На період дії воєнного стану в Україні всі послуги надають українськи майстри

How to pay for spa services

You can order any SPA procedure, Thai massage or gift certificate in a way which is convenient for you:

 · Directly in the salon "Elephant" (in Kiev or Lviv);

 · Online, through the form available on the site;

 · By phone, contacting managers;

 · By sending a request by email.

 After ordering, when choosing a payment method online, you can use the following options:

 · Through the site, by credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, by using a special service;

 · Through the Privat24 application (transfer from card to card).

 Note!  The payment amount is not debited from your account until the transaction is finalized.  The period of your payment in these systems can vary from 1 minute to 5 days. It depends on such factors - whether you pay for the first time using this system and how quickly the payment is processed by the bank, since this system works with bank accounts.

 The online payment process is as follows:

 1. After choosing a procedure or gift certificate and clicking the "Order" button, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page;

 2. Then you will be redirected to the secure payment acceptance system page, where you can pay by a credit card;

 3. Done!  The payment is perfect and soon you will be able to enjoy the vulnerary and regenerative effects of Thai massage, other pleasant and useful spa treatments!

 To clarify the date and time convenient for you, the manager of our Salon "Elephant" will contact you.