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The benefits of anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite is an increase in the number of hypodermic fat cells that occurs as a result of stagnation of blood circulation and lymph flow, when minerals begin to be deposited in the body.  Women of different ages face the problem of cellulite. A method of mechanical action in the form of anti-cellulite massage is proposed to activate metabolism, eliminate stagnation, get rid of excess fat.  More often cellulite appears in women after the age of 25 years.  The main visual signs of cellulite are cavities, dimples, "orange peel" on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and also on the hands.  To deal with this "defect" is taken comprehensively.  In addition to the timely passage of the course of massages, you should adjust the diet, take care of an active lifestyle, as well as normal rest and sleep. 

What is anti-cellulite massage?   This procedure, carried out in a salon or at home, covers problem areas that have excess body fat.  The technique of manual massage involves intensive exposure with kneading, rubbing, patting.  As a result, subcutaneous fat goes away without the formation of stretch marks, muscles become taut, the figure acquires harmony, becomes more attractive.  

The cellulite massage techniques used in our Elephant spa are based on Thai philosophy and are performed exclusively by certified masters.  Therefore, the client is guaranteed to receive high efficiency procedures.  After each session, the layer of fat becomes smaller, and after passing the individually recommended course, the restored forms transform your silhouette, skin elasticity increases, metabolism and natural elimination of toxins normalize. 


 How to do anti-cellulite massage: types of techniques  

Massage to get rid of cellulite can be done manually or in hardware.  Manual anti-cellulite massage is performed by several techniques: 

 · Traditional, without the use of special cosmetics.  During the session, problem areas are intensively worked out; 

 · With the use of anti-cellulite cosmetics.  In this case, the effect on excess subcutaneous adipose tissue is double - both mechanical and chemical levels due to the stimulation of processes by the active components of creams, oils, lotions, balms; honey.  Using special honey;  

· Self-massage using tools such as a brush with bristles of increased stiffness, a special massager, massage mitt;  

· With massage jars.  

If this is a hardware technique, then there are several options for conducting anti-cellulite massage, including:  

· Roller;  


 ·Vibrating  LPG 

 How is the procedure going? 

 In our salon "Elephant" offers a manual massage from cellulite.  It should be said that if your overweight exceeds 15-20 kg, it is recommended that you first take a course for weight loss, 

and then sign up for a massage in the salon.  In this case, the anti-cellulite program will be more effective.  

After a preliminary examination and identification of problem areas, the master determines how to do anti-cellulite massage. 

 1. The procedure begins with the client laying on the mat in the “on the stomach” position. The whole body is heated and worked out by intensive kneading, rubbing, patting movements;  

2. Next, the client turns on his back, and all actions are repeated, and a point effect is performed on the areas that have the greatest amount of body fat; 

 3. The session ends with light stroking movements. 

 During the procedure, massage movements "tend" upward from the feet, along the path of the lymph flow.  It is this direction that makes it possible to alleviate the load on the blood vessels, activate metabolic processes, stimulate the outflow of excess fluid and the natural withdrawal of toxins and toxins. 


When is anti-cellulite massage recommended?  

Indications for anti-cellulite massage are the following symptoms and conditions:

  · Excess subcutaneous fat;  

 · The presence of "orange peel" on the hips, muscles of the buttocks;  

 ·  Stretch marks on the stomach 

·  Lymph congestion; 

·  Circulatory disturbance;  

· Metabolic disease;  

· Increased swelling;  

· Low muscle tone; 

 · Sagging skin, 

· loss of elasticity.  

Does anti-cellulite massage help with obesity?

  If your weight exceeds the norm by more than 15-20 kg, then this is diagnosed as obesity. Therefore, you should initially take care to reduce weight, and then go to the salon to the master in order to consolidate and improve the effect of losing weight with slim procedures (anti-cellulite massage, body wraps, Detox programs, visiting the Turkish hammam). 

Is it possible to carry out anti-cellulite massage during pregnancy? 

Due to the technical features of pregnancy, anti-cellulite massage is not recommended.  If you want to maintain a beautiful and toned physical form while carrying the baby, then in our SPA salon you will be offered a gentle and safe procedure - a special massage for pregnant women, which will help:  

· Keep fit, skin elasticity;  

· Reduce or completely get rid of back pain; 

 · Remove puffiness;  

· Restore sleep mode; 

 · Cheer up. 

Is it possible to do anti-cellulite massage for varicose veins?  Varicose veins are a contraindication to many massage techniques.  But the master will be able to determine the possibility of an anti-cellulite massage after an individual consultation 

and preliminary examination.  In this case, the state of the veins in the problem areas will be revealed, which, possibly, will allow for an intensive effect on the muscles and subcutaneous tissue.

  What is included in anti-cellulite massage?  

By default, the following actions are performed during a session: 

 1. Interview with a client to determine individual characteristics; 

 2. Drawing up a course of therapy with the appointment of the number of necessary sessions;  

3. Massage.  It is possible to use special cosmetic products (creams, oils, lotions).

 At the request of the client, it is possible to make the course of getting rid of excess fat more effective and enjoyable.  To do this, in our salon "Elephant" are offered: 

  · Turkish hammam

  · SPA-care "Thai legend"; 

 · SPA-procedure “Chocolate wrapping”; 

 · SPA program "Flowers of the Islands";  

· Detox-program "Fito cocktail";  

· Detox-program "Goji Berries". 

 How many sessions of anti-cellulite massage will be needed and how often to do it?

  One of the frequently asked questions is: "How often do anti-cellulite massage?"  The fact is that the number of sessions is determined by a professional master individually for each client.  At least 5-10 procedures are usually recommended.  After completing the full course, you can repeat it 1-2 times a year with a frequency of several weeks.  

What anti-cellulite massage is more effective? 

 Any anti-cellulite massage effect will have a positive effect, if during the procedure the features of the client’s condition and all the rules according to which the selected technique is followed are taken into account.  In our salon “Elephant”, manual massage is practiced, which is performed by Thai masters with the appropriate qualifications and experience.  The technique used by our specialists has the following advantages: 

 · Increased efficiency due to the optimal combination of classical techniques, own developments and modern innovations;  

· The effectiveness of getting rid of excess body fat without grueling workouts and diets;  

· Getting a positive effect at once on several levels - physical, psychological, emotional; 

 · Keeping the skin smooth and fit, without stretch marks; 

 · Additional lifting effect;  

· The possibility of supplementing the anti-cellulite massage with other procedures that contribute to getting rid of fat and extra pounds; 

 · Safety, lack of negative consequences. 


The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage is really high.  If the procedure is carried out by a professional master, then the session is certainly safe.  However, there are several contraindications, the presence of which excludes the possibility of massage.  Such contraindications include:  

  · Feverish conditions; 

  · Infectious diseases (including skin) 

 · Diseases of the cardiovascular system of the acute stage;  

 · Oncology;  

 · Mental disorders;  

 · Exacerbation of chronic diseases;  

 · Epilepsy  

 · Varicose veins;  

 · Fresh surgical sutures, fractures, wounds;  

 · Pregnancy  

· Individual intolerance to the procedure.  

If you want to restore the lost beauty or make sure to “preserve” it, then we invite you to our Elephant SPA salon for a professional anti-cellulite massage according to the Thai method. You can sign up today at a time convenient for you.  You can also get advice on issues that concern you.

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