be a panacea for getting rid of various diseases and chronic ailments, stress and depressive states, and is also used to rejuvenate and get a boost of vital energy and strength.  The effect of Thai massage performed by a professional master is amazing and manifests itself at once on several levels - psychological, physical, emotional.


Using Thai massage is not only for relaxation, getting rid of fatigue and everyday fuss.  Many doctors recommend this technique as an effective complement to therapeutic and preventive programs aimed at improving and rehabilitating patients with various diagnoses.  Moreover, the high efficiency of Thai massage at the same time guarantees the safety of the procedure, the absence of any negative consequences for health and well-being.


Everyone who wants to rejuvenate their body and soul, to get rid of mental clamps and muscle pain, to increase the tone and endurance of the body should know that in this case, Thai massage will be the best choice.  After the session, performed by a qualified master, you will feel lightness and a surge of joy, the world around you will transform, become brighter and kinder, and your body and soul will find harmony, which is so lacking for complete happiness.


Why do you need Thai massage?


A general or directed exposure to Thai massage is necessary in order to maintain health, as well as provide the prevention of many diseases associated with different organs and systems.  Indeed, throughout life, almost everyone experiences gradually progressive and not always pleasant age-related changes.  This is especially true for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which are most often found in patients after 30-40 years.


The proven effectiveness of Thai massage helps to reduce the risk of osteochondrosis - a disease that causes structural changes and destruction of the spine, joints, intervertebral discs, ligamentous apparatus.  Due to the fact that Thai massage helps to prevent the development of osteochondrosis, this technique additionally provides the prevention of concomitant diseases and conditions such as:


·     loss of muscle tissue elasticity;

·      Muscle weakness, strain;

·      Rheumatism, sciatica;

·      Scoliosis

·     Arthritis, arthrosis.


Also, the effect of Thai massage is observed in the external transformation - the skin becomes elastic, the figure takes on an attractive shape, restores a beautiful physical form.  If you want to lose weight and get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, then Thai massage will help to speed up the process, make it shorter and more enjoyable at the same time.  This technique also gives good results in case of mental dysfunctions, when stimulation of mental processes, improvement of memory, and activation of working capacity are required.


Which massage option is better?


 In our Elephant spa, there are qualified Thai massage masters with relevant qualifications and experience.  Therefore, if you want to really get the desired effect of Thai massage, then we invite you to sessions at a convenient time.  Offered options which are popular massage treatments:


 ·  Traditional Thai massage (general, for pregnant women, for children);


 ·  Thai stretching massage;


 ·  Massage "Foot Buddha";


 ·  Massage “Touch of a melting candle”;


 ·  Oil massage (with oil);


 ·  Thai massage with herbal bags;


 ·  Aromatherapy massage


 ·  Slim massage


 ·   Stone therapy;


 ·  Thai head and face massage;


 ·   Anti-stress massage;


 ·     Foot massage (massage of foot)


 Before the session, a preliminary consultation is held with the client, during which you can choose the most suitable massage option, taking into account individual indications and contraindications, your preferences and recommendations of a specialist.  So, you can always choose the massage that will bring the expected result:


·  Anti-aging effect;


 ·  Getting rid of chronic pain (headaches, back, legs);


 ·  Relieve fatigue and stress;


  ·  Increase in vital energy;


  ·  Normalization of sleep;


 ·  Uplifting;


 ·  Weight loss, getting rid of cellulite;


 ·  Getting rid of dry skin, stretch marks, wrinkles;


 · Prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, respiratory system, etc.


Session time can be 60-120 minutes and in each case is agreed with the master.  You also have the opportunity to choose a suitable specialist - a certified massage therapist or a TOP master of Thai technology.


 Please also note that Thai massage in our Salon «Elephant» is included in many SPA-programs, complex treatment procedures.  Therefore, you can easily combine a visit to a massage and a salon spa if you choose:


 · A program of visiting the Turkish hammam;

 · Perfect date at the spa;


 · The program “Couple massage”,


 · SPA-care "Thai legend";


 · SPA program "Flowers of  Islands";


 · SPA program “Coconut Nuazh”;


 · SPA-procedure “White Chocolate” or “Chocolate Delight”;


 · Wine rejuvenation;


 · Golden SPA Day program.


What is the benefit of Thai massage?


 Is Thai massage really good?  Why is Thai massage included in many therapeutic courses, rehabilitation programs, used for prevention?  The fact is that the benefits of such a massage are reflected both in the physiology of a person and on the psychoemotional level.


 For drivers


 In general, occupational diseases of drivers are associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.  With a constant presence at the wheel there are several negative factors:


·  vision strain provoking neck clamps;


 · Prolonged sitting position, causing excessive load on the spine;


 · Increased load on hands, shoulder girdle, leading to the occurrence of muscle clamps and, as a result, to the formation of trigger points of the pain syndrome.


 The effect of Thai massage allows you to cope with such violations, preventing the risk of diseases associated with the characteristics of the drivers.


For those who has a sedentary lifestyle


 If your life is connected with sedentary work, then Thai massage will certainly be useful to you, after which:


 · Joint mobility, spinal flexibility, muscle elasticity are restored;


 · Metabolism is normalized;


 · Improves digestion;


 · Increases the body's immune resistance;


 · Eliminated lymph congestion, swelling, slagging;


 · Blood flow normalizes;


 · Improved coordination of movements;


 · Stimulated mental activity.


 After 30-40 years


 At this age, we need a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, additional care for health, body and beauty.  Therefore, Thai massage will bring:


 · Pronounced anti-aging effect;


 · Will give vitality and energy;


 · Help to fight with extra pounds, maintain excellent physical shape;


 · Increase stress resistance;


 · Get rid of insomnia, anxiety;


· Increase stress resistance.




 Thai massage is very useful for professional athletes.  Each athlete should know that this technique helps to increase the speed of the reaction, allows you to gain self-confidence and the mood to win.  Thai massage also provides:


 · Prevention of fractures, dislocations, sprains;


 · Acceleration of the rehabilitation process after injuries;


 · Removal of muscle and psychological stress;


 · Restoration of muscle tissue elasticity;


 · Increase endurance due to the activation of internal reserves;


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