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What are the most effective and popular types of massage

 Today massage is one of the most demanded aesthetic services.  However, there are people who are still afraid to sign up for a massage or do not know which type to choose.  Each of them assumes its own technique.  There are treatments that are especially effective in relieving stress and tension, while others improve the immune system or the function of a specific organ.  Find out more about the most popular types of massage: what are their benefits and what features.

 Why are the main types of body massage useful?

  •  Relaxation of muscles.  This is one of the main effects of massage.  When we fall into the hands of a professional massage therapist, we relax.  The massage relieves all muscle tension accumulated during the day, thereby reducing daily stress.  This type of muscle relaxation works well for joints and bones as they become elastic and more mobile.

 The body naturally produces endorphins.  The substance helps to fight depression, anxiety and pain.  All of this makes the mind feel much freer, less blocked, and well-prepared for the day ahead.

  •  Benefits for the skin.  The most noticeable changes are seen in the skin and its natural improvement.  A good massage stimulates the release of dead cells of the connective system and the pores of the sebaceous glands.  Thus, the condition of the skin is improved.  It becomes more elastic, able to better absorb all oils and lotions that are used during massage.

  •  Benefits for the lymphatic system.  Effective massages immediately stimulate fluids.  This helps the kidneys to eliminate them from the body.  All toxins accumulated in our body are eliminated due to the stagnation of the lymphatic system.  The massage also works against the irritating imperfections of cellulite.  It helps to reduce and fight it as our body increases blood circulation.

  •  Improved work of the cardiovascular system.  Massage increases the volume of blood in our body and also improves its quality.  Blood flow increases, but the pressure on the blood vessels decreases, strengthening our heart.  Massage treatments improve the nutrition of our tissues and increase the expansion of capillaries.  At the same time, blood pressure is lowered.

  •  Breathing and digestion.  Since massage generally reduces stress and anxiety levels, it allows the muscles of the diaphragm to relax and greatly improve our respiratory system.  The increased blood flow also has a positive effect on the digestive system and reduces the risk of gastritis.

  •  Improved mood.  Massage can provide many benefits to the body.  Among them is the release of energy channels.  Based on numerous studies, massage can improve mood, affect our emotions and affect the functioning of many areas of the body.

 What are some effective massages worth trying?

 The basic techniques of professional massage have many variations.  They are practiced depending on the goal that is important to achieve.  Experienced craftsmen know how to make the procedures take place without bruises and practically without pain.  The methods are adapted for each client, depending on his wishes, needs and well-being.  Find out more about the popular types of procedures:

 Traditional Thai massage

 Over the past decade, Thai massage has become an art form through constant experimentation with new techniques.  The master applies light pressure to certain points, and also applies various types of manipulations.  Traditional Thai massage is becoming more and more popular for its invigorating properties.  With it, you can relax, gaining lightness and energy.

 Anti-stress massage

 A special technique is used that removes the clamps from the body.  This is especially true of tension in the spine and shoulder area.  Thai anti-stress massage is an ideal choice when you feel stressed and stressed for a long time.  Thanks to the procedure, you will become calmer, will be able to strengthen the immune system, and also normalize blood pressure.

 Anticellulite massage

First, the client lies on his stomach — and the master begins to vigorously massage the body: kneading, rubbing and patting. This helps to burn fat cells and reduce the orange peel.  After that, you will need to roll over onto your back to treat problem areas.  Anti-cellulite massage involves working with those parts of the body where there is excess fat and cellulite.  It has a positive effect on the metabolism, accelerating it.  As part of anti-cellulite treatments, honey massage is often offered.

 Foot massage

 It is suitable for everyone, because this procedure has almost no contraindications.  Thanks to the procedure, you can get rid of leg swelling and relieve fatigue.  Also, foot massage normalizes sleep and blood pressure, helps with headaches.

 Stone massage

 Hot stones are used during this procedure.  They are laid out on certain zones in order to harmonize the nervous system and relax the body.  Stone massage relieves muscle pain and fatigue.  It can be used to treat various diseases.

 Pregnancy massage

 Professional massage therapists know how to adapt massage techniques to a woman's physical condition and pregnancy.  Prenatal massage is considered one of the most popular massages that are beneficial for relieving stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety and depression.  The sessions are individualized and adapted to the needs of the expectant mother.


 Aromatherapy is one of the most popular therapeutic massages in the world.  This form uses one or more aromatic plant oils called essential oils.  Each of these are designed to meet the specific needs and relieve pain of the client.

 There is also a demand for lymphatic drainage massage and relaxing esalen massage.  These are the most popular types of massage and are very effective.  You can sign up for such services at the Elephant SPA in Kiev.  All conditions have been created there in order to relax and feel the healing effect of the procedure.

 Massage techniques

 Each massage style is suitable for different needs, but even within the same type, different techniques and manipulations are used.  All of them relax, affect the connective tissue and muscles, freeing the skin from dead cells.  This makes the tissues more elastic and regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

 Whether it is brushing, percussion, kneading or rubbing, vibration or pressure, or any of the popular types of massage, it is important that the massage therapist knows the key points of the body where the effort should be applied.  Many emotions are held by the muscles that contract, and it is important to unblock them.  Any type of body massage is suitable for releasing many toxins and suppressed emotions, as well as improving blood circulation.

 Still wondering what kind of massage you need?  Consult the manager of the Elephant Spa to find the best option for you and choose the time of the session.  It can be spa treatments, facial massage or different types of massage for the musculoskeletal system. So you can fully relax and feel the desired effect.

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