Oil massage


Oil massage strengthens the current of body fluids and is a technique of vascular and drainage orientation. Oil massage increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow and movement of intercellular fluid, thereby enhancing metabolism and immunity. Oil massage also enhances the activity of the kidneys and excretory system and the urge to urinate is a characteristic feature of oil massage. Oil massage also enhances bronchopulmonary circulation, increasing ventilation of the lungs and their uniform blood supply, and intestinal peristalsis and the functioning of endocrine glands also increase.

The main task of the oil massage is to create the most favorable opportunities for using the healing properties of aromatic oils. activation of the lymphatic system, increased local circulation, increased metabolic processes, a relaxing effect of the central nervous system.

Since ancient times people have used the healing effects of aromatic oils. Each oil affects different levels on our body and mind, the activity of the organs and systems of the body, strengthening the different sides of the character, changing the emotional state.

In the east, it is common to combine the activities of internal organs and body systems with those corresponding to these organs, emotional states and social activity. Such correspondence is associated with the affiliation of these systems to one energy center or chakra, which combines the emotional, psychic and physiological responses of our body. The effect of aromatic oils in eastern medicine is also commonly divided into effects on certain energy centers or chakras.

For example, sandalwood oil enhances the activity of the svadhistan chakra, improves the activity of the genitourinary system, cleans and relieves inflammation of the kidneys, strengthens the potency, reduces frigidity, is used in chest infections, bronchitis and other lung diseases, strengthens the body's immune system. It is also effective in varicose veins, strengthens blood vessels, restores the health of the hair, optimizes the circulation of the scalp, removes dry dandruff, increases the elasticity of the skin, smooths the mesh wrinkles around the eyes. Rejuvenates, refreshes, brightens, tones up the skin, eliminates flabbiness and vagueness of the contours of the face and body. Eliminates coarsening and inflammation of the skin, restoring its pristine elasticity. Eliminates acne, eczematous and allergic dermatitis, itching of the skin. Also sandalwood oil is very relaxing, relieves stress and anxiety. It has a sedative rather than an exciting effect. Allows you to cope with obsessive states. Eliminates tearfulness, insomnia, astheno-depressive syndrome, neurotic loss of voice and difficulty swallowing.

In the Oyl-massage are used soft sliding massaging movements. The effect occurs throughout the body and has a lymphatic orientation. Oil massage is performed in a smooth, slow pace, without strong pressure on the muscles, as this can lead to stress and narrowing of the vessels.

Massage begins in the supine position from the back area, then they work with the collar zone and hands, then they go to their feet. Then the client is turned over on his back and from his feet are lifted by long sliding techniques up to the stomach and chest.

The basic technique and technique of oil massage usually remains unchanged. Change only aromamasla, selected for each specific case.

After the massage, there is a state of calmness and harmony. In accordance with the influence of the aroma you choose, your emotional and physical state will change.

Taking Oil massage, you can use the amazing properties of oils, which are a natural and safe effect.


  • General improvement of peripheral circulation and lymph flow
  • Harmonization of body blood pressure
  • Relaxation of the central nervous system
  • Increase in the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of joints, muscles and membranes of internal organs
  • Strengthening the functions of internal organs
  • Improving mental processes, increasing memory, speed of thinking
  • Increased resistance to stressful conditions
  • Strengthening immunity


  • Feverish states
  • Acute forms of diseases
  • Fresh fractures of the bones of the body
  • Fresh damage to the joints
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Phlebeurysm


The work of the masters after 22:00 is paid at a double rate, promotions and discounts do not apply.

Oil massage

Oil massage is an ancient kind of massage, used for harmonization and treatment of the body with the help of natural oils. Oil massage is characterized by soft, smooth, sliding movements, covering the whole body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head.

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