Our Masters

  • Miss AE - top master

    Miss AE - top master

    Top-master Ae works in our salon for more than two years. She always finds a special approach, feels the individual needs of everyone. Ae is energetically positive person. You will never forget your impressions of the massage session.
  • Miss PHAT

    Miss PHAT

    Experience – 2 years in Thailand. In addition to his professional skills, Phat invests a piece of soul during a massage session. The master is aimed at the result of maximum comfort for you. Phat knows how to relieve you of back pain and make massage useful for your body. She will take into account your preferences, and will help you to relax and recharge.
  • Miss TASANI

    Miss TASANI

    Responsive, communicative and positive master. Great spa therapist and a good master of Thai massage. She will help you restore the inner balance and will charge you with her positive energy.
  • Miss Varee

    Miss Varee

    Soft and experienced master, holds all the massage techniques to perfection. It can relieve pain after sports, her strong hands are in no body problems efficiently and professionally removes them.
  • Miss PON

    Miss PON

    Delicate master. Always cheerful and positive. She has extraordinary energy that brings joy to its customers. The charge of vivacity is guaranteed!
  • Miss BOOM

    Miss BOOM

    Technically and experienced master with an individual approach to each client. After the massage, a master Jum will seduce you and for all like a Thai massage!
  • Miss MAC

    Miss MAC

    Mack has an experience of more than 1 year of work in Turkey. She always listens to your wishes, makes massage session an unforgettable procedure for all your body. Thanks to her skills, Mek will help you to remove weariness, get rid of stress and make you relax. The master will also take care of your body, for its recovering and feeling a surge of strength and energy. Master from the very first moment wins your favour with her smile and incredibly positive energy.
  • Miss FON - top master

    Miss FON - top master

    Experience – 1 year In Thailand. Massage with master Fon is a therapy for all your body. During the procedure, the master carefully works through each zone of your body. Fun has fairly strong hands that will make you fully experience all the benefits of Thai massage. If you go to relaxing types of massage with this master – she will surround your body with care and love.
  • Miss YAO - top master

    Miss YAO - top master

    Yao is a very benevolent and positive master in our salon. Her hands are strong enough and she always puts her best on and gives herself 100% to work. If you want some part of the body to pay more attention, tell us about it and enjoy the massage. Yao admirably owns all kinds of massage, and also charges every guest and every employee of our salon with his positive energy.
  • Miss АОМ

    Miss АОМ

    Aom masters Thai massage techniques. She has more than one year of experience in Thailand. She subtly feels the need of each client. Has a special talent for finding problem areas on the human body and helps to cope with problems so that you feel lightness in the body, a burst of strength and energy.