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Oil massage for pregnant

Thai oil massage for pregnant women

The massage with oil for pregnant women which  is offered in Elephant salon allows the expectant mother not just to get a pleasant relaxation, but also to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms associated with a special condition of the body, strengthen the immune system, get rid of insomnia, anxiety.  It is recommended to carry out the procedure in 2-3 trimester with the change of the massaged zones, as well as with the adaptation of the intensity of exposure to the gestational age.

The benefits of massage with oil are reflected both on the physical condition and on the emotional background.  Aromatic additives that have no harmful impurities and an unpleasant smell, have a calming effect on the nervous system of the woman in position, contribute to relaxation and attaining tranquility.  In addition, a positive effect on the state of the future mother also has a positive effect on the intrauterine development of the baby.

For the sessions, only high-quality hypoallergenic aromatic oil is used, which has no contraindications and is absolutely safe for pregnant women, as well as for the baby.  

Also today you can order Thai oil massage in Kiev in our salon.  Prices for the services of certified masters are listed for each procedure.

The effect of oil-massage for future mothers

Professional massage with oil during pregnancy, conducted by experienced professionals, is a universal remedy, saving you from many unpleasant symptoms and conditions that can occur throughout the entire period of gestation of the baby.  Signing up for an oil-massage is recommended for the following effects:

  • Reduction or complete removal of swelling that occurs in the region of the limbs;
  • Removing the clamps of muscles that occur throughout the body (lower back, sacrum, tail bone, neck, shoulders, ankle);
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin to avoid the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Prevention of headache, sleep disorders;
  • Improving mood, getting rid of chronic fatigue;
  • Prevent the appearance of cellulite;
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • Stimulation of lymph flow for the natural elimination of toxins;
  • Increase the body's resistance against bacteria, viruses.

In the course of the massage, the woman lies on her comfortable side and the master, with gentle, smooth movements, without strong pressing and twisting, works through the necessary zones.  The used essential oils soften the skin, provide soft gliding of the hands, cause pleasant sensations, and also saturate the skin with useful vitamins and minerals.

Oil massage for pregnant women in Kiev

It should be taken into account that the use of massage with oil is possible only in the absence of contraindications.  Therefore, before ordering the services of our masters, consult your doctor. Massage procedures are not allowed if a woman has:

  • Serious skin pathology;
  • Infectious, purulent diseases;
  • Bowel disorder;
  • heart diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Osteomyelitis.

If the Thai aroma oil massage is not contraindicated to you, you have no acute toxicosis or ARVI, and the gestation period is more than 3 months - we invite you for sessions at a convenient time.  You can sign up for a massage in Kiev to any of our masters by selecting a specialist from the ones offered on the Elephant website. Prices depend on the qualifications of the master, the duration of the session.  Please note - you can order a Thai massage at home.



Oil massage for pregnant

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