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Top 5 most popular spa treatments by Elephant Spa guests reviews

    Dreaming of relaxing, taking a brake, gaining strength and being reborn?  Spa treatments are an ideal option to dive into the world of relaxation, take care of your body, well-being and mental health.  This is one of the best things you can do for your weekend after a long hard day.  Just imagine: massages, water treatments, relaxing music and an incredible aroma that inspires.  What else do you need for happiness and relaxation?  

What are the benefits of spa treatments?  

What's the spa?  Spa physiotherapy procedures are methods of any manifestations. Spa treatments exist on almost all parts of the body.  The most effective influence on the body has a complex of water procedures for the whole body in various aspects.  

In addition to relaxation, spa treatments give lots of benefits to your body.  Spa therapy improves immunity.  A complex of water and relaxing spa treatments fights well-being and chronic fatigue, frequent stress and has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.  

    Already after the first visit to the SPA-salon you will feel the first results that appear both on the physical and psychological levels.  Popular spa treatments will give a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.  You will also feel internal changes: metabolism will improve, the condition of the skin will improve, you will be full of strength and vitality.  Make spa visits a pleasant and healthy habit.

Types of SPA-procedures 

    Water procedures are distinguished according to different criteria.  One of the main parameters is the area of ​​specialization, the intensity of the impact and the means used.  

  • There are 5 areas of specialization in spa treatments: hair, face, hands, feet and body.  

  • The intensity of exposure is traditionally divided into 3 levels: light, medium and radical spa treatments.  

  • The means used may vary.  It depends on the type of procedure itself and your preferences.  These are water, mud, etc.  means in spa-therapy.  

Now let's talk more in detail about the different procedures and their impact on each area of ​​the body.  Types of spa treatments: 

  • Spa treatments for hair are very beneficial for the condition of the hair itself, as well as the scalp.  Products based on natural ingredients, which are usually used in spas, promote hair growth, improve their quality, nutrition, eliminate split ends, treat dandruff, etc.  Often spa collaborates with trichologists who select the right care, according to the type of hair and scalp.  This makes hair treatments more effective and enjoyable.  

  • Massages, saunas, facial baths - these spa treatments, combined with traditional cosmetology in the spa, significantly improve the condition of the skin, prevent the appearance of folds and wrinkles, the body is more elastic and supple.  The skin makes the skin of the face cleansed, dead cells are exfoliated, and the dermis is nourished with the necessary elements.  Such procedures can be analogous to visits to beauty salons.  You can achieve good results with the help of a facial spa program: lotions, serums, scrubs, masks, etc.  The cosmetologist selects care for your skin type and makes wonders.  

  • Spa treatments for the body.  These are: baths, massages, whirlpools, peelings... In addition to pleasure, you will benefit in the form of tightened smooth skin, cellulite reduction, excellent health, complete relaxation of the body, as well as improved metabolism, removal of toxins and toxins from the body.  Also, water procedures for the body (in particular, therapeutic massages) can relieve pain in the back and joints, as well as (relaxing massage) improve your sleep and psycho-emotional state.  

  • Local spa treatments for hands and feet: massages, peels, fish spa and other popular spa treatments.  This is a wonderful relaxation for hands, feet, fingers and every point of the upper and lower extremities.  Also, often in spas you can do manicures, pedicures, several types of procedures at the same time, and combine business with pleasure.

The best spa treatments rated by Elephant Spa 

    The most popular spa treatments in Thai massage salon "Elephant Spa": 

Thai traditional massage

Thai traditional massage—is a professional healing and rejuvenation of the body.  The massage is performed strictly according to ancient technology that has been tested for centuries.  This type of massage helps to deeply relax the body, eliminate muscle blocks, improve sleep and get rid of stress.  This type of prevention procedure, musculoskeletal system, fight against chronic fatigue and can be done both for and for the treatment of excess weight.

Oil massage 

Oil massage is a soft Thai full body massage using natural aroma oils.  It has a positive effect on the condition of the kidneys and the urinary system.  Recommended for diseases associated with the respiratory system, insomnia and depression.  Ideal for relaxation and health improvement.  

Anti-stress massage 

Anti-stress massage against constant stress, nervous breakdowns and chronic fatigue.  It removes tension and muscle clamps that provoke nervous tension.  Already after the first time you will feel a significant effect and seem to come back to life, filled with energy and new strength.  During the spa procedure, you will not feel pain—only relaxation and pleasant emotions.  

Stone therapy 

Stone therapy has remained unchanged for several centuries and is considered an effective method of dealing with muscle pain and depression.  Ideally smooth stones, aromatic oils, relaxing music have a wonderful effect on the nervous system and general psycho-emotional state.  

Foot massage 

    Foot massage is one of the most popular and enjoyable procedures.  In addition to delightful emotions, foot massage brings great benefits to the body: it normalizes blood pressure, treats insomnia, headaches and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.  The effect is noticeable even after the first session.  You will see the full result after 8-10 procedures.  

    We invite you to a heavenly place of rest and relaxation - "Elephant Spa".  Peace, harmony and a luxurious atmosphere reign here.  Our professional masters provide the best spa services that will take you to a world of complete relaxation, give you unforgettable emotions, improve your physical and emotional state, and even help you to change your lifestyle.  We invite you to experience all the delights of life with the Thai massage salon "Elephant Spa"!

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