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What is a chocolate wrap and why is it healthy?

Chocolate is a favorite food for many.  Made from cocoa beans, it has huge amount of vitamins and minerals.  Not many people know that chocolate can be used not only for food, but also for cosmetic purposes.

 The chocolate wrap spa procedure is one of the best ways to give the skin elasticity and firmness.  After the first session, you will see how the quality of the body has improved.  In addition to external effects, chocolate wrap has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, helps to relax and forget about problems.

 Chocolate wrap: features of the procedure

 With the chocolate wrapping, a specialist applies a mass made from cocoa powder or dark chocolate to the human body.  Flavors and sugar are not added to the mixture.  Due to the elevated temperature of the chocolate, the skin heats up, what speeds up blood circulation.  As a result, nutrients and oxygen are faster spread throughout the body.

 Chocolate wrap: benefits

 As it is mentioned, chocolate is rich in many health benefits.  Among them:

 1. Caffeine — strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and improves blood circulation.

 2. Antioxidants — fight free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin;

 3. Provitamin A, vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) and B vitamins — improve metabolism, promote cell regeneration, give a healthy color to the skin, regulate the sebaceous glands, take part in the formation of the protective lipid layer of the epidermis, soothe and relieve irritation.

 You can often hear the question, what is a chocolate wrap and how does it work?  During the procedure, the active substances penetrate deep into the skin.  As a result, blood circulation and lymph drainage are improved.  Excess fluid is removed from the body and puffiness disappears.

 The chocolate mixture contains cocoa butter, which is very healthy for skin.  It nourishes the epidermis with useful substances, makes it elastic and moisturized.  Thanks to this, the skin is tightened, becomes silky and smooth.

 The complex action of the chocolate wrap helps to get rid of cellulite and orange peel, restore skin elasticity, speed up metabolic processes, and stimulate the body's production of collagen and elastin.


  Chocolate wrap: who should undergo the procedure

 A chocolate wrap is a unique way to treat many skin problems with a single treatment.  This procedure can be performed not only for those who have complaints, but also for everyone who wants to maintain a good body condition, rest and relax.

 Those who are not satisfied with the appearance and condition of their body should definitely sign up for a wrap at a beauty salon.  Among the main indications for the procedure are:

 ● age spots;

 ● acne;

 ● cellulite at any stage;

 ● swelling;

 ● wilting and aging of the skin;

 ● loss of firmness and elasticity;

 ● flabbiness.

 Another equally important indication for the procedure is stress and apathy.  Chocolate wrapping has the miraculous property of relaxing and lifting your spirits.  If you find it difficult to calm your emotions, you feel constant nervous excitement and are tired of stress, do not rush to resort to medication.  Try chocolate therapy and you will be amazed at the results.

 Chocolate wrap: contraindications

 Like any other cosmetic procedure, wrapping has contraindications.

 Among them: 

 ● allergy to the components of the mixture;

 ● varicose veins;

 ● disease of the circulatory system;

 ● hyper- and hypotension;

 ● ARVI;

 ● tissue inflammation;

 ● high temperature;

 ● damage of skin;

 ● any neoplasms in the body;  

● pregnancy;

 ● other.

 About more contraindications the client will be informed by the specialist.

How chocolate wrap is done

 Like any other procedure, a wrap begins with a consultation.  The specialist talks with the visitor and turns off contraindications.  After that, the client puts on disposable underwear.

Before applying the chocolate mass, the body is scrubbed. Thanks to this stage, nutrients are quickly absorbed into the epidermis. At the request of the client, a massage can be done before wrapping in order to further warm up the body and increase blood circulation.

The next step is the direct application of chocolate heated to 37-40 degrees, in a dense uniform layer. This is done with a cosmetic spatula. To enhance the effect, the body is wrapped with a special film. The client is covered with a blanket on top. The procedure lasts from 20 to 50 minutes.

After the lapse of time, the mask is washed off under a warm shower, and moisturizers are applied to the skin. Immediately after the end of the treatment, the skin becomes soft and smooth. If you are looking for treatments to help you relax, also read about the benefits of Thai foot massage.

Chocolate wrap: recommendations

 You have already learned how to make a chocolate wrap in a beauty salon.  You can often also hear the question of what needs to be done before and after the procedure.  Experts recommend not to eat anything two hours before the visit.  This treatment is best done on an empty stomach.

 Before leaving the house, take a hot shower, rub your body well with a washcloth.  Cleansing will allow the active ingredients to be better absorbed into the skin.  After bathing, do not apply creams or lotions to your skin.

 After the visit to the salon is over, and you return home, you must not take a shower.  Beneficial substances still remain on the surface of the epidermis, and their absorption does not end after you leave the salon.

 The chocolate wrap procedure in the spa Elephant the best way to restore firmness, elasticity and healthy appearance to the skin.

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