Thai hand massage

Hand massage in Kiev According to Eastern teachings, on hands, palms, fingers, as well as throughout the body, there are special reflex points associated with the internal organs and systems of a person. The correct effect on these points contributes to the improvement of the condition, general recovery and relaxation. Professional hand massage offered by our SPA salon "Elephant" is an effective method of stimulating and maintaining the health of the whole body.Properly performed massage for the hands provides an effect at once on several levels - physiological and emotional. Accurate study of the skin, all muscles, joints and tendons, contributes not only to relaxation, relieve muscle fatigue and eliminate clamps. After the procedure is completed, the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic and toned.Why do we recommend combining hand massage with other types of Thai massage? It is all about increasing the effectiveness of combined sessions, providing a more pronounced positive effect on the body, nervous system and internal organs. But if you want to pay attention only to the hands, palms, fingers, you can always sign up for the procedure at time convenient for you, in Kiev.

How does the procedure goes?

Hand massage begins with warming up the body, light stroking movements. Further, the intensity increases, light movements turn into rubbing, tingling, patting, pressing, tapping the ribs of the palms of the hands, vibration. The hands are worked out gradually and completely - the reflex points of the shoulder area, forearm, the fingers are massaged, the zones between the fingers are developed on the inner and outer surfaces of the palms.Acupressure of the hands lasts 30 minutes, but on the recommendation of the master or if you wish, you can increase the duration of the session. The procedure ends with slow motion, stroking. If you order a hand massage (Kiev) along with another type of Thai massage, then the session continues with the transition to the study of other parts of the body (head, neck, back, legs).

The benefits of hand massage

Professional hand massage helps to cope with the following types of ailments and disorders of the body: • preventing the occurrence of arthritis due to the careful study of not only bones and joints, but also blood vessels; • getting rid of pain caused by salt deposits, muscle clamps; • restoration of motor function during sprains, other injuries, healed fractures; • increase the elasticity of muscle tissues, ligaments; • stimulation of lymph outflow and reduction of swelling; • activation of blood flow, prevention of thrombosis; • getting rid of sagging skin and cellulite, increasing tone; • increased growth of healthy, strong nails.

When is hand massage required?

Thai massage for hands and nails is useful in many cases and is especially recommended: • office staff during sedentary work (at the computer, processing documents); • drivers (truckers); • professional athletes; • young mothers who carry babies in their arms; • masters of manicure, whose work is associated with constant tension of the hands, hands and fingers; • seamstresses, cutters; • artists and other professionals whose activities involve the use of hands.Hand massage, the benefits of which extend to many professions, allows you quickly and effectively get rid of pain in the shoulders, neck, spine, as well as in the hands themselves. If you attend a finger massage, you will be able to prevent the early appearance of arthritis and related diseases.Among the positive effects of the procedure are noted: • improvement of well-being; • uplifting; • charge of energy and vigor; • getting rid of stress, tension, excessive fatigue.

Thai hand massage by professionals

In our Elephant SPA salon, Thai hand massage is carried out by professional-level masters with the appropriate qualifications and diplomas, vast experience and invaluable skills. Therefore, each procedure provides the client with maximum satisfaction, provides exceptional benefits for physical and psychological health.A relaxing hand massage provides more than relaxation. Due to the impact on certain acupuncture points, during the session you can achieve directional effects, such as: • establishment of the liver, respiratory system due to massage of the thumb; • providing a positive effect on the work of the stomach, gall bladder by stimulating points on the index finger; • improvement of the circulatory system by massage of the middle finger; • beneficial effect on the central nervous system through the ring finger (getting rid of depression and stress, constant fatigue syndrome, insomnia, stimulation of mental processes); • the work of the small intestine is optimized by massaging the little finger; • study of the middle part of the palm reduces the heartbeat, improves mood, relaxes.In addition to targeted effects, classic hand massage improves oxygenation - supplying oxygen to each cell of the body. This feature helps to accelerate regeneration processes, natural rejuvenation, increase immune resistance.Hand massage with anti-cellulite effect It is known that the age of a woman can be determined by the state of her hands. In addition, the skin on the hands wrinkles over time, loses elasticity, unaesthetic sagging appears on the inside of the upper areas. Professional hand massage Kiev helps to deal with such defects. Hand massage is also effective for weight loss.Such a massage of hands is recommended in combination with anti-cellulite procedures - Thai massage, body wraps, a visit to the Turkish hammam. The passage of a course prescribed by a specialist guarantees a significant reduction in weight without the appearance of stretch marks, sagging skin. A noticeable weight loss of the hands is observed after 3-4 procedures, but it should be noted that the effectiveness of the massage will depend not only on the efforts and professionalism of the master, but also on the following factors: • individual characteristics of your body; • health conditions; • lifestyle (playing sports, gymnastics, dieting, lack of bad habits); • the amount of extra pounds.Having a course of hand massages, you will get positive effects associated with both your beauty and your emotional and physical condition. Thanks to the use of the best Thai massage techniques, as well as the work of the certified masters of our Salon "Elephant" salon, your skin on your hands will smooth out, acquire a beautiful natural color, excitement and fatigue will go away, your muscles will relax, you will forget about chronic pain and a constant feeling of stress.To sign up for a hand massage, you just need to contact us in a convenient way. You can do this by phone or through the online form available on the Elephant SPA website. Departure of the master is also possible for massage at home, in the office, at trainings and seminars.

Thai hand massage

For a long time working with people, we realized that a common problem in our society is the effects of sitting in an office, at the computer, spending a lot of time driving. As a consequence, there are constant tension in the hands, which is poorly reflected in health and health, there are neck, shoulder, spine pain.

And we know that Thai hand massage will help. Our masters have improved the technique of performing this type of massage and now we can distinguish it into a full service.

For best results, we recommend combining Thai hand massage with anti-stress back massage and after a few sessions you will feel new

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