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Certificate for Stone Therapy in 4 hands


The massage procedure with the use of hot stones for many thousands of years was known in the east as an excellent way to restore the body.

Stone therapy is based on the temperature and energy effects of stones in combination with elements of reflexology. For this, 54 black hot and 18 white cold stones are used, which alternate during the procedure. The session of stone therapy is conducted in a relaxing atmosphere of soft light and delicate scents.

Such a massage is most effective for relieving stress, depression, and general relaxation of the body. Perfectly relieves muscle pains, heaviness in the back, neck and legs, favorably affects the exhausted nervous system, helps to get rid of fat deposits, speeding up the metabolism.


The stones used in stone therapy are made from basalt, which keeps the heat for a very long time, white - cool marble stones. They should be perfectly smooth, flattened enough to fit easily on the back. In India, in ancient times, the stones were heated in the sun, now special heaters are used for this.


Stone therapy can be used for cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis. The stone is superimposed on the near-vertebral zone in the region of the 9-11th thoracic vertebrae. Conducted five to ten sessions can promote the removal of small pebbles and sand from the gallbladder, as well as relieve pain and spasms. If the stone is placed on the right on two vertebrae above, then the pancreas will improve, and if left at the same level, the stomach ulcer can heal faster. By affecting the thermal energy of the stone on the upper part of the sacrum, it is possible to reduce urinary incontinence in children and adults. Stone therapy is also used to relieve muscle pain, treat myositis, sprains, bruises.


The procedure is carried out on soft mate. At the beginning of the session, the body is lubricated with aromatic oils. Then the client begins to relax slowly by either touching the stones lightly, or deliberately laying them along the spine, alternately alternating. Stones of different sizes are laid out on the active points of the whole body: from the toes to the eyes. The remaining stone-free surface is massaged. First, this is an ordinary massage, then the actual massage stones, heated to a temperature of 40 degrees, the heat from which deeply penetrates into the body.


  • restores the central nervous system (improves sleep, eliminates the effects of stress, improves the emotional state)
  • stimulates immunity
  • removes deep muscular tension
  • eliminates stagnant processes in the tissues of the body
  • eliminates inflammation
  • stimulates the activity of organs and body systems


  • high blood pressure
  • acute stages of diseases
  • skin infections
  • fever
  • diseases of the lymphatic system
  • open wounds

Certificate for Stone Therapy in 4 hands

The procedure of massage with the use of hot stones laid out on certain areas of the body, for the harmonization and relaxation of the nervous system, the removal of muscle pain and fatigue, as well as the treatment of various diseases.

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