The benefits of Thai foot massage

According to Thai massage masters, human feet are “energy gates ”of our body through which the flow of vitality passes.  A huge number of receptors that affect functionality on internal systems are situated on feet. Proper stimulation of these receptors is capable to harmonize the central nervous system, as well as normalize the work of individual organs or the whole body as a whole.

 Professional foot massage, the benefits of which have been proven more than many 

centuries ago, has an extremely beneficial effect on several levels - physical, emotional, psychological.  In specialized medical clinics foot massage is a part of therapeutic programs aimed at recovery, rehabilitation after injuries and serious illnesses, prevention of various chronic and acute diseases.

 A feature of foot massage is safety, relaxation, a stress relief is practiced in modern spa salons. Also, it starts with the elaboration of the feet that many types of massages begin. More than 300 nerve endings of the foot are directly related to certain internal organs.  And if you act on the right acupuncture point of the soles of the feet, you can achieve the desired effect.

 Qualified masters of our Elephant spa low how to do foot massage in order to achieve the desired results. An individual reception is conducted with every guest, first it is previously clarified problematic features and wishes, the absence of contraindications is determined andnumber of sessions.  Therefore, the maximum benefit of a foot massage - you get pleasure and relax, get rid of depression and stress, get effective recovery.

 Efficiency Foot Massage

 Reflexology foot massage, the benefits of which are observed in various fields of human health is often recommended by doctors as a full-fledged therapy or as a part of a specific treatment program.  Professional-grade foot massage is shown in cases such as:

 · Arthrosis;

 · Flat feet (including children);

 · Valgus foot;

 · Spurs

 · The first signs of atherosclerosis, varicose veins;

 · Diabetic foot.

 Due to the fact that the reflex points located on the feet they are associated with activity of internal organs, during massage you get the impression that the effect is on the whole body completely.  To the most pronounced effects of massage are included:

 · Reduction of anxiety;

 · Relaxation;

 · Relief of symptoms associated with PMS;

 · Prevention of pelvic diseases;

 · Normalization of sleep;

 · Increase mood, vitality;

 · Increase stress resistance;

 · Removal of chronic fatigue syndrome;

 · Getting rid of pain in the legs, from muscle clamps.

 Who benefits from foot massage?

 The benefits of a foot massage performed according to the Thai technique are undeniable for everyone. However, there are clients who especially need this procedure:

 1. Professional athletes who are shown foot massage as injury prevention (fractures, dislocations, sprains), as well as how effective method of accelerating the recovery process after severe training or competition injured;

 2. People prone to fullness.  In this case, soles massage is useful in the form of prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, constantly exposed to increased load due to the large weight;

 3. Men and women over 40 years old.  Foot massage helps to prevent early development of arthrosis, joint diseases and other diseases associated with age-related changes;

 4. Women with increased daily workload who have a lot walk in high heels.  Massaging your legs relieves fatigue and tension, removes pain, helps to prevent varicose

5. People with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory problems, digestion.  In such cases, foot massage is used as a part of a comprehensive healing therapy.

 Execution techniques

 There are some of the most common foot massage techniques - Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, Thai, healing.  In our Elephant SPA salon, is practiced Thai foot massage, the philosophy of which is a safe and at the same time comprehensive effect on both individual systems and organs, and the entire body.

 What is the difference between Thai foot massage? Technology features include:

 · The use of a "tool" for massage.  During the procedure, the master uses a special wand;

 · Diverse intensity of exposure.  The movements are carried out by fingers, palms, fist;

 · A wide area of ​​study.  During the session, the surface of the feet, as well as the lower leg, is worked out, up to the knee.


What is the procedure for Thai foot massage?

 Before starting, the master conducts a preliminary consultation, finds out the problematic features.  Then the standard procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

 1. The traditional washing of the feet;

 2. To prepare for a point impact, the feet are kneaded with light, sliding movements;

 3. With the help of stretching movements, the ligaments are affected;

 4. The massage continues with the elaboration of the toes (pads, phalanges);

 5. Slowly, pressing and squeezing movements, the master moves from the fingers to the heels, carefully massaging the surface of the plantar with the involvement of reflex points;

 6. The procedure ends with stroking movements, sliding on the surface of the feet, legs.

 During the massage, an experienced master can diagnose the presence of diseases or problem states, identifying them by seals and tension of soft tissues on any part of the surface of the feet.  Depending on the identified complications, a number of procedures are prescribed.

 How many sessions are required to get a pronounced effect?

 Even one session of Thai foot massage is able to raise the mood, relieve soreness of the legs, and have a restorative effect on the body.  To achieve therapeutic effectiveness, experts recommend at least 8-10 procedures.

 The effect on the body of foot massage

 What is useful foot massage for the body?  Among the most important effects are noted:

 · Stimulation of the central nervous system (increase mental activity, improve memory, eliminate the effects of depression and stress);

 · Normalization of metabolism;

 · Restoration of impaired blood circulation;

 · Removal of puffiness;

 · Improvement of lymph flow with the conclusion of toxins, toxins;

 · Normalization of blood pressure;

 · Removal of inflammation of the connective tissue on the feet;

 · Normalization of the excretory, genitourinary, digestive system;

 · Promoting posture straightening;

 · Positive effects on the immune system.

 During the procedure, the level of formation of endorphin, the hormone of pleasure, which is considered a natural anesthetic, increases.  Therefore, chronic pain disappears, vitality and mood increase, you forget about pressing problems, get rid of a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and fatigue.

 The Thai masters of our SPA salon know how to properly massage the feet, with what intensity to work out the legs, how many sessions the client needs to get the desired result.  Therefore, you can contact Elephant at any time for general healing and enjoyment, as well as, if necessary, highly effective therapy in the presence of certain diseases.


Indications and contraindications

 The most common indications for visiting Thai foot massage are as follows:

· Pathology of the musculoskeletal system;

·  Chronic pain in the back, legs;

·  Deterioration in posture;

· Overstrain of the calf muscles, muscles of the hip;

·  Blood flow disturbance;

· The risk of flat feet;

· Increased leg swelling

· Plantar fasciitis;

· Headaches, migraines;

· Increased anxiety

·  Violation of mental processes;

· Preventing the occurrence of fungal infections.

 Despite the high efficiency of foot massage, there are contraindications that do not allow the use of equipment to improve the condition.  Such contraindications include:

·  Fever

 · mental disorders;

·  Varicose veins;

·  Pregnancy

·  Infectious diseases (including skin)

·  Exacerbation of chronic diseases;

·  Oncology;

· Epilepsy

·  Thrombophlebitis;

 · Fresh fractures, wounds, burns, postoperative sutures, dislocations.

 Remember that tired and “closed” feet can provoke a deterioration in well-being and mood, disruption of the internal organs.  Therefore, in order to avoid such conditions, energize yourself and get rid of chronic ailments, we invite you to a Thai foot massage in our specialized Elephant SPA salon.  Call to sign up for the near future or get professional advice from highly qualified masters with many years of experience.

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