Wine rejuvenation

Wine rejuvenation

 Cleansing and rejuvenating wine SPA procedures are popular care services offered by our salon “Elephant”.  Effective wine therapy, which is carried out using professional cosmetics and Thai massage techniques, prolongs and even “preserves” youth, activates regeneration processes at the cellular level.

 Grape cosmetics, which is used for scrubbing, wrapping, is a precious natural medicine that contains vital components for the body.  Proven methods of applying such cosmetics by our masters is a guarantee of obtaining the maximum positive effect from each procedure.


Wine SPA in Kiev

 What does the wine spa in the "Elephant" salon include?  Standardly the program includes the following stages:

  1. Preparatory foot massage;
  2. Cleansing the whole body with a wine scrub;
  3. Taking a shower;
  4. Wrapping rejuvenating nourishing mask based on red wine;
  5. Taking a shower;
  6. Relaxing Thai massage with oil, the formula of which contains grape seed extract.


What is the benefit of wine therapy?

 Grapes of any variety contain a large amount of natural antioxidants (polyphenols) - elements with detoxifying, anti-inflammatory properties.  It is the polyphenols contained in grape seeds, pulp and skin that can restore the damaged dermis, soften and smooth.

 The effectiveness of wine therapy helps to cope with many problems:

  • Careful peeling of the died-off parts of an integument;
  • Increase skin elasticity, color leveling;
  • Getting rid of acne, pigmentation;
  • Tightening effect on the skin;
  • The acceleration of regeneration in a natural way with the activation of the production of collagen;
  • Removal of puffiness;
  • Getting rid of stretch marks;
  • Slowing aging (protecting cells from free radicals).

 In addition, the pronounced cosmetological effects of the effects of wine SPA-procedures in the process offered by our salon, are complemented by relaxation, removal of muscle and emotional stress.

Price for wine SPA procedures

 You can order wine SPA procedures in Kiev for any time that is convenient for you.  Check the cost of services with managers or view the information available on our website.

Wine rejuvenation

The procedure is designed to rejuvenate the skin and increase elasticity. Has a pronounced tightening and regenerating effect. Intensively removes puffiness and renews skin cells. Aligns the relief, sculptures the silhouette. This procedure will give you an extraordinarily elastic skin!

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