Children's Thai massage

What is useful Thai massage for children?

Professional Thai massage is recommended for children for general recovery, stimulation of activity, getting rid of muscle clamps, stress and depression. Features of the procedure consist in a delicate effect on the body with careful and careful study of problem areas, careful stretching, kneading the joints. The technique of this massage does not include any strong twisting, pressing. Considering the advantages of the Thai technique, many parents turn to our Elephant Spa Salon if a child needs rehabilitation, psychological therapy or prophylaxis. Knowing the benefits of baby massage, you should not forget about possible contraindications. Therefore, before ordering the services of our masters, consult a doctor who observes the child. Session prices depend on the qualification of the masseur, the duration of the procedure.

Children's Thai massage in Kiev

Thai massage for children is performed in a relaxed atmosphere, loose-fitting clothes, on a soft mat. Pre-master meets with the child to establish contact and implement the session fun, at ease. The massage begins with warming up the muscles - working out of the back, shoulders, neck area, arms, legs. Painless, careful and measured movements knead joints, muscle tissue. The unique features of the procedure allow to work deeply laid muscles that are impossible to reach during normal massages. An experienced master not only processes muscle tissue, but also pays attention to special acupuncture points, energy channels passing through the entire body. The result of a professionally executed technique is a lot of positive effects, including:

  • Improving the tone of blood vessels;
  • Stimulation of lymph flow;
  • Increased activity;
  • Harmonization of blood pressure;
  • Increase the elasticity of ligaments, joints, cartilage;
  • Optimization of the work of internal organs and systems;
  • Increased immune resistance;
  • The development of stress resistance;
  • Getting rid of depression, sleep disorders;
  • Removal of muscle clamps;
  • General relaxation.


Despite the advantages of the proposed procedure, massage may be contraindicated in the child if you have the following diseases and conditions:

  • Infectious diseases, including skin diseases;
  • Fresh fractures, dislocations, wounds, postoperative sutures, fistulas;
  • Fever;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • Varicose veins.

You should also warn the master if the child has a violation of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, problems with blood pressure. It should be noted that food can be taken only 2 hours before the session and if you have to feed the child later, the masseur also needs to tell about this. If these contraindications are not available, then you can order the services of baby massage at any time. If necessary, check with our managers, what is useful for such a massage for your child, as well as the price of the procedure.

Children's Thai massage

Children's Thai massage - this is a specially developed technique of healing massage, gentle and gentle. An experienced master will get along very well with the child, and the massage will be fun and pleasant. The masseur will carefully warm the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, arms and legs, carefully stretch the joints apart, and also pay attention to the special energy points and channels that are responsible for the condition of the internal organs. As a result of Thai massage, the tone of blood vessels improves, a healthy blush breaks out, activity and a good mood increase!

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