Slim massage

Thai slim massage in Kiev

The main purpose of this service, such as Thai slimming massage, is to get rid of excess fat. In essence, the technique is an anti-cellulite massage, during which local fat accumulations are effectively removed. Moreover, the excess fat tissue, disappearing due to the precise and verified efforts of the hands of an experienced master, leaves the most problematic areas - zones in the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, and back. The advantages of the procedure lie in the effectiveness of getting rid of unwanted pounds without the need to adhere to strict diets, as well as intense daily workouts in the gym. Also, you do not have to resort to the help of plastic surgeons to correct the form and remove the "orange peel" for a long time. The elasticity of the skin increases, and with weight loss such defects as stretch marks are not formed. To order slim in Kiev, you just need to take advantage of the offers of our specialized SPA salon "Elephant". The prices are listed on our website and depend on the qualifications of the professional you decide to trust, as well as on the duration and number of sessions you need. Call if you need advice.

The effectiveness and benefits of anti-cellulite massage

Conducting a Thai slim massage, the master can actively work with those areas that in your case are the most significant. Correction of the figure is achieved by energetic pats, diligent kneading, rubbing. Under the hands of an experienced masseur, the extra layer of fat literally melts away from session to session, becoming smaller and completely disappearing after completing the full course. The procedure itself is similar to the traditional Thai technique. It begins from studying the body with a position on the stomach. After that, the problem areas are massaged in a supine position. First, there is a preparation for intensive study - the body is warmed up by sliding soft movements. Then, the main part of the procedure is performed, aimed at removing fat, removing toxins, increasing the elasticity of the skin. The massage ends with light relaxing strokes.

As it is already mentioned, after losing weight, the skin does not sag, and stretch marks do not appear - elasticity rises, and the restored forms delight by their firmness. The figure becomes attractive even without liposuction. The benefits of anti-cellulite massage are not only reflected in physical transformation. The proven effectiveness extends to the emotional state of the patient. Indications for this type of impact on the body are diverse. You can sign up for slim, if required:

  • Reduce the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • Activate lymphatic flow;
  • Normalize blood circulation;
  • Make correction without surgical intervention;
  • Enhance the dermis;
  • Optimize metabolism;
  • Stimulate muscle tone;
  • Eliminate puffiness;
  • Feel a pleasant relaxation and a surge of vitality.


Given that the slim procedure is highly effective, there are some contraindications that do not allow the use of this technique. Among such:

  • Infectious diseases, including skin diseases;
  • Fever;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Pregnancy
  • Oncology;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Fresh fractures, postoperative stitches, fistulas;
  • Vascular diseases;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Varicose veins.

If there are no negative factors and excluding readings, then we suggest you to order the services of a professional specialist in the capital at a convenient time. At any time, you can check prices and arrange the visit to salon or to call the masseur to home, or office.


Slim massage

The client lies on the pad. The massage begins with the treatment of the body when the customer lies on the stomach .  Master’s movements  consist of energetic rubbing, kneading, plopping.  Then the client lays on his back and  after this problem areas with cellulite and excess fat deposits are massaged.  The procedure is completed with light strokes.

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