Thai foot massage


It is an ancient and very popular form of massage in southeast Asia. Masters of Thai massage believe that the feet are the "energy gate" of the body, because on the plantar surface there is a huge number of receptors that are not involved in people who move little without shoes. These receptors are designed by nature itself to harmonize the central nervous system and reflexively affect its activity.
Closed and tense stops lead to bad health, depression and in the future to various health problems. In addition, it is believed that a good massage is impossible without the "opening" of the feet.
Many world health centers use Thai foot massage in their therapeutic programs, as it effectively affects the internal organs and systems of the body. At the same time this massage is safe and has practically no contraindications.


The impact in Thai foot massage occurs through the reflex points and foot zones associated with the activity of the body's organs and systems, and therefore the procedure gives a large number of diverse and beautiful sensations, while the client often feels as if the effect occurs on the entire body.
The zones of tension and compaction of the soft tissues of the foot indicate the presence of any problem in the organs or body systems corresponding to this area. It is due to the presence of such stresses that an experienced Thai massage expert can diagnose the body's condition and determine which organs and body systems need increased attention.
Thai masters are well versed in various ways of influencing the feet, working with phalanges and pads of the fingers, with the fist and the base of the palm. Also in massage a special stick for foot massage is used.


The master with the help of fingers and a special stick for foot massage, gently and effectively debugs the work of the entire body, acting on the biologically active points of the foot - the projection of organs and systems of the human body.
Begins foot massage traditionally with the procedure of washing the feet. In Thailand, this is a kind of traditional ritual, which carries a multitude of cultural meanings. Thus, the master seems to show his respect and disposition towards the client.
After sliding, superficial movements, prepares stops for reflex massage. Then the master performs stretching movements, acting on the ligamentous apparatus of the foot. And, starting from the pads of the fingers, sinking to the heel and rising up the shin almost to the knee, pressing and deep pressing movements process the reflex points of the foot. The massage of the feet ends again with sliding movements of the palms along the entire surface of the feet.


In order to be convinced of the miraculous effect of the foot massage, you need to take massage courses from 8-10 procedures. But even one procedure will significantly improve your state of health, bring a stock of positive emotions, give vivacity and energy.


  • Strengthens the functions of internal organs and body systems
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves the activity of the central nervous system (improves sleep, eliminates the effects of stress, stimulates brain activity, improves memory)
  • Strengthens blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Harmonizes blood pressure
  • Emotional impact - improving the sense of support, self-confidence


  • Pregnancy
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Phlebeurysm
  • Massage in the presence of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, blood pressure disorders and diabetes has its own characteristics and therefore it is necessary to warn about them beforehand. So hurry to experience these unforgettable sensations!

Thai foot massage in Kiev and Lviv

One of the most pleasant and wellness treatments offered by our Elephant Spa is a Thai foot massage. The effectiveness of this technique, proven over the centuries, helps to cope with many chronic diseases, as well as painful conditions. It is customary to use Thai foot massage if you need to remove puffiness, get rid of insomnia, headache. The benefit of this procedure is also observed in case of violations of the cardiovascular system. Massage is performed using a special stick. The main impact is on the projection of the internal systems and organs - acupuncture points. Traditionally, the session begins with washing the feet. Next, the legs are prepared for the massage by soft and gliding smoothing. After that, tensile movements are performed to heat the ligaments. Then, finger pads, toes, the inside of the feet, heels, and gastrocnemius are worked through. The session ends with a surface smoothing. Properly performed Thai reflex foot massage has practically no serious contraindications, therefore, it is a universal remedy for healing many ailments for clients with various symptoms and dysfunctions. Order the services of our masters in Kiev, in Lviv, you can at a convenient time. The cost of the sessions is quite acceptable and depends on what masseur the qualification you trust and how long the procedure will continue.

Foot massage efficiency

World-famous Thai foot massage originated in ancient Asia and still does not lose its relevance. It is believed that the feet are an energy mirror of a person and, according to their condition, the experienced master immediately determines which internal organs and systems are currently problematic. Professional foot massage stimulates the receptors located on the feet, relieves tension and squeezing. Due to this effect, the work of the nervous system, as well as the whole organism, is improved. The effectiveness of the Thai foot massage allows you to cope with many diseases and negative conditions. Experts recommend this procedure, if required:

  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Stimulate the work of internal organs;
  • Remove depressions, the effects of stress;
  • Get ​​rid of sleep disorders;
  • Normalize blood flow, lymph movement;
  • Normalize blood pressure;
  • Improve mental processes;
  • Increase self-confidence;
  • To harmonize the emotional state.

The tangible benefits of massage are observed already after the 1st session, but to increase the effectiveness and prolonged consolidation of the obtained effect, at least 8-10 procedures are recommended.

Indications and Contraindications

You should definitely sign up for a foot massage if you want to recharge your life energy, get rid of feelings of emotional exhaustion and chronic fatigue, as well as chronic pain. But it is worth refusing the procedure if there are the following contraindications:

  • Infectious diseases, including skin;
  • Feverish conditions;
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Pregnancy (1st trimester);
  • Epilepsy;
  • Oncology.

You should also warn the master of the problems with the cardiovascular system, diabetes, blood pressure disorders. If these contraindications are not available, then you can order the services of professional massage therapists of our salon in the capital or in Lviv today. The cost of the session is affordable and you can agree on the procedure at home, in the office.

Thai foot massage

One of the most pleasant and relaxing procedures, with a considerable useful effect. Relieves foot fatigue and swelling, normalizes blood pressure, relieves headaches and insomnia. Foot massage is applicable for everyone, since it has practically no contraindications. So hurry to experience these unforgettable sensations!

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