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Thai massage with herbal pouches

How is hot herbal bag massage done?

Amazingly useful, as well as a very pleasant Thai massage with herbal pouches, is a kind of ritual based on the unique ancient traditions of the world-famous Oriental medicine. The peculiarity of this type of massage is the delicacy of the effect exerted on the body. Special bags filled with collecting healing aromatic herbs are used as compresses during the session and also as sources of herbal vapors for therapeutic inhalations.

The procedure is performed by pre-heated to a certain temperature bags with herbal, which are gently applied to different points of the body. In this case, the client lies on a specially prepared mat, and the session begins with a position on the abdomen. First of all, the back is worked out, then - shoulders, shoulder blades, arms. Then comes the turn of the hip part, the leg area, the foot. After that, the position changes - the client turns over on his back, and the treatment in the thighs occurs. The sequence of massage movements may vary depending on the individual state or the wishes of the client. To order professional massage services with herbal bags in Kiev, use the offers of our SPA salon "Elephant". Prices for the procedure depend on the qualifications of the chosen master, as well as on the duration of the session.

Thai massage with herbal bags in Kiev

Since ancient times, massage with hot herbal bags was considered a magical effect, and herbal recipes were considered “magic potions” and were kept in strict secrecy. With the help of such a massage even seriously ill patients could be healed.

patients, so the monks passed the secret compositions "from mouth to mouth." Today, these recipes are known to masters who carry out Thai massage bags. And anyone can use this procedure to:

  • Relieve stress, fatigue;
  • Get ​​complete relaxation, forget about the bustle of the metropolis;
  • Effectively improve your health.

Healing roots, flowers, fruits of herbs collected in special places and on certain days, give a terrific result of restoring health, getting rid of chronic diseases. In the course of the massage the master can give more attention to areas in which severe discomfort is experienced, unpleasant sensations.

Efficiency and benefits

Herbal bags that are used as herbal healing compresses, in addition to form herbal couples. The effectiveness of this therapy allows to obtain positive results with:

  • Chronic pain in the muscles, joints;
  • Allergic dermatitis, skin itching, rashes;
  • Respiratory diseases (cough);
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Stagnant processes;
  • CNS disorders (sleep problems, effects of stressful situations, depression, emotional fatigue).


It is worth considering that the massage, in the course of which bags with healing herbal preparations are applied, is not all that can be visited. You must first make sure that you do not have the following contraindications:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Fever;
  • Infectious diseases, including the skin;
  • Fresh fractures, open wounds, sprains, postoperative sutures;
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Oncology;
  • Diseases associated with impaired lymphatic system.

The proven benefits of herbal compress massage make the procedure popular and in demand. If you do not have these contraindications, then you can order the services of professional massage therapists at our Elephant Spa Salon in the capital now. Specify prices and convenient time by phone.

Thai massage with herbal pouches

One of the procedures is very pleasant and surprisingly useful - included in the complex of traditional Oriental medicine, which goes back to the roots, like most types of Thai massage for centuries.

Massage herbal sacs - almost a real ritual, like many types of Thai massage, based on the long tradition of Oriental medicine. Unlike traditional Thai massage, this procedure is softer and has a tremendous healing effect, helping with pains in the joints or muscles, as well as with colds.

Herbal compresses will find great use in allergies, removing itching and toning the skin in general, and fragrant couples of herbs inhaled by the client during a massage session will help get rid of a cough.

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