Massage "Touching a melting candle"

Aroma candle massage

Sensual massage with hot candles offered in our salon “Elephant” is a unique combination of aromatherapy, energy of color, SPA-body care. The procedure, during which the master uses natural oils and valuable bee wax, promotes intensive hydration, nutrition, regeneration of skin. After the ritual of hot scented candles is performed, you will find a state of relaxation, and the skin becomes soft, velvety. Professional massage with candles affects several senses simultaneously - tactile, sensory, olfactory. For the massage we use candles of Ukrainian brand Glasslight Candle Factory. The composition of candles for aromatherapy includes high-quality natural ingredients - soy wax and oils to moisturize and soften the skin during massage, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation and mood.

Today yoy can order massage services with SPA candles provided by certified specialists of our salon in Kiev. The prices will please you with availability, and professional performance of the procedure will give:

  • The expected positive effect;
  • Exceptionally vivid impressions;
  • Great mood;
  • Charge of vital energy.

Massage with candles in Kiev

If you get to the session for the first time, then you should not worry that a melting candle massage can cause any discomfort - the melting point of wax is low and your skin is not exposed to burns. Candles are made without paraffin, only from natural ingredients (soy, natural oils), therefore under the influence of elevated temperature, they turn into a real balm and, after being applied on the body, are almost completely absorbed. Warm wax massage is a popular procedure for SPA salons, practiced for rejuvenating and regenerating skin care. The effectiveness of technology is positively manifested both on the physical and on the emotional level. Unobtrusive and pleasant aroma of the candle provides deep relaxation, eliminating stress and depression, nervous tension.

Indications for visiting this type of massage are different:

  • Age-related skin changes (wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging);
  • Loss of elasticity, naturalness of color, violation of water balance skin integument;
  • Insomnia;
  • Overstrain (physical, nervous);
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Loss of performance;
  • Decrease in vitality.

The benefits of warm candle massage

Using a warm candle massage can be used to obtain positive results in various cases, and the indications for attending sessions can relate to both physical fitness and morale. The benefits of aromatherapy procedures are as follows:

  • Full relaxation is achieved;
  • The massage movements remove clips of muscular tissues;
  • Thanks to the effects of aroma additives, there is a calm, stress is removed;
  • Skin is enriched with healing vitamins, minerals, smoothes, becomes soft, silky.

After the first session, you feel a pleasant relaxation, and the skin is noticeably transformed. Massage with a candle with aromatic additives produces a miraculous effect, eliminates fatigue, gives the harmony of the soul, renewing vitality.


High efficiency of the procedure, safety allow using the technique for women, men without age restrictions. However, there are contraindications that do not allow for a massage with a SPA-candle. You should refuse to attend sessions if you have the following diseases and conditions:

  • The presence of purulent lesions, fresh wounds or scars, infections;
  • SARS, fever;
  • Pregnancy (1st trimester);
  • Malignant tumors;
  • Epilepsy;
  • mental disorders;
  • Allergic to components of aromatic candles.

You can order services in Kiev through the salon website or by phone. To clarify the price, select the category of masseur (graduate or TOP-master), decide on the duration of the session, time of visiting the salon or the need for a massage at home.


Massage "Touching a melting candle"

Massage with an aromatic candle is a very pleasant and elegant procedure, aimed at nourishing and moisturizing the skin. The procedure is special for both the soul and the body. The maximum effect and comfort is achieved due to the fact that warm oil is constantly applied to the body.
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