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Massage combines the effects of inhalations of healing herbs, the impact of hot compresses of Thai herbs, deep and mild body warming in combination with Thai massage techniques.

Over time, special techniques have been developed to influence certain active points of the body, which allow to effectively treat various diseases and improve the body condition.


In ancient times this technique of massage with bags was secret. Used and stored under Buddhist monasteries and passed on by monks from generation to generation. Now this procedure has become a real event in the spa industry, gaining increasing popularity. Massage with hot herbal bags perfectly removes the inflammatory processes in the joints. And for centuries it has been used in Thailand for the treatment of pain in the spine, muscle pain, arthritis. And also for the relaxation of the central nervous system, improving metabolic processes and stimulating immunity.


The main positive effect of the massage is the deep warming and the subsequent relaxation of the tissues inside the body. Also, massage with Thai herbal pouches is a very good pain killer.

Traditionally massage with hot herbal pouches is used in conjunction with Thai massage. Also very well combined and supplements such massage techniques as: foot massage, and aroma massage.


Massage with hot herbal pouches is performed on soft mate. It starts like this: the client lies on his stomach, with the application of warmed pouches to different back zones. Then, by smooth pressing movements, they pass to the shoulder area, the shoulder blades and the collar zone, then the hand area. Again, they go down to the pelvic area, go over to the legs and feet area. Then the client turns over, and the master works with the area of ​​the front surface of the thigh.

The sequence of receptions depends on the client's condition and the duration of the massage. You can ask the master to pay more attention to the areas of the body in which you feel discomfort or pain.


After the massage, the body feels pleasantly warm and relaxed. Movements become free and easy. Sensations, as if you visited the sauna, but without stress on the cardiovascular system and burns of the mucous membranes, while retaining vivacity and activity.


  • restores the central nervous system (improves sleep, eliminates the effects of stress, improves the emotional state)
  • stimulates immunity
  • removes deep muscular tension
  • eliminates stagnant processes in the tissues of the body
  • eliminates inflammation
  • stimulates the activity of organs and body systems


  • high blood pressure
  • acute stages of diseases
  • skin infections
  • fever
  • diseases of the lymphatic system
  • open wounds

Pahop in 4 hands

Massage with hot herbal sacs is an ancient traditional way of restoring the body, in which the effect is produced by warmed herbal bags made up of compositions of the mountain herbs of Thailand, the combination of which was selected for thousands of years by generations of Thai masters.

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