На період дії воєнного стану в Україні всі послуги надають українськи майстри
Turkish Hamam

Turkish Hammam

 For hundreds of years, the Turkish hammam has been a place of purification of the body and soul, effective relaxation, health, vitality, beauty and harmony.  To be born again is what meant for a long time -going to the hammam.  In our SPA-salon "Elephant" this procedure is really unique, because it is based on the combination of ancient Turkish traditions and Thai philosophy.

 Admiring to visit our salon, customers get an unforgettable experience, as well as comprehensive spa care.  An exclusive procedure eliminates emotional and physical fatigue and gives great pleasure.  The gentle temperature of the bath, which reaches only 45 degrees, and the increased humidity in the room make it possible to use this method of rejuvenation and purification for almost every client.

 The treatment program includes steaming, peeling, and foam massage.  With each client, certified masters of Thai technology work, and for the procedures only high-quality professional cosmetics is used.  Sign up for a spa with a visit to the hammam, you can at a convenient time in Kiev.  To get into a real SPA-paradise, you just need to call us or contact managers through the online form.


Turkish sauna Hammam in Kiev

 Freshness, ease, purity, peace, a surge of vital energy - all these sensations gives a Turkish sauna the Hammam.  The positive impact is on:

  • Skin condition;
  • The organism as a whole;
  • Psycho-emotional state.

 Due to the cleansing of the body and the organism, there is a natural rejuvenation.  Also, the effectiveness of the procedure is observed in respiratory diseases, depression, diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


How is the procedure occurred?

 The usual program available to our clients in Kiev includes the following steps:

  1. Steaming. You lie on a warm stone, the steam gently and gently affects the skin, opens and cleans the pores, helps to get rid of black spots, remove toxins.  Moist steam protects the skin from drying out at high temperatures.  Turkish sauna relaxes, relieves muscle and mind tension.  It also has medicinal steam, which is useful for tonsillitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, and cough;
  2. Peeling kese. The procedure is carried out using a special "tool" - "kese" glove, which perfectly copes with the removal of dead skin particles.  After such peeling, the skin becomes velvety, soft, smooth.  The effect of the method is higher than peels using scrubs and gommage;
  3. Massage foam. The most pleasant stage of the program, which plunges into sweet dreams, finally relaxes, gives a feeling of incomparable bliss.  You remain lying on a warm stone, and at this time the master applies a foam cloud onto the cleansed body, while simultaneously conducting a Thai massage.


Additional services

 If you want to diversify the Turkish Hammam program, then there is an opportunity to supplement the procedure:

  • Scrubbing (herbal, chocolate, fruit, coconut);
  • Wrapping (wine, with black, blue or white clay, chocolate, gold).

 The scrubbing procedure lasts 15 minutes, and wraps last 30 minutes.  Such services increase efficiency and contribute to a deeper cleansing of the skin.  In this case, the choice of cosmetics is made taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, which allows you to choose the most effective means according to your needs for:

  • Effects on the respiratory system;
  • Getting rid of acne, pigment spots;
  • Maximum smoothing of the skin, moisturizing, saturation with vitamins;
  • Obtaining anti-cellulite effect.


How to visit the Turkish hammam?

 Before visiting the Hammam, you should prepare a little.  The procedure involves exposure to elevated temperature, as well as massage, therefore:

  • Somewhere 2 hours before arrival to the salon refuse to eat;
  • Do not drink alcohol;
  • If you have a fresh tan, then the procedure is better to postpone for a couple of weeks;

 Important!  In the presence of increased body temperature, viral diseases, infectious diseases (including skin diseases), exacerbation of chronic diseases, pregnancy, it is not recommended to go to the procedure at all.

 In order to get as much benefit and pleasure from the Turkish hammam, tune in to a good mood and get ready for the fabulous procedure of rejuvenation, getting rid of stress, cleansing the body.


Price for the Turkish hammam procedure

 The price depends on whether you want to use the standard procedure, which includes steaming, peeling with a kese glove and foam massage, or you want to add scrubbing, wrapping.  Clarify all the details is simple - data informing about the cost of the program is available on the site.  Also, each client can contact us by phone and book a session of the Turkish hammam in Kiev at a convenient time.

Turkish Hamam

Plunge yourself in a world of unforgettable emotions with the Elephant Spa. Identifying feature of  hammam in Elephant Spa is that the procedure is carried out by masters from Thailand. Our hammam integrates Turkish culture and Thai philosophy. We created an exclusive procedure in order to take care of you. Hammam in Elephant Spa is not just the best procedure for getting rid of physical and emotional fatigue - this is a paradise in which the soul and body are in harmony. The procedure of Turkish hamam has been long considered to be the best means of rejuvenation and recovery. The peculiarity of the Turkish bath is not a high temperature up to 45 degrees and a high level of humidity. Such a bath perfectly suits everyone, even people who do not tolerate high temperatures.

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