The Buddha's Foot

Thai step massage

We invite every client who needs effective and safe anti-stress therapy, as well as normalization of blood supply and lymph flow to thai Step Massage. This procedure is performed by graduated specialists of our salon "Elephant", has a high efficiency in relation to getting rid of muscle clamps, nervous tension, insomnia.

Performing a foot massage on the back, the master carefully works through deep-seated skeletal muscles. This feature favors the removal of pain syndromes, while providing complete relaxation. The indications for attending sessions are various - depressive states, chronic fatigue, physical overwork after hard work, competitions.

To order the services of professional massage therapists, you just need to place an application directly on the salon website or contact us in a convenient way.

To inform about the cost of the procedure on the page are the prices for a standard foot massage:

  • With the possibility of choosing a master according to qualifications (graduate or TOP);
  • Determine the desired session duration (60, 90, 120 minutes);
  • Select the address of the location of the cabin and the time which is convenient for you.

Thai foot massage in Kiev

Barefoot massage is performed by kneading rotational or pressing movements to work out the whole body - back, arms, legs. In this case, the client fits on a special couch or mat. The duration of the procedure is determined individually, taking into account what indications you have for the massage technique.

Popular Thai Step massage is recommended in cases of:

  • Restore impaired blood circulation;
  • Reduce puffiness, remove congestion;
  • Remove muscle blocks, cramps, clamps.

After such a massage, the body is cleansed of negative energy, you feel a surge of vitality, pleasant relaxation, toning. Sessions are conducted by qualified professionals in Kiev. Pay attention to the possibility of implementing Thai massage at home.

The effectiveness of step massage

Professionally performed Thai back massage allows you to achieve positive results after the first session. You get a lot of positive emotions, as well as:

  • Anti-stress effect;
  • Removal of nervous, muscular tension;
  • Disposal of clips, blocks;
  • Normalization of lymph movement;
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and oxygen supply to tissues;
  • Start the process of self-regulation of the organism at the cellular level;
  • Increased resistance to viral, bacterial infections.

At the same time, body massage with feet is not recommended if you have the following contraindications:

  • SARS, fever;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Skin infections;
  • Recent surgeries, fractures, unhealed scars, fresh wounds;
  • Epilepsy;
  • mental disorders;
  • Pregnancy
  • oncological diseases;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Varicose veins.

If the listed contraindications are not about you, then we invite you to the Elephant Salon for a healing and pleasure-giving step massage. You can order services in Kiev through the website or by phone. The prices of the procedures are pleasing with the availability, and we do not limit you in time.

The Buddha's Foot

The procedure starts when the client lies down on the pad.  Master makes the massage with bare feet, carefully exploring the skeletal muscles that are deeply arranged.  Pressing and kneading movements by turns handle back, legs and arms.

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