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Oil massage in four hands


Oil massage, performed in four hands, has an excellent property of relaxation and recovery of the nervous system. Consistent, smooth movements of therapists in various parts of the body have the property of calming the nervous system and relaxing the muscle tension. Such movements, as it were, do not allow consciousness to concentrate and control the actions of the therapists, as it were to let go of control, which is actually a relaxation. After all, it is our constant desire to control the situation, the position of the body, our actions and even thoughts, leading first to nervous tension, and then to stresses and nervous breakdowns. Being in a state of nervous tension people are no longer able to relax on their own. And an excellent way to quickly get rid of the nervous tension and stress of the exit is oil massage in four hands.


More and more relaxation of the body contributes to the emerging trust in the masters, to whom they attach great importance and try to increase each movement, putting all their attention and care in it. The trust between the client and the master is of great importance in Thailand. This is a very important part of the Thai massage tradition. After all, neither the most exact execution of technology nor effective methods will not have their impact fully in the absence of confidence in the master.


In this procedure, the properties of various aroma oils are also used, which add to their massage effects their healing qualities. This massage is a technique focused on the maximum use of the properties of aromatic oils.

For example:

  • Sandalwood oil enhances creativity and sexuality.
  • Patchouli oil gives a feeling of stability and confidence, improving the activity of the pelvic organs.
  • Rose oil relieves of crushed emotions and opens the heart.
  • Jasmine oil enhances the ability to concentrate and improves brain activity.
  • Lavender oil removes depressive conditions, promotes creative realization. The properties of aroma oils have a very wide range of effects on consciousness, body and character.


Also, oil massage in 4 hands strengthens the current of body fluids and is a vascular, drainage technique. The procedure increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow and movement of the intercellular fluid, thereby enhancing metabolism and immunity. Also, the activity of the kidneys and excretory system improves, because the urge to urinate is a characteristic feature of such a massage. Oil-massage also enhances bronchopulmonary circulation, increasing ventilation of the lungs and their uniform blood supply, increasing intestinal peristalsis and functioning of endocrine glands.


After the session, there is a relaxed, peaceful state. It is not necessary to plan active activity right after the end of the procedure, because the body needs a certain timeout associated with the fact that there is a significant activation of internal organs and the body switches to internal activity, which immediately affects the decrease in body external activity. So do not forget to rest for a while after the massage. Once the internal organs have coped with their tasks, you will feel vigor and ability to be active.


  • General improvement of peripheral circulation and lymph flow
  • Harmonization of body blood pressure
  • Relaxation of the central nervous system
  • Increase in the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of joints, muscles and membranes of internal organs
  • Strengthening the functions of internal organs
  • Improving mental processes, increasing memory, speed of thinking
  • Increased resistance to stressful conditions
  • Strengthening immunity


  • Feverish states
  • Acute forms of diseases
  • Fresh fractures of the bones of the body
  • Fresh damage to the joints
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Phlebeurysm

Oil massage in four hands

Oil massage in four hands is an ancient kind of massage, used for harmonization and treatment of the body with the help of aromatic oils, characterized by soft, smooth, sliding movements that cover the entire body, performed by two therapists at the same time.

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