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How often can you do Thai massage?


   One of the most ancient types of Asian healing and meditation is Thai massage.  For several centuries, it has been one of the most effective methods for treating joints and other health problems, and also helps to relieve chronic fatigue and completely relax the body after the procedure. Perhaps because of this, one can observe such a great interest in visiting massage parlors.  But even with effective healing properties, this type of massage should not be done very often, because it can harm your well-being.  

How often can you get a massage in our salon and why?  

  • Firstly, because Thai massage mainly includes techniques with strong pressure on different points of the body, stretching, twisting and other manipulations that can change your lifestyle.  

  • Secondly, this is a burden for the body, and for the first time without a habit, even some stress is reflected through DOMS.  

    If you are interested in question, if it is possible to do massage every day, then the answer will be unequivocal—no.  

As we have mentioned, this type of massage is a burden on the body, and it is definitely not necessary to apply it every day.  Ideally, to take a break of 1-2 days between sessions.  During this time, you allow the body to relax, resume and prepare for the next procedure.  

In general, how often can you do Thai massage? In order to feel all the benefits and feel the result of Thai massage, you need to take a course.  There is no exact single number of sessions after which you will get the desired results in a massage.

  • Someone needs 7-9 procedures.  Someone needs more—15-17 visits to the salon.  
  • After the course, to maintain the condition, you can do Thai massage once a week, but it is also better to listen to the recommendations of the master if it is in doubt.  
  • It is also worth to be mentioned that.Thai massage is generally not recommended for various diseases (serious skin, oncological and cardiovascular diseases, etc. You can read a more detailed list here on the page of the service you are interested in).

What is the result of Thai massage?  

Specialists of Thai massage salon "Elephant Spa" say that after the first 7 procedures you will feel positive changes in the body, your condition, mood and well-being will improve.  

    Interestingly, this type of massage has a cumulative effect, the more you do it, the more health benefits you get.  So we can conclude that you just need to do Thai massage regularly in order to maintain the quality of health.  We hope that we have answered the question of how often Thai massage can be done and what benefits it has for the body.

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