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Spa  procedure "Chocolate PARADISE"

Chocolate wrap is the best way to relax

 The cozy atmosphere, the beautiful aroma of chocolate, pleasant sensations during the wrapping process - all this really helps to calm nerves, distract from the pressing problems, overcome depression.  Therefore, if you want to benefit from health and body, as well as a pleasant relaxation from the salon care, then the chocolate wrap will be a good choice.

 The secret of the effectiveness of the procedure is based on the properties of the chocolate itself, which contains:

  • Vitamins of group B, PP;
  • Provitamin A;
  • Microelements (iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium);
  • Vegetable proteins;

The process of wrapping, the beneficial substances that are part of the cocoa beans, have an active biological effect - raise the mood, give a sense of happiness, the tide of forces.

 The main indications for wrapping chocolate are following:

  • Flabbiness, aging skin aging, dryness;
  • Pigmentary stains, acne rash;
  • Stress conditions, insomnia;
  • Disturbance of blood circulation;
  • Increased body weight, cellulite.

 In addition, the chocolate mix allows you to achieve such effects as increasing the elasticity of the skin with the activation of collagen production, noticeable rejuvenation, improved metabolism, tonic and anti-stress effects.

 There are also some contraindications, the presence of which prevents the procedure:

  • Allergy to chocolate;
  • Gynecological diseases;
  • Varicose veins


 If you have chronic cardiovascular disease (not in the acute stage), then you can use a hot wrap with a chocolate mixture in certain areas of the body.

What is Chocolate Wrap in the Elephant Salon?

 If you decide to visit the chocolate wrap in the cabin, then be sure that you will get unforgettable pleasure and very effective care.  The Detox program that is offered in Elephant includes the following procedures:

  • Preparation of the body with a harbor in the hammam (purification, opening of pores);
  • Application of a chocolate scrub to remove from the surface of the skin the keratinized particles, the remaining contaminants, and fat;
  • Wrap using high quality cosmetic chocolate;
  • Relaxing aroma massage with the use of special chocolate cosmetics (aroma oils).

 The whole program for the body lasts about 3 hours, and during this time you have time to completely relax, enjoy the hot wrap, and the skin - to drink with useful substances, to smooth out.


Anti-cellulite chocolate wrap

 High levels of caffeine in chocolate is a factor in accelerating the digestion of fats in cells.  This type of wraps is used in salon procedures for weight loss, relieving the body from cellulite.  Chocolate wrap:

  • Has a lipolytic effect;
  • Activates lymph flow;
  • Reduces the amount of fatty deposits in specific areas;
  • Promotes the removal of swelling, the withdrawal of toxins;
  • Has antioxidant effect (protects skin from aging at the cellular level);
  • Helps to remove stretch marks.


Chocolate Wrap Price

 In order to carry out a complex Detox procedure, our salon uses the best chocolate cosmetics, and skilled masseuses work with clients.  The price of the service includes the cost of cosmetics and consumables, as well as prices for the work of specialists.


Chocolate wrap in the salon or at home?

 Can I do chocolate wrapping at home?  This is perfectly feasible if the necessary conditions exist for:

  • Pre-steaming the body;
  • Scrubbing;
  • Preparation of chocolate mixture and uniform application to body parts that need it;
  • Wrapping the body in a special film;
  • Massage with aromatic oils.

 Of course, it is impossible to compare home care with a salon.  The effectiveness of the procedure carried out in "Elephant" is much higher.  The atmosphere in which you are wrapping, adjusts to relax.  Certified masters conduct the treatment of the body with maximum benefit, and professional cosmetics provide the enrichment of the skin with vitamins, minerals.

 If you decide to please yourself with a popular and useful salon care, then you can order the Detox “Chocolate delight” procedure at a convenient time for you.  To do this, please contact us by phone or send a request through the site.

Spa procedure "Chocolate PARADISE"

The first stage of the program is preparatory steaming in the hammam.  Then there is a peeling of the entire body with a luxurious chocolate scrub.  After the customer has a stage of chocolate wrap, in process of which each cell of the body is enriched with important trace elements.  Next - incredible chocolate aroma massage from a certified masters

- steaming in the hammam (20 min.)

- Scrub the chocolate (20 min.)

- Chocolate wrap (30 min.)

- Chocolate aroma massage (1.5 hours)

Terms of use: The certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and is not refundable.

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