How to attend hamam in a regular way?

For sure many people consider traditional Turkish bath to be favourite place not only for Turks, but also for everyone. The peculiarity of hammam is an increased level of humidity and at the same time a low heating temperature - an average of 40-50C. Since ancient times, hammam has been used not only to cleanse the body and soul, but also for healing, as well as rejuvenating the entire body. You can talk about how good the hamam is for a long time - the Turkish bath really has many advantages. After one visit, you get an unforgettable experience, lightness in whole body, increased vitality and mood, a surge of energy and strength. For hundreds of years, Turkish hammam has been an invariable place of relaxation, filling a person with harmony, getting rid of physical and emotional stresses. Before visiting a hammam, you should learn how to steam. Though the procedure does not imply any special preparations, there are some nuances that must be taken into account: · Do not eat up 1-2 hours before visiting the bath, so as not to provoke digestive problems; · If you just returned from the resort, recently visited a solarium and there is a fresh tan on the skin, it is better to postpone the session in the eastern steam room for several days (at least 1 week); · Do not drink alcohol and do not take potent meds that can cause a negative reaction under the influence of elevated temperature, aromatic oils.

Features of the Turkish bath

The Turkish hammam is a steam room, a relaxation room, a washing, and a massage room. The humidity level in the bath is at least 80% at a temperature of only 40-50C. It is widely thought that the eastern steam room is easiest to carry, everything is much milder here. If we talk about hammam in our SPA-salon “Elephant”, then we have it unique - combining the traditions of Turkish culture with Thai philosophy. The procedure is carried out in a room specially equipped by all standards, by professional Thai craftsmen. SPA-program includes the following stages: 1. Pre-steaming; 2. Peeling with the help of a mitten “kesa”; 3. Foam massage.


The client lies on a heated stone table. Steam acts on the skin, pores open, cleansing, getting rid of black spots, toxins, excess fat. Due to the increased humidity, the skin does not dry out. The body relaxes, muscle and psycho-emotional stress is relieved. The effectiveness of steaming is also manifested in the presence of respiratory diseases (rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis).

Kesa Peeling

After preliminary steaming, the body is scrubbed - peeling with the help of a special “kesa” mitten made of material of a certain texture. Mitt is designed to improve the removal of dead skin cells. Kese peeling has a more pronounced scrubbing effect, makes the skin soft, velvety, smooth.

Foam massage

A cleaned and relaxed body is completely covered with fragrant and light foam. The client is immersed in a stunning state of dreams, completely forgetting about problems and stresses, getting a feeling of bliss and tranquility. In this case, a foaming cloud is applied simultaneously with the healing, tonic Thai massage.

Additional services in hammam

If you want to diversify your visit to the hammam with additional beauty treatments, it is proposed: · Scrubbing using herbal, chocolate, fruit, coconut cosmetic compounds; · Wrapping (wine, chocolate, gold, clay). If you supplement the visit to the hammam with scabbing and wrapping, then provide the skin with a deeper cleansing, nourishment, and hydration. At the same time, cosmetics will be selected taking into account personal preferences, individual indications and recommendations of an experienced master. Therefore, in addition to relaxation and purification, you will receive the following effects: · Getting rid of pigmentation; · Giving the skin a beautiful natural color, shine; · Anti-cellulite effect.

The benefits of the Turkish bath Hamam

The Turkish hammam, which benefits are manifested at once on several levels, is shown to those whose life is associated with regular stress, tension, heavy physical exertion. Also, an oriental steam room should be visited if you want to recharge your batteries with energy, get rid of negative thoughts, improve and stimulate the rehabilitation process after depression, injuries, and surgical interventions. The atmosphere of the hammam is filled with the magic of SPA procedures and maximally promotes skin care sessions, increases the intensity of programs to rejuvenate and remove toxins, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow. In conditions of high humidity and not too high temperature, oily sensitive skin is cleansed more delicately, and dry skin becomes taut and elastic.

The impact of Hamam on the body When is it recommended to visit the hammam?

The benefits of the oriental steam room for the body are manifested in various directions: · Acceleration of the metabolism; · Optimization of blood circulation; · Removal of toxins; · Pain relief in the presence of osteochondrosis; · Normalization of sleep; · Increased immune resistance; · Stabilization of the emotional and psychological state. Who should attend a steam room to receive effective therapy or prevention? 1. Hammam services are often used by professional athletes, fitness athletes who need to recover faster after exhausting workouts, rid muscle tissue of excess lactic acid. 2. Also, a visit to the Turkish bath helps to remove excess fat, external manifestations of cellulite. There are examples when in 1 visit the client lost up to 1-1.5 kilograms of excess weight. 3. In the presence of arthritis, muscle strain, salt deposition, rheumatism, as well as other ailments associated with the musculoskeletal system, a significant improvement is observed after 2-3 visits to the hammam. 4. Colds (without febrile illnesses) can be cured faster if you use a Turkish steam room. Keep in mind that under the influence of temperature and high humidity, bacteria that provoke the occurrence of acute respiratory viral infections die and it is almost impossible to infect anyone. 5. For skin problems (teen acne, acne, clogging pores) hamam is a wonderful method of cleansing the sebaceous glands. In addition, the oriental steam room is useful for those who are predisposed to nervous disorders. The relaxing atmosphere of the steam room improves the state of the nervous system and leads to: · Reduce anxiety; · Raising the mood; · Increase stress resistance; · A feeling of calm, peace; · Getting rid of headaches.

Important questions before visiting a hamam

1. How to steam? It should be said that there are no special recommendations and instructions - the Turkish hammam is similar to traditional baths and differs only in more pleasant conditions, and even children can easily withstand low temperatures. Before the session, just tune in to relaxation and getting positive emotions - this will be quite enough! 2. How often to visit the hammam? In the absence of contraindications for health reasons, visiting a hamam is not limited. Therefore, you can bathe and receive all related services as much as you want. But keep in mind that professional peeling, which is usually included in the visit to the hamam, is shown no more than 1 time per week. 3. What clothes are suitable for a hamam? For men it can be swimming trunks, and for women swimwear. But clothes should be required.

Contraindications to visiting Hamam

Despite the benefit of the oriental steam room, there are a number of contraindications, the presence of which does not allow visits to the hamam. Among these diseases and conditions, note: · Varicose veins; · Bronchial asthma; · Oncology; · Infectious diseases (including skin) Fever · Postoperative complications; · Fresh scars, fractures, wounds; · Epilepsy · mental disorders; · Exacerbation of chronic diseases. If you still don’t know what a hammam is, then we invite you to use the services of our SPA salon “Elephant” and visit the steam room. You are deciding how often to visit hammam? Then professional masters will tell you more about this. Call if you need a consultation or you already want to sign up for an amazing session.

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