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Massage during pregnancy: to who and how is it useful?

 Prenatal massage is practiced by many mothers to be. It is used to improve the well-being of women and to facilitate caring for an unborn child.  Some doubt: is it possible for pregnant women to massage?  It is possible and even necessary.  It relieves discomfort in the body due to different phases of muscle tension, stress and edema.

 The main thing to consider is the contraindications and choose an experienced massage therapist who will know all the features of such a procedure.  The SPA salon "Elephant" employs masters of their craft.  They treat each client as carefully as possible, relaxing and alleviating her condition.

 What are the benefits of massage for pregnant women?

 For a pregnant woman, this is not only a matter of relaxation and rest.  You can have a beneficial effect on health with the help of special manipulations.  This helps to reduce pain and discomfort that often occurs during pregnancy.  First of all, the lower limbs suffer from severe fluid stagnation, including estrogen and abdominal weight.  Massage has a beneficial effect on swelling, giving the legs more lightness.

 Back massage for pregnant women has many benefits.  It:

  • reduces muscle tension in the back and legs;

  • reduces joint pain;

  • improves blood circulation;

  • reduces swelling (swelling)

  • enhances oxygenation of muscle tissue;

  • reduces anxiety;

  • improves sleep;

  • supports in the fight against depressive conditions (due to an increase in the level of serotonin and dopamine, relieving stress);

  • helps to fight stretch marks and sagging skin;

  • reduces stress levels (due to the release of the hormone norepinephrine and high levels of cortisol).

 Massage during pregnancy: the main rules

 There are different massage methods.  There are certain techniques that are often used for pregnant women.

                  What massage can be done for pregnant women?

 Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage are often used and can relax existing muscle tension and improve blood circulation.  The pressure during the massage is light and slow.  It is able to support a woman for different periods.  All the same, the changes affect the whole body - from hormonal to muscular and skeletal.

 The drainage massage is especially suitable for those who often feel heaviness in their legs.  In fact, within 9 months, fluid retention can become very unpleasant.  In these cases, lymphatic drainage massage can be performed to relieve pain and improve microcirculation.  He helps expectant mothers, making their condition very easy.  Care must be taken because important volumes of fluid have been mobilized in some areas.  Therefore, it is better to act gradually, preferring a light massage.

 Massage for pregnant at Elephant Spa is a special procedure.  The master massages active biologically important points and harmoniously combines them with special techniques of passive yoga.  They aim to stimulate the natural elimination of toxins and develop flexibility.  The masseur performs all the manipulations very carefully and delicately.  At the same time, she avoids strong pressing or rubbing, bypassing the "unsafe" zones for pregnant women.

                  How can pregnant women be massaged?

 Some precautions are necessary: ​​after all, manipulations are practiced on both mothers and unborn babies.  Precautions concern, first of all, the position of the body, which must be taken during the massage.  Also - possible contraindications and the type of manipulations performed.  It is important to consider:

  •  A woman's body should be positioned to bring relief.  Often women lie on their side, where there is no pressure on the abdomen and there are no depressions that can cause it.  For this, suitable pillows are often provided so as not to press the body against the bed, especially the chest.

  •  The main thing is not to lie down on your stomach.  The sitting position is also suitable for pregnant women.  It is important that the woman's body is in a comfortable position: nothing should press on the chest and abdomen.

  • When massage the back, pregnant women need to pay attention to sensitive points.  In particular, those that correspond to the pelvic muscles (ankles and wrists for reflexology).  Also practice lightly massaging all muscles to promote overall relaxation.  It is important to protect the belly, you can only touch it lightly, avoiding rubbing or massage.

  •  A woman may have high risks, a state of hypertension, or severe swelling that makes massage difficult - this is important to consider.  Especially in cases where pregnancy is accompanied by loss of blood or water, severe dizziness and palpitations, frequent abdominal pain.

                    Can massage be done during late pregnancy?

 Adequate massage for each period of pregnancy should also be evaluated.  For example, in the first trimester, when great care is required, it is sometimes not recommended to resort to the procedure.  But massage during pregnancy becomes an excellent and recommended support for pregnan

t women after 12 weeks.

 The main thing is to consult a doctor.  Still, some women may resort to massage at the earliest stages.  After all, the sooner you can relax your spinal muscles, the faster you will prepare your body for the hardships of pregnancy.  The optimal time to start the massage is 6-8 weeks, and it is better to complete it 2 weeks before the predicted delivery.

 When you shouldn't do massage for pregnant women - contraindications

 Before the procedure, it is important to talk to your gynecologist: is it possible to do massage during pregnancy in your case.  It is best to give it up if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • premature birth in the past;

  • high risk pregnancy;

  • preeclampsia;

  •  sudden and severe headaches;

  • GDVI with high fever;

  •  infectious diseases;

  • acute chronic diseases;

  • upset stomach;

  • cardiovascular diseases;

  • skin problems;

  • mental disorders.

 Essential oils are often used in massage.  It is best to avoid oils such as thyme, verbena, sage, and wormwood.  Of course, with a single contact with them there will be no consequences, but keep this in mind in the future.

 Choose a certified massage therapist who understands how to meet your needs.  Those who do massage for pregnant women know a lot of nuances.  For example, there are pressure points that can stimulate the uterus and therefore should not be touched.  The SPA salon "Elephant" employs experienced masters who specialize in this type of massage and will carefully ease your condition.  Contact us!

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