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Detox programs

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Price  2500 - 3000 грн

Berry Detox

This program begins with a Turkish hammam, which steames the whole body.  Next - a line of peeling with a berries scrub. After the body wrapping using berries cosmetics.  The Detox program is continued with a pleasant and relaxing full body oil massage.Steaming in the hammam (20 min.)Berry scrub (20 min.)Berry wrapping (20 min.)Oil massage (1 hour)

2,500 грн

Detox program "Phyto cocktail"

First you will enjoy a pleasant and healthy steam bathing in the Turkish hammam.  Then - skin cleansing with scrab  "Sage".  Then comes the turn of clay wrap.  The next stage is a relaxing massage with foam.  Completion of the Detox program is a procedure for massaging with herbal bags, which is carried out all over the body and face.Steaming in the hammam (20 min.)Scrub Sage (20 minutes)Wrapping with clay (30 min.)Foam massage (20 min.)Pahop face and body (1.5 hours)

3,000 грн

Detox program "Goji berries"

This program begins with a Turkish hammam, which steames the whole body.  Next - a line of peeling with a scrub "Goji Berries”. After the body wrapping using "Goji Berries" cosmetics.  The Detox program is continued with a pleasant foam massage with a special gel "Goji Berries".  And in the end - a toning and relaxing head and face massage and an energetic anti-cellulite slim massage.Steaming in the hammam (20 min.)Scrub "Goji berries" (20 min.)Wrapping "Goji berries" (30 min.)Foam massage with gel "Goji berries" (20 min.)Head and face massage (30 min.)Slim massage (1 hour)

3,000 грн

Detox programs

Detox program in Kiev

Offered by our specialized SPA “Elephant” detox programs are aimed at effective cleansing of the body, both outside and inside. Professional services of Detox are used for weight loss, activation of excretion of slags and toxins from the body, starting natural regeneration processes, rejuvenation.. Today you can choose and order a Detox program, counting on receiving an integrated LUXE class service. The effectiveness of the techniques used in the developed programs has been proven by many years of practice. Efficiency is the simultaneous impact on the physical, emotional, psychological levels. If you want to get a charge of vital energy, good mood and at the same time lose weight, cleanse your skin, then by all means come to detox in Kiev offered by our salon. Session prices available.

Use of detox programs

In our salon you can order the Detox program "Phyto Cocktail" or "Goji Berry". Each of the programs includes preparation for the effects (thoroughly steaming in the Turkish hammam), cleansing and nourishing the body with the help of special cosmetics (scrabbing, wrapping), as well as Thai massage of various orientations. It is recommended to use the services of Detox if you have such indications:

  • Increased nervous tension;
  • Dry, flabby skin, loss of attractive appearance;
  • Depression, insomnia;
  • Overweight, cellulite;
  • Violation of metabolic processes;
  • Lymph stasis;
  • Increased puffiness;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • Emotional blocks;
  • Muscle clamps;
  • Loss of elasticity of muscle tissue, joints.

The high effectiveness of the proposed sessions is beneficial both for individual organs and for the organism as a whole. In addition to the normalization of the physical state, you get a cleansing of the mind, stimulation of mental processes.

Indications and Contraindications

A comprehensive detox, as well as a detox in Kiev, is indicated for proper body care, as a supplement to therapy or a course of prevention. But you should not use such sessions if contraindications are revealed:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Infectious diseases, including skin;
  • Problems with blood pressure;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Pregnancy
  • Fresh fractures, postoperative scars, fistulas;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Fever;
  • Oncology.

In the absence of these factors, you can sign up for a suitable Detox program right now. Prices are listed on the site, and when choosing the TOP-masters are increased. To arrange a convenient time, please contact the managers of our Elephant Spa Salon.