Effective Slimming Massage

There are at least 200 types of massages and about 1/3 of them contribute to weight loss, as well as getting rid of excess body fat. Professional massage, which is performed by a qualified master, even if the procedure involves the study of only one problem area, still has a positive effect on other systems and organs of a person.

Today, there are 2 main methods of massage - manual and hardware. You can also classify the types of massages into general and local. Medical massages are also distinguished, which have a pronounced therapeutic effect. So what is the best weight loss massage? According to experts, the one that does not provoke adverse reactions and will bring the most optimal result in your case will be considered the best.

It is recommended to choose the most effective massage for weight loss individually, taking into account the characteristics and wishes of the client, his state of health, the presence of any injuries, diseases, contraindications, allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are unable to cope with the task of choosing a method on your own, then you can always entrust this to experienced specialists at our Elephant SPA salon.

Can I lose weight with massage?

It should be mentioned that excess fat and cellulite are not destroyed under the hands of the master. Subcutaneous fat cannot be broken down and then removed. You can get rid of excess fat cells only if you “burn” them. In order to get this, it is necessary to activate metabolic processes at the molecular level, using blood flow and lymph outflow. Such stimulation of blood circulation and subsequent fat burning an anti-cellulite massage provokes.

It is also required to clarify that the entire amount of excess fat cannot be destroyed by massage alone. It is impossible to lose weight rapidly while lying on a massage mat - you will certainly need an integrated approach, including sports or yoga, increasing daily activity, choosing the right diet, and observing rest and sleep patterns.

Will slimming body massage really be effective? The effectiveness of the procedure depends on several important factors:

· The state of your health;

· The amount of extra pounds;

· The presence of contraindications to massage technique.

Remember that if the excess weight is more than 20 kg, then you need to additionally visit anutritionist and therapist, in addition to massages, you will be prescribed an individual diet, as well as an appropriate course of treatment.


It should be noted that massage for weight loss, although it is a highly effective and safe procedure, can not always be used to lose weight. There are a number of contraindications, the presence of which does not allow you to attend massage sessions. Such contraindications include the following diseases and conditions:

·Infectious diseases (including skin) Fever (fever);

· Oncology;

· Varicose veins;

· Acute cardiovascular disease;

· Fresh fractures, postoperative sutures, wounds, fistulas; Epilepsy

· mental disorders;

· Exacerbation of chronic diseases;

· Pregnancy

· Individual intolerance.

Why do you need a weight loss massage?

In the absence of contraindications, the effectiveness of massage for weight loss is immediately visible in several areas. In addition to eliminating excess weight, you get the following results:

· Increased stress tolerance, which positively affects the normalization of appetite (you stop "seizing" anxiety);

· Improving the circulation of lymph flow and fluid outflow from tissues, due to which centimeters of fullness disappear after visiting the first sessions;

· Strengthening the muscle topography, helping to get rid of the "orange peel" (anti-cellulite effect);

· Increase the firmness, elasticity of the skin, which provides relief from stretch marks, restores lost forms (lifting effect without surgery);

· The launch of natural rejuvenation processes through the optimization of metabolism (cosmetic and therapeutic effects).

Effective massage techniques for quick weight loss

Given the level of effectiveness, we offer our customers the most effective and safe method of losing weight. You can always try procedures such as:

· Slim massage;

· Anti-cellulite massage;

· Can lymphatic drainage massage;

· Thai stretching massage;

· Oil massage;

· Stone therapy;

· Aroma massage.

All these types of massage sessions to one degree or another affect the reduction of body fat through stimulation of blood flow, metabolic processes, lymph flow. Also, for weight loss, getting rid of the "orange peel" in "Elephant" you can sign up for programs such as:

· Visiting Turkish hammam;

· SPA-care "Thai legend";

· SPA program "Flowers of Islands";

· SPA program “Coconut Nuazh”;

· SPA-care “White Chocolate”;

· SPA-procedure “Chocolate Delight”; · Program "Day of the Golden SPA";

· Detox-program "Fito cocktail"

· The detox program Goji Berries.

In Elephant SPA, massage and slimming wraps are carried out by professional masters, using proven techniques and high-quality cosmetics. In addition to the effect of weight loss and lifting, visiting the treatment procedures, you get such positive results:

· Getting rid of the effects of stress, depression;

· Normalization of sleep;

· Increase the elasticity, firmness of the skin;

· Giving the skin velvety, smooth, beautiful color and natural shine; · Getting rid of chronic pain (headaches, in the back, legs, neck);

· Getting rid of toxins, excess fluid in the body; · Restoration of the metabolic process;

· Normalization of blood supply;

· Equalization of blood pressure;

· Getting rid of chronic fatigue;

· Increase vitality, performance.

Which to choose?

You can use the services of hardware or manual massage for weight loss. How to choose the best technique for you? We suggest you to turn to professionals who will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of existing methods, help you make the right choice in your case.

Also, our Elephant SPA salon invites you to a Thai manual slim massage, which decades has remained one of the most popular techniques to help deal with excess weight.

How is the slim massage performed?

Slim massage is a technique that has long proved its targeted effectiveness in the fight against overweight and cellulite. Thanks to the verified movements of the hands of the master, it is possible to activate fat burning in problem areas, restore impaired lymph flow, and relieve the client of puffiness and stagnant processes.

Slim thigh massage for weight loss, as well as slim massage for weight loss of the abdomen and sides are performed using popular Thai techniques and include the following steps:

· The client is placed on the mat "on the stomach" position;

· The master begins to warm the body with energetic kneading, patting, rubbing; · The client moves to the "back" position;

· Massage of problem areas with an increased amount of body fat, cellulite;

· The procedure ends with stroking, sliding movements throughout the body.

Where to do massage?

If you have the appropriate experience or a great desire to do a massage for weight loss, you can do it yourself at home. You also have the opportunity to call the master to your home or office, or give yourself a real pleasure and sign up for sessions in a specialized salon.

Given the level of efficiency and safety, we recommend you to chose visiting a massage room or spa, where a certified specialist will work with you, and the selected type of massage will really bring you the expected result, without any negative consequences for health and well-being. The advantages of contacting the professionals of our salon are:

· A guarantee of safety and effectiveness;

· Selection of procedures (type of massage, additional services) according to your individual indications and preferences;

· The possibility of comprehensive service (massage, steaming in a Turkish hammam, scrubbing, wrapping);

· The ability to call the TOP master at home at a convenient time for you.

In our salon "Elephant" all the necessary conditions are created for customers. Getting to us, you are transported into the magical atmosphere of SPA, where every detail of the interior is saturated with harmony and pleasure. To sign up for a weight loss massage, you can use the online form or contact our managers. We also provide free advice on what kind of procedure you better choose to lose weight, find a beautiful and attractive shape, improve your health.

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