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Is it possible to massage for back or lower back pain

    Massage is just one of the tools that can be used for back pain.  Today, it is considered a truly effective therapeutic therapy for injuries, muscle pains, psychophysical stress, especially in combination with other techniques and technologies.

 Why do back pains appear — causes

     Pain should never be underestimated: if ignored, it can turn from coming to chronic.  The causes of pain in the lumbar back are different.  They are mainly influenced by lifestyle.  In a society where most people do sedentary work, sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, it is very easy to fall into a “circle of pain”.

 The most common causes of back pain are:

 ● Poor posture.  It is typical for those who work in an office in front of a computer.  There is often a tendency to keep the spine curved, causing excessive tension and stretching.  Even being in the same position for many hours is harmful to our body — and can cause irritating inflammation.

 ● Excessive athletic training.  Even physical activity to which the body is not accustomed can lead to contractures and sprains, often very painful.  Better not to go beyond your capabilities.  If this happens, massage is necessary for back pain.

 ● Diseases such as arthritis or herniated discs.

 ● Sudden abnormal movements.  They can be done at any time, even in a dream.

 Professional back massage

     In 90% of cases, massage is the most effective solution for relieving back and lower back pain.  It affects the intervertebral discs and the functioning of the nervous system.  The result is numerous benefits.  In particular, back massage:

 ● soothes muscle and joint pain;

 ● reduces muscle fatigue;

 ● relieves tension, and not only relaxes the muscles;

 ● tones tissues;

 ● improves blood circulation and speeds up the work of the lymphatic system;

 ● removes toxins and excess fluid;

 ● removes adhesions between superficial and deep muscles.

    Massage is recommended for lower back and back pain due to its beneficial properties.  If it is done on time, it will be possible to avoid the inflammatory process.  Find out more in the article — Effects of massage on the body.

     A professional massage therapist knows how to influence the musculoskeletal system, how to move on the patient's back, how much pressure to apply and at what points.  Usually, muscles are manipulated with thumb and forefinger, pressing on specific points.  Circular motions are also very beneficial as they promote relaxation.  Back pain massage also works to relax the nerves, primarily the sciatic and femoral, both very gentle.

     Immediately after a relaxing lumbar massage, the body will ache.  This is totally normal.  The feeling will be the same as after training and will disappear after a few hours.  Often one session is not enough to completely solve a problem, so several are needed.  Also, relaxing massage will be an excellent prevention.

 What is a massage for back pain

     To decisively get relief, try Traditional Thai Massage - https://elephant-spa.com.ua/en-gb/procedures/massazhi/traditional-thai-massage.  Elephant Spa will select the best type of massage for you, based on your needs and wishes.  For a back pain, the following can be used:

 ● Lymphatic drainage massage.  Thanks to special hand maneuvers, lymphatic circulation is stimulated, improving its drainage.  Especially often it is carried out with edema, water retention, cellulite.

 ● Massage therapy with rubbing: in most cases performed on patients with muscle contractures, especially in athletes.  Contractures most often occur after intense effort with acute pain at a specific point.  Sometimes muscle contractures can occur when the posture is incorrect, which “causes” the muscles to activate abnormally.

 ● Connective tissue massage: This is a very intense and deep massage as it has to work on the connective tissue.  Connective tissue is a supporting tissue for various body structures and metabolic exchange with other tissues.  For example, all of our muscles are covered with connective tissue that protects and supports them.

In case of muscle stress, disorders, pain, fatigue, massage of the connective tissue improves blood circulation, followed by an improvement in tissue oxygenation and muscle relaxation.  This type of massage is performed with very deep pressure, rubbing and friction.

 ● Sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage intended primarily for athletes before or after a sports performance.  It is practiced on areas of the body such as the legs, arms, back, which are more subject to physical stress due to intense exertion.  It is a massage that improves blood flow, reduces pain, relaxes muscles, reduces fatigue, increases endurance, prevents injury, prepares the abdominal muscles for effort, stretches structures, detoxifies fatigue and promotes endorphin production.

 ● Relaxing massage is the most requested type of massage as it affects the psychophysical well-being.  Suggested for stress, anxiety, agitation, and applied to areas of the body where muscles are tense.  Through slow maneuvers and more or less deep pressure, it reactivates the microcirculation and the lymphatic system, with the subsequent improvement of the physical and mental state due to the production of endorphins.

 Back pain massage: when is it needed?

 Massage therapy should be used in case of pain and discomfort.  To:

 ● stimulate biological tissue healing;

 ● relax our body;

 ● reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue;

 ● accelerate recovery from injuries, especially in sports.

 Indications for massage when your back hurts

 Various massage techniques are shown and used in the case of:

 ● muscle fatigue;

 ● muscle contractures;

 ● muscle spasms;

 ● back and lower back pain;

 ● neck pain;

 ● pain on the left side;

 ● pain in the arm;

 ● detachment of scar tissue;

 ● to improve drainage and muscle relaxation after surgery, for example in case of hip replacement;

 ● stiffness of the adductor muscles with pain in the groin;

 ● for toning muscles;

 ● for sports rehabilitation in case of injuries;

 ● to increase the elasticity and tone of the skin;

 ● as dermatofunctional physiotherapy for aesthetic problems;

 ● with problems of the circulatory and lymphatic system.

 Contact SPA Elephant in Kiev for a massage when your back hurts.  The specialists will help you to get rid of the discomfort and get relief.

 Contraindications to massage for back pain

 It is not recommended to do massage in case of contraindications:

 ● febrile condition;

 ● local inflammation;

 ● skin changes such as wounds, bruises, burns;

 ● fractures;

 ● recent surgical procedures;

 ● special conditions in pregnant women.

 Also, do not resort to massage therapy for:

 ● circulatory problems (high blood pressure or changes in veins and arteries such as phlebitis, thrombosis);

 ● neoplasms (stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems can lead to the spread of tumor cells);

 ● defects of coagulation;

 ● advanced osteoporosis.

    When your back hurts massage should be done after the master takes an anamnesis and assesses your condition in the first session.  This way you can avoid side effects and protect your health.

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