Gold wrapping

Golden wrapping

 Would you like to experience heavenly bliss and treat yourself with a truly royal grooming procedure?  Then we invite you to our SPA-salon “Elephant” for a luxurious golden wrap, which will give your skin a delicate cleansing and amazing rejuvenation, brilliance and irresistible beauty even after one session.

 The complex program includes effective procedures for scrubbing, saturating the skin with useful trace elements, as well as Thai massage with oil and gel with glitters of gold.  The services are provided by certified masters, and used cosmetics are exclusively high-quality professional products.


Golden Wrap in Kiev

 High efficiency, which gives the golden wrap for the body, is achieved through a comprehensive program.  Care procedure from our salon consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparatory foot massage, allowing the client to relax and tune in to have fun;
  2. Cleansing the skin with a scrub;
  3. Taking a shower;
  4. Applying the Golden Cloud body mask;
  5. Taking a shower;
  6. Thai massage using oil, gel-liqueur with 24-carat gold glitter.

 This procedure allows you to activate the regeneration of the skin at the cell level, provides a powerful anti-aging, moisturizing and lifting effects.  In addition, the wrapping program helps in the fight against cellulite, enriches the dermis with important vitamins, gives the skin a unique glow and velvety.


The price of a golden body wrap

 The cost of the gold wrap is listed on the website of the Elephant Salon and includes the services of qualified craftsmen, as well as the price of professional cosmetics.  If you want to order a procedure in Kiev, then decide on a convenient time for you and let us know.

Gold wrapping

This procedure is designed for skin rejuvenation and weight loss. Has a powerful pulling action, enriches the skin with nutrients. You will love your new elastic, velvety skin and unique shine! Enjoy truly royal pleasure!

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