Massages in 4 hands


Yoga massage enhances peripheral circulation and lymph flow, increases blood supply to internal organs, relieves tissues from stress, thereby contributing to the removal of toxic substances accumulated in stress areas. Yoga massage stimulates intestinal peristalsis and excretory system activity. Increases the elasticity of muscles and ligaments. Strengthens the endocrine system.


Yoga massage, performed by two masters, has an amazing property of relaxing and restoring the nervous system. Synchronous smooth movements of therapists on various parts of the body have the property of calming the nervous system and relaxing tensioned muscles. Such movements, as it were, do not allow consciousness to concentrate and control the actions of the therapists, how to let go of control, which is a relaxation, in fact. After all, constant control over the situation, the position of the body, its actions and even thoughts leads first to nervous tension, and then to stresses and nervous breakdowns.


Most people are so used to controlling themselves that they can not independently release control, relax and get rid of nervous tension. And the best way out of these conditions is yoga massage in four hands. With the help of soft, smooth, synchronous movements of the therapists, there is a growing state of relaxation of the body and consciousness. This is facilitated by the emerging trust in the masters, which they try to increase with each movement, as well as with attentive attitude and care. The trust between the client and Thai craftsmen is a very important part of the tradition and this is given great importance in Thailand. After all, neither the most exact execution of technology, nor effective methods will not have their impact fully in the absence of confidence in the master.


Yoga massage allows you to perform in a relatively short time a huge number of effects on the body, the effects of the procedure of Thai massage performed in four hands increase several times. During the yoga massage procedure, the wizard has time to work very carefully and in detail with the body, while a smooth rhythm, simultaneous massage of the two masters, introduces consciousness into a state of deeper relaxation.

How Yoga MASSAGE is done

Yoga massage is performed synchronously with two therapists and in a certain sequence. Masters of Thai massage, trying to combine their impact in a single rhythm, work with different parts of the body. One master, starting from the feet, massages his legs, while the other handles the area of ​​the forearm, neck and head. Then they change the affected areas, working harmoniously with the pelvic area and waist, arms and back. After the client turn over on a back and work simultaneously with stops and legs, hands and a breast. Particular attention is paid to the abdominal area. Finish the massage in a sitting position in the neck and back, performing a variety of twisting and movements.


Yoga massage brings a feeling of vivacity, energy recovery and readiness for active activity. Improved ability to concentrate, improves memory. The impact of massage yoga by many clients was equated with several days of rest at the resort.


  • General improvement of peripheral circulation and lymph flow
  • Harmonization of body blood pressure
  • Relaxation of the central nervous system
  • Increase in the amplitude of movements of the joints of the body
  •  Increase in the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of joints, muscles and membranes of internal organs
  • Strengthening the functions of internal organs
  • Improving mental processes, increasing memory, speed of thinking
  • Increased resistance to stressful conditions
  • Strengthening immunity


  • Feverish states
  • Acute forms of diseases
  • Fresh fractures of the bones of the body
  • Fresh damage to the joints
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Phlebeurysm
  • Massage in the presence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure disorders and diabetes has its own peculiarities and therefore it is necessary to warn about them in advance
  • If the meal was less than two hours before the massage, it is also necessary to warn

Massages in 4 hands

Yoga massage is a steam technique for performing a traditional Thai massage. In the technique of Thai massage, there are many techniques that can be performed only in "four hands". These techniques by our therapists are highlighted in a special massage technique - yoga massage.

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