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Date in Thailand

Romantic date in Thailand including SPA

If you want to surprise and please your soul mate with something special and at the same time useful, we suggest ordering a SPA date for couple in our Elephant SPA salon.  The romantic atmosphere of Thailand with scented candles, pleasant and relaxing music, beautiful flowers awaits you.  A SPA program for couple has been created and it is popular among lovers, married couples.  The duration of the procedure is at least an hour and a half, and if you wish, you can extend the session.

How does the date at spa go?

A romantic SPA session for two begins with a body scrub to cleanse and velvety skin.  For the procedure, high-quality professional cosmetics are used.  The effectiveness of scrubbing is felt almost immediately - the skin becomes silky and hydrated.  Scrubbing also helps to activate the natural process of cell regeneration.  The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

The next stage of the program is aroma massage.  The massage begins with a prone position.  The master thoroughly massages the back, neck area, arms and legs.  Then you are turned over onto your back, and, starting from the legs, the massage continues towards the stomach and chest.  The oil that is needed during the session is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the client.  During the massage, you feel:

  • relaxation, as if plunging into a sweet doze;
  • a surge of vitality;
  • removal of blocks and clamps.

The aroma massage takes about an hour.  During a date at the spa, you can try hot herbal drinks, which help to improve your emotional and physical well-being.

After the program of the session, you notice how the pains from the area of ​​the legs, neck, back, which haunted you, go away, your mood rises.  The combination of this effect with the atmosphere of romance in Thailand has a beneficial effect on relationships, awakens sensuality between lovers.  The price of the service is quite reasonable, and for relatively little money you get a unique date that has no analogues.

How to book a romantic date at the spa?

To arrange an unforgettable meeting, diversify relationships, add new notes of romance and sensuality to them, order a SPA for two in the Elephant SPA at a  convenient for you time. Choose the master and the address of the salon in Kiev.  The cost of a date in Thailand will depend on how long the program will take and which masters will conduct the sessions - TOP Master, Certified Master

Date in Thailand

The program includes:

- Room decoration

- Scrub 30 min

- Aroma massage 1 hour

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