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Cupping lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage in Kiev

  Professional vacuum lymphatic drainage massage in our salon "Elephant SPA" is performed using proven Thai techniques, special cans and high-quality aromatic oil.  Therapy is shown not only as a beauty procedure, allowing you to get rid of excess weight and external manifestations of cellulite.  Cupping massage is also recommended as an effective way of non-drug recovery.  

After the first session, lymphatic drainage massage has a positive effect on the whole body. Such a “restart” of the lymphatic drainage system stimulates the outflow of toxins, the removal of excess fluid, and optimizes metabolic processes.  You feel a surge of strength, uplifting, the disappearance of chronic fatigue.  We offer you to sign up for lymphatic drainage massage Kiev at a convenient time for you, given the fact that for greater effectiveness you will need to undergo a full course of procedures. 

 Cellulite can massage  

How does a cellulite cupping massage work?  Activation of the lymph, which occurs during the session, allows you to remove excess fluids and decay products from tissues naturally. The elimination of congestion by accelerating the circulation of the lymph flow cleanses the body at the cellular level, removing toxins and other "waste", while helping to get rid of cellulite.  
How is a canned massage effects for weight loss?  
When you get a vacuum can massage, the master after preliminary consultation determines how many sessions you will need to achieve the optimal result.  Then, in the absence of contraindications, the procedure begins, which consists of the following steps:  
1. The body is being prepared for massage - on the surface of the skin, in problem areas, aromatic oil is applied with light movements; 
 2. A warming Thai massage is carried out by stroking, rubbing, kneading, squeezing; 
 3. Next, the master proceeds to the main part and performs lymphatic drainage body massage using cans.  After the can is sucked in, it moves along the lines of the lymph flow in a certain sequence;  
4. The procedure ends with relaxing sliding strokes.  

Thanks to the vacuum created by the banks and the movements of the master along the massage lines, a lymphatic drainage effect occurs.  The output of toxins, excess fluid is activated.  Tissue stimulation triggers lipolysis - the breakdown of fats.  Therefore, the skin is toned, cellulite and excess fat disappear from the problem areas - hips, abdomen, buttocks, back. 

 After the session, you immediately feel lightness in the whole body, a surge of vital energy. Muscle tension, chronic pain disappears.  The skin becomes more elastic, toned, smooth. Vigor and good mood are also mandatory effects that a vacuum-can massage provides, performed by our certified masters. 

Indications for lymphatic drainage massage 

 There are a number of indications for massage, stimulating the movement of lymph in the body.  Among these conditions, there are:  
· Violation of the microcirculation of blood flow;  
· Lymph congestion;  
· The appearance of severe swelling;  
· Decrease in immunity; 
·  Insomnia, depression;  
· Obesity  Cellulite  ·    
· chronic fatigue; 
·  Violation of metabolic processes. 

 The proposed lymphatic drainage massage for weight loss is recommended not only in cases of extra pounds and pronounced cellulite.  Experts advise to undergo a course of such massages at least 1 time per year in order to prevent the appearance of obesity, “orange peel”.  Among the most pronounced visual effects of the procedure, it should be noted:
  · A significant decrease in volumes (on average not less than 3 cm per course); 
 · Smoothing the skin, getting rid of wrinkles;  
· Getting rid of edema;  
· Tightness, increase skin elasticity; 
 · Getting rid of stretch marks, striae; 
 · The appearance of more pronounced beautiful, embossed forms.
Please note that vacuum lymphatic drainage massage is not suitable for everyone.  There are several contraindications, the presence of which does not allow to attend canned massage sessions:  
Increased body temperature (fever); 
 Infectious diseases, including skin; 
 · Fresh fractures, wounds, burns, postoperative fistulas and sutures; 
 · diabetes;  
· Thrombosis  
· Exacerbation of chronic diseases. 

 Also, experts advise caution in applying lymphatic drainage massage Kiev to patients with closely located capillaries and fragile vessels.  In this case, the procedure can provoke the appearance of multiple bruises, microtraumas. 

 Massage for weight loss and cellulite  

A can anti-cellulite massage, which we invite you to our salon "Elephant", may be needed not only for those who are overweight.  Often, under the influence of the hormone estrogen, cellulite appears in slender girls.  The reasons for this are different: 
 · Sedentary lifestyle;
 · Sedentary work;  
· Metabolic disturbance;  
· Lack of proper nutrition;  
· Chronic fatigue;  
· Constant stress.  

Of course, lymphatic drainage massage Kiev will not help to instantly get rid of excess weight and “orange peel”.  You will need to take a course of procedures, as well as take care to exclude such negative factors: 
 · Bad habits (smoking, alcohol);  
 ·  overeating;  
 · Lack of exercise.
 If you combine a course of massages with training, diet and a healthy diet, then the results will not be long in coming.  Experience shows that within a month you will be substantially transformed, and your figure will acquire beautiful and fit forms.  

For lymphatic drainage massage, the price depends on the duration and number of sessions.  Price information is available on the Elephant SPA website.  Also, you can always check the cost with managers by contacting us in a convenient way.

Cupping lymphatic drainage massage

In the fight against excess weight, edema or cellulite, massage is an indispensable tool.  Lymphatic drainage massage helps to improve lymph circulation, stimulates the removal of toxins from tissues, eliminates puffiness and appearance of cellulite.  Also the massage can relieve tension from muscles, what is very useful for those who are actively involved in sports.

 Massage technology:

 ▪️ Oil is applied to problem areas and the procedure begins with a manual warming massage

 ▪️Next, begins the main stage of massage - using cups.  The cup is attached to the skin and gliding movements are performed in the direction of the lymph flow.

 We recommend to start the course with a 30-minute massage, increasing to 1 hour over time.  Massage should be done in a course of 10 to 20 procedures, taking breaks for 1-2 days.

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