Thai massage with herbal pouches


Recipes of mixtures for compresses for many centuries were stored in temples and were passed only by word of mouth by healers and monks, because they had such a strong effect that they could cure the most seriously ill, therefore sometimes they were considered a sorcery potion.

In fact, no magic is used. If you have the necessary knowledge in plants, you can cook the same curative assortment. You just have to know in which forests to collect these medicinal herbs, roots, flowers and fruits, and some can be found and collected only in a certain phase of the moon.

These recipes have survived to this day, and moreover, have found wide application. Our masters, experts from Thailand, know the necessary combinations of herbs and they will gladly help you get rid of any ailments. Inhaling fragrant couples of medicinal herbs, you relieve stress, and can simply relax and relax from the rabid rhythm of modern life in the metropolis.


Massage with hot herbal pouches is performed on soft mate. Begins in position: the client lies on the stomach, with the application of warmed pouches to different back zones. Then, by smooth pressing movements, they pass to the shoulder area, the shoulder blades and the collar zone and the area of ​​the hands. Again, they go down to the pelvic area, go over to the legs and feet area. Then the client turns over and the master works with the front surface of the thigh.

The sequence of receptions depends on the client's condition and the duration of the massage. You can ask the master to pay more attention to the areas of the body in which you feel discomfort or pain.


After the massage, the body feels pleasantly warm and relaxed. Movements become free and easy. Sensations, as if you visited the sauna, but without stress on the cardiovascular system and burns of the mucous membranes, while retaining vivacity and activity.


  • restores the central nervous system (improves sleep, eliminates the effects of stress, improves the emotional state)
  • stimulates immunity
  • removes deep muscular tension
  • eliminates stagnant processes in the tissues of the body
  • eliminates inflammation
  • stimulates the activity of organs and body systems


  • high blood pressure
  • acute stages of diseases
  • skin infections
  • fever
  • diseases of the lymphatic system
  • open wounds

Thai massage with herbal pouches

One of the procedures is very pleasant and surprisingly useful - included in the complex of traditional Oriental medicine, which goes back to the roots, like most types of Thai massage for centuries.

Massage herbal sacs - almost a real ritual, like many types of Thai massage, based on the long tradition of Oriental medicine. Unlike traditional Thai massage, this procedure is softer and has a tremendous healing effect, helping with pains in the joints or muscles, as well as with colds.

Herbal compresses will find great use in allergies, removing itching and toning the skin in general, and fragrant couples of herbs inhaled by the client during a massage session will help get rid of a cough.

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