Thai stretching massage

Thai stretching massage is one of the highest levels of Thai massage. In the course of the massage, a special set of sequential stretch marks and twists is used. Positions in which your body is located during a massage are similar to yoga assanas. The intensity of the massage is selected by the master individually according to the level of physical fitness of the person. Stretching massage is aimed at intensive stretching of all muscle groups. The feature of stretching is that it stretches the muscles, preventing them from growing in breadth. As a result, you get a beautiful body, thin waist, elegant curves of the arms and legs. Stretching massage is able to give women elegant harmony. Stretching relieves tension and pain in various parts of the body and improves posture. This massage returns the body natural flexibility, which has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

700 грн

Traditional Thai massage

Imagine that every muscle in your body “sings.” You feel the incredible ease and relaxation, but at the same time you are full of energy and strength. It seems that the world has become brighter, the sounds have become clearer and breathing became somehow easier. Each movement is done without effort, on the contrary – you want to run, run fast and intense, and then jump up high and fly…These are the feelings you experience after a session of Thai massage.

850 грн

Oil massage

Oil massage is an ancient kind of massage, used for harmonization and treatment of the body with the help of natural oils. Oil massage is characterized by soft, smooth, sliding movements, covering the whole body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head.

1,000 грн

Massage "Touching a melting candle"

Massage with an aromatic candle is a very pleasant and elegant procedure, aimed at nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The procedure is special for both the soul and the body. The maximum effect and comfort is achieved due to the fact that warm oil is constantly applied to the body.

1,400 грн

The Buddha's Foot

"Foot of the Buddha" - massage is performed by feet on the whole body, kneading movements of feet. The procedure is health and healing. It has an excellent anti-stress effect, the result is the removal of muscle and nervous tension, release from the blocks and clamps, improving the overall circulation and limfotoka. The effect of the release of the energy channel is achieved by strengthening its strength, which is the basis of the immune processes of self-regulation of the human body. The body i..

800 грн

Slim massage

Effective and popular in Thailand technique of anti-cellulite massage for figure correction will help you on the way to the ideal figure. Due to diligent and vigorous pats, grindings and kneading performed by the Thai massage therapist, the subcutaneous fat layer will literally melt from session to session until it disappears altogether...

700 грн

Aroma massage

Применение в процессе массажа аромамасел усиливает его эффект, снимая усталость, плохое настроение, борясь с отсутствием сна и стрессами. Ароматерапия очень благотворно влияет на организм человека, позволяет,как расслабиться, так и напротив — активизировать ментальные и физические процессы в организме.

1,200 грн

Stone Therapy

The procedure of massage with the use of hot stones laid out on certain areas of the body, for the harmonization and relaxation of the nervous system, the removal of muscle pain and fatigue, as well as the treatment of various diseases.

1,200 грн

Thai massage with herbal pouches

One of the procedures is very pleasant and surprisingly useful - included in the complex of traditional Oriental medicine, which goes back to the roots, like most types of Thai massage for centuries.Massage herbal sacs - almost a real ritual, like many types of Thai massage, based on the long tradition of Oriental medicine. Unlike traditional Thai massage, this procedure is softer and has a tremendous healing effect, helping with pains in the joints or muscles, as well as with colds.Herbal compresses will find great use in allergies, removing itching and toning the skin in general, and fragrant couples of herbs inhaled by the client during a massage session will help get rid of a cough.

1,300 грн

Children's Thai massage

Children's Thai massage - this is a specially developed technique of healing massage, gentle and gentle. An experienced master will get along very well with the child, and the massage will be fun and pleasant. The masseur will carefully warm the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs, carefully stretch the joints apart, and also pay attention to the special energy points and channels that are responsible for the condition of the internal organs. As a result of Thai massage, the tone of blood vessels improves, a healthy blush breaks out, activity and a good mood increase!

400 грн

Thai foot massage or foot massage

One of the most pleasant and relaxing procedures, with a considerable useful effect. Relieves foot fatigue and swelling, normalizes blood pressure, relieves headaches and insomnia. Foot massage is applicable for everyone, since it has practically no contraindications. So hurry to experience these unforgettable sensations!

550 грн

Thai head and face massage

It removes puffiness and increases skin tone, frees and tightens the muscles of the face, improves blood circulation and the general condition of the body. In addition, this procedure, in addition to rejuvenating effect, excellently raises the mood and well-being, which makes Thai head and face massage one of the most effective and most pleasant cosmetic procedures.

500 грн

Anti-stress massage

Effective relaxation of tight areas of the body in the shoulders and spine, by affecting them with Thai anti-stress massage techniques is what you need to rest after a long nervous strain, clearing from the effects of regular stressful situations. The procedure will strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure and, in the end, help to sleep normally and safely.

700 грн