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Spa relax for couple

SPA for couples

 How to arrange for your soulmate an unforgettable romantic date or a creative birthday, if a banal trip to a restaurant or a movie is no longer interesting?  It's simple!  We invite you to our salon “Elephant” for spa for couples.  This can be an exclusive SPA evening for two or a SPA day spa salon - your every desire will become a reality.

 A meeting held in a luxurious setting, with scented candles, pleasant music, subdued lighting, as well as in combination with treatment programs and professional Thai massage you will not forget under any circumstances!  All that is required of you is to choose a complex of services and arrange sessions for the time that suits you.

 Any procedure or a comprehensive program offered by our specialized salon can be included in the SPA for two.  It should be mentioned that not only couples who want to have an exclusive romantic date can come to us.  A spa for two is a universal offer that is suitable as a pleasant and rewarding pastime for mother and daughter, friends, and colleagues.

SPA for two in Kiev

 Already today, we offer to appoint your lady or gentleman an exclusive date or to make a gift to friends by ordering a romantic spa for two in the capital.  The program will include:

  • Stylish design of the room using themed decor;
  • Massage with aromatic oils for 1.5 hours.

 If you want to diversify the program, for an additional fee, you can always choose any salon procedure for wrapping, scrubbing, or replace aroma massage with another type of Thai massage (stretching, foot massage, oil, with candles, Buddha's Foot, slim, massage with stones, herbal bags  antistress).  Also, your date in a spa for two can be varied:

  • Peeling using scrub (herbal, coconut, chocolate, fruit);
  • Wrapping (wine, chocolate, gold, blue, white, green or black clay);
  • A visit to the hammam.

 In the process of carrying out the procedures included in your SPA for two Kiev, the masters will take into account the individual features.  For women, the massage will be more delicate and sensual, for men - more intense.  High efficiency of care programs will be provided:

  • The professionalism of our graduates;
  • Using traditional methods, innovative techniques with proven performance and safety;
  • Using only high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics.

Aroma massage for two: effectiveness and procedure steps

 The popularity of such a spa procedure as aroma massage is caused by many positive factors, including:

  • Activation of the natural processes of rejuvenation of the body;
  • Smoothing the skin, restoring lost elasticity;
  • Stimulation of vital energy, increasing the tone;
  • Removal of muscle squeezing, overstrain;
  • Relaxation, relief from stress, depression;
  • Normalization of blood circulation;
  • Elimination of acne;
  • Contribute to getting rid of cellulite, excess fat and not only.

 The effectiveness of this SPA procedure for two is reflected simultaneously on three levels - emotional, physical and psychological.  Also, the effectiveness of technology is the perfect harmonization of sensations and thoughts.

What is an aromatherapy massage?

 The standard procedure is as follows:

  1. You lie on your stomach, the master begins to massage your back. The movements are slow, smooth, without strong and intense pressure;
  2. Next, the massaging movements go to the hands, the neck area;
  3. After this, the massage is continued by thorough processing of the legs;
  4. Then you are turned over onto your back, and the master, using sliding techniques, massages your body from the feet to the belly, chest.

 Aromatic oils, necessary for the massage, are selected for customers individually, depending on the wishes and testimony.  After the session, you feel calm, full of tranquility, the skin "breathes", and the feeling of incomparable bliss spreads throughout your body.  And it is precisely these feelings that make a romantic date in a spa unforgettable!

The price of a spa massage for two

 Do you already want to order a spa for two in our salon "Elephant"?  Then all that is required is to inform us of your desire by phone or via the website.  We will clarify:

  • At what time it is convenient for you to hold a meeting;
  • What procedures you want to include in the program;
  • The master of which category will serve you (graduate or TOP);
  • How many masters will carry out the massage (for example, you can order a massage service in 4 hands).

 The total cost will depend on the list of services included in the spa package for two.  Would you like to get additional advice - just call our managers.

Spa relax for couple

The program includes:

- Room decoration

- Aroma massage 1.5 hours

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