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The skin cleansing procedure is performed on soft mate. The client lies on his back and master in a circular motion scrubs the skin, starting from the feet and rising up to the pelvis, then from the fingertips to the shoulder joints, heals the stomach and chest. Then the client turns and scratches the back surface of the body. After the scrub is washed off with towels soaked in warm water.


  • General improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Increases the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, rejuvenates, refreshes, brightens the skin, eliminates flabbiness and coarsening of the skin, restoring its primary elasticity
  • Increases lymph flow and blood supply of the subcutaneous fat layer
  • Reduces the volume of the subcutaneous fat layer
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Increases metabolism
  • Nourishes the skin and subcutaneous layers


  • Feverish states
  • Acute forms of diseases
  • Fresh fractures of the bones of the body
  • Fresh damage to the joints
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Phlebeurysm


The first procedures for skin cleansing in history originated in ancient Egypt. Higher levels of society used to cleanse the skin of pumice and alabaster. Since then, many properties of minerals and plants have been used to purify the skin. On the surface of the skin's epithelium, the horny dying cells permanently exfoliate, so there is a need for skin cleansing, at least once a week, with age, the urgency of the sabotage procedure increases. In the skin cleansing procedure, a peeling cream is used, which includes wheat germ oil, vitamin e, laminaria extract, moisturizing algal complex and exfoliating particles. Cream peeling gently cleanses the skin, promotes skin regeneration, nourishes and moisturizes it, stimulating blood circulation.

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