Massages in 4 hands

Massages in 4 hands

Pahop in 4 hands

Massage with hot herbal sacs is an ancient traditional way of restoring the body, in which the effect is produced by warmed herbal bags made up of compositions of the mountain herbs of Thailand, the combination of which was selected for thousands of years by generations of Thai masters.

1,800 грн

Traditional Thai massage in 4 hands

Yoga massage is a steam technique for performing a traditional Thai massage. In the technique of Thai massage, there are many techniques that can be performed only in "four hands". These techniques by our therapists are highlighted in a special massage technique - yoga massage.

1,200 грн

Oil massage in four hands

Oil massage in four hands is an ancient kind of massage, used for harmonization and treatment of the body with the help of aromatic oils, characterized by soft, smooth, sliding movements that cover the entire body, performed by two therapists at the same time.

1,400 грн

Anti-stress massage in 4 hands

Effective relaxation of tight areas of the body in the shoulders and spine, by affecting them with Thai anti-stress massage techniques is what you need to rest after a long nervous strain, clearing from the effects of regular stressful situations. The procedure will strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure and, in the end, help to sleep normally and safely.

1,000 грн

Thai foot massage in 4 hands

One of the most pleasant and relaxing procedures, with a considerable useful effect. Relieves foot fatigue and swelling, normalizes blood pressure, relieves headaches and insomnia. Foot massage is applicable for everyone, since it has practically no contraindications. So hurry to experience these unforgettable sensations!

850 грн

Aroma massage in 4 hands

Применение в процессе массажа аромамасел усиливает его эффект, снимая усталость, плохое настроение, борясь с отсутствием сна и стрессами. Ароматерапия очень благотворно влияет на организм человека, позволяет,как расслабиться, так и напротив — активизировать ментальные и физические процессы в организме.

1,300 грн

Stone Therapy in 4 hands

The procedure of massage with the use of hot stones laid out on certain areas of the body, for the harmonization and relaxation of the nervous system, the removal of muscle pain and fatigue, as well as the treatment of various diseases.

1,700 грн