Spa treatments

 Spa treatments

Spa relax for couple

The program includes:- Room decoration- Aroma massage 1.5 hours

3,000 грн

Thai massage for a couple

The complex includes:- room decoration- thai traditional massage 1 hour- foot massage 30 min

2,500 грн

Turkish Hamam

Plunge yourself in a world of unforgettable emotions with the Elephant Spa. Identifying feature of  hammam in Elephant Spa is that the procedure is carried out by masters from Thailand. Our hammam integrates Turkish culture and Thai philosophy. We created an exclusive procedure in order to take care of you. Hammam in Elephant Spa is not just the best procedure for getting rid of physical and emotional fatigue - this is a paradise in which the soul and body are in harmony. The procedure of Turkish hamam has been long considered to be the best means of rejuvenation and recovery. The peculiarity of the Turkish bath is not a high temperature up to 45 degrees and a high level of humidity. Such a bath perfectly suits everyone, even people who do not tolerate high temperatures.

1,800 грн

Perfect Date

How do you imagine a perfect date?Today is the time to drop all boring stereotypes and fill your life with new sensations. Romantic date is no longer a banal trip to a concert or dinner in a restaurant. The perfect date is a SPA for two.Salon Elephant Spa will help you organize an unforgettable event. You can choose any massage or Spa program for two, our graduate masters will help you relax and plunge into the world of harmony and relaxation. We will create for you an aura of romance and sensuality.Romantic twilight, flickering candles, soft music, a chic bouquet of flowers will make your spa date unforgettable.The program includes:- design of the spa room- bouquet of flowers- a choice of any massage 1.5 hours

4,500 грн


The first procedures for skin cleansing in history originated in ancient Egypt. Higher levels of society used to cleanse the skin of pumice and alabaster. Since then, many properties of minerals and plants have been used to purify the skin. On the surface of the skin's epithelium, the horny dying cells permanently exfoliate, so there is a need for skin cleansing, at least once a week, with age, the urgency of the sabotage procedure increases. In the skin cleansing procedure, a peeling cream is used, which includes wheat germ oil, vitamin e, laminaria extract, moisturizing algal complex and exfoliating particles. Cream peeling gently cleanses the skin, promotes skin regeneration, nourishes and moisturizes it, stimulating blood circulation.

700 грн

Spa program "Coconut Nouage"

Steaming in the hammam (20 min.)Coconut Scrub (20 min.)Foam massage (20 min.)Aroma massage with coconut oil (1.5 hours)

2,500 грн

SPA-care «Thai Legend»

The combination of cleansing and nourishment is the guarantee of the beauty of your skin. Spa-care "Thai Legend" includes the following stages: peeling - scrub and unforgettable Aroma Oil massage with the use of natural oils from Thailand. The microelements that make up the peelings penetrate into the tissues, and together with a gentle and light massage activate the metabolism, strengthen the microcirculation of blood and lymph in the superficial and deeper layers of the skin, renewing its regeneration. The effects of the procedure: stress relief, relaxation, emotional recovery. Magnificent Spa care and an unforgettable gift!

1,800 грн

Spa program "Flowers of the islands"

Steaming in the hammam (20 min.)Scrub "Lemon Flower" (20 min.)Foam massage (20 min.)Massage "Touching a melting candle" (1.5 hours)

2,500 грн

Gold wrapping

This procedure is designed for skin rejuvenation and weight loss. Has a powerful pulling action, enriches the skin with nutrients. You will love your new elastic, velvety skin and unique shine! Enjoy truly royal pleasure!

2,500 грн

Wine rejuvenation

The procedure is designed to rejuvenate the skin and increase elasticity. Has a pronounced tightening and regenerating effect. Intensively removes puffiness and renews skin cells. Aligns the relief, sculptures the silhouette. This procedure will give you an extraordinarily elastic skin!

2,500 грн

Spa care "White Chocolate"

Chocolate wrap is a very pleasant, effective and fragrant spa procedure. A mask of chocolate is applied to the skin in combination with coconut and essential oils of patchouli and ylang ylang, which effectively nourish and moisturize your skin (suitable for sensitive skin). Essential oils regain strength and raise the tone of the body, the skin after the procedure becomes supple and smooth, and retains the cosmetic effect for a long time. The procedure relaxes well and helps to relieve stress.

2,000 грн

Detox procedure "Chocolate PARADISE"

- steaming in the hammam (20 min.)- Scrub the chocolate (20 min.)- Chocolate wrap (30 min.)- Chocolate aroma massage (1.5 hours)Terms of use: The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and is not refundable.

2,500 грн