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Benefits of Thai foot massage

 On the surfaces of the soles of the feet there are neurological receptors directly connected with the internal organs and systems of the human body.  The use of these receptors are in a specific sequence and with the correct intensity allow a therapeutic and prophylactic effect on a number of diseases and conditions.  Therefore, Thai foot massage, in which stimulation of biologically active points is practiced, is a panacea in treatment and prevention.

 According to the teachings of the famous Thai medicine, all negative emotions experienced by a person accumulate in the lower part of the legs and, in the absence of a proper outlet, they form a block with negative energy, which disrupts the circulation of vital forces.  From the point of view of the technique masters, Thai foot massage "breaks" these blocks, allowing energy to restore full movement in the body, and restore lost physical and emotional health.

 Useful foot massage during pregnancy, when you need help getting rid of swelling, pain, heaviness in the lower extremities.  Also, foot massage is necessary for people leading an active and inactive lifestyle, professional athletes who are prone to injuries, and drivers.  Limiting the benefits of Thai healing techniques is difficult.  In numerous cases, Thai foot massage is prescribed by doctors as an adjunct to treatment for children with flat feet and other orthopedic problems.

 Professional Thai foot massage, the benefits of which are achieved due to the high qualifications of the master and the precise implementation of the basics of technology, is offered by our specialized SPA "Elephant" in different versions. You can always sign up for an acupressure of a suitable type for complete relaxation, recovery of the body after illness or stress, undergoing recovery in the course of rehabilitation.

 Features of foot massage technique

 A feature that distinguishes Thai foot massage is the enhanced elimination of toxins.  Therefore, during the procedure, the client is offered a delicious tea, which helps to normalize the water balance and prevent unwanted intoxication.  For the most thorough study of all energy channels and receptors during the session, a special stick is used.  The massage of the feet and legs begins with ablution, showing the respect of the master for the client and the technique itself.

 Foot massage is a universal way to relax, relax after strenuous work or hard training, and get rid of stress.  Also, professional foot massage can be used as an effective

therapy.  Here are the main indications for which Thai foot massage is recommended :

• Сirculatory disorders;

• Dizziness, persistent migraines;

• Malfunctions of the digestive system;

• Muscle strain;

• Depression, sleep disturbance;

• Increased anxiety;

•  Arthritis, arthrosis, other diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

•  Chronic fatigue;

•  Increased swelling;

•  Stagnation of lymph;

•  Obesity;

•  Diseases of the respiratory system.

 Competently performed acupressure of the soles of the feet provides free movement of vital energy, relieves blocks and stagnation.  In addition, Thai foot massage allows you to diagnose various diseases at an early stage by identifying trigger zones - seals and muscle clamps. 

 What is Thai foot massage: how is the procedure carried out?

 It should be mentioned that Thai foot massage is one of the most popular and enjoyable relaxing treatments.  During the session, the pressure is normalized, fatigue is relieved, and headache disappears.  In our specialized salon "Elephant SPA", foot massage is carried out by qualified masters as follows:

 1. The session begins with a procedure for washing the lower extremities;

 2. Preparation for working out the surfaces of the soles (stretching

 movements affecting the ligaments);

 3. The active points of the reflex zones are stimulated in the area of ​​the pads and phalanges of the fingers, the inner surface of the sole, on the heel, along the lower leg.  Hand massage of the feet includes the treatment of the plantar part with chopsticks.

4. The foot massage ends with stroking, soothing movements.

 How many sessions are required?

 For a professional Thai foot massage, the process of which can take 60-120 minutes, you can sign up for a one-time appointment or with the intention of taking a whole course.  According to the recommendations of experts, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, Thai foot massage should be repeated 8-10 times in 1 course.

 Can you massage if you have varicose veins?

 You should not use Thai foot massage if you have varicose veins.  However, during the preliminary consultation and examination, if the master makes the appropriate decision, and if the condition of the veins in the affected area is not dangerous, the procedure can be performed at the most gentle level.

 Thai foot massage for pregnant women

 Many people are interested in the question: "Is it possible to massage during pregnancy?"  It is perfectly acceptable to use traditional Thai technique.  At the same time, the master, taking into account the position of the woman, performs the massage of the feet carefully, gently, without sharp twisting and strong pressure.  By stimulating the required active points, the specialist achieves relaxation and getting rid of muscle blocks.  Also, foot massage during pregnancy provides the following effects:

 • Muscle tone is strengthened;

 • The outflow of lymph is optimized;

 • Blood circulation improves;

 • Puffiness is removed;

 • Sleep improves;

 • Prevents varicose veins;

 • The body's immune resistance increases;

 • Stress resistance increases;

 • Chronic pain in the lower extremities disappears;

 • Mental processes are stimulated.

 How long does it take to massage feet during pregnancy?


  Acupressure foot massage is a worldwide remedy for a pregnant woman suffering from increased edema, overweight, back pain, legs. Therefore, professional massage of the legs and feet can be done almost throughout the entire period of bearing the baby.  Of course, foot massage is allowed with permission from the supervising doctor and in the absence of serious contraindications.

 Can you massage at home?

 If you wish, you can order this service at home. Then the Thai foot massage will be carried out in your usual conditions and by a certified master of your choice.  Also, at a convenient time, you can do a Thai foot massage in our "Elephant" salon, where a cozy atmosphere has been created for this.

 Contraindications for foot massage

 Despite the fact that Thai foot massage is proven effective and has many positive effects, this procedure is not allowed for everyone.  Thai foot massage is contraindicated in patients who have the following conditions and diseases:

 · Oncological neoplasms;


 · mental disorders;

 · Fresh burns, dislocations, fractures, postoperative stitches, wounds;


 · Infectious diseases (including skin diseases);


 · Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

 With care, foot massage is prescribed for diabetes.  

Is it possible to do a foot massage in the presence of cardiovascular diseases?  

The master of our Elephant SPA will be able to answer this question after an individual consultation.  Call to make an appointment at a convenient time or to arrange a call to the master at home.

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