Thai head and face massage


The main task is to restore the energy of the body, causing full emotional, psychological and physical comfort. If you have general weakness, lack of appetite, fast fatigue, a bad complexion, a malfunction of the stomach or intestines, or you just want to improve your health, relieve fatigue, overcome sleep disorders, normalize the functions of the internal organs, develop endurance - face massage, made by our masters is what you need.

Such work with energy meridians brings instant relief from insignificant, and sometimes from chronic pain and discomfort.


The procedure helps to improve the condition of the skin, as it activates microcirculation, tissue nutrition, cellular metabolism. Strengthens the outflow of lymph that removes swelling, makes the skin more elastic and gives it a healthy appearance. Thai facial massage normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, the increased activity of which often leads to acne, acne and rashes on the skin.

Also, facial massage helps to relax the muscles, which significantly slows the formation of facial wrinkles and smoothes existing ones. It stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin, helps purify the pores, exfoliate the dead particles of the epidermis, helps make the use of cosmetics for care more effective.


Massage begins with techniques that help prepare the skin. Using the sliding, circular and pressing techniques, the master performs facial massage with the help of the thumb and middle finger. Effects on biologically active points are produced without rubbing movements, pressing on the point with a dosage force, which prevents stretching of the skin.

Begin the massage from the forehead points, then move to the paired points along the edges of the nose and descend to the points of the mouth. The next stage of massage is the impact on paired points in the temporal bones, parietal and occipital areas, then work with the decollete and neck area. Finish point massage of the face by exposing the points that are located around the ear shells.


  • restores the central nervous system (improves sleep, eliminates the effects of stress, improves the emotional state)
  • stimulates immunity
  • removes deep muscular tension
  • eliminates stagnant processes in the tissues of the body
  • eliminates inflammation
  • stimulates the activity of organs and body systems


  • high blood pressure.
  • acute stages of diseases.
  • skin infections.
  • elevated temperature.
  • diseases of the lymphatic system.
  • open wounds.

Head and face massage in Kiev and Lviv

Rejuvenating and relaxing Thai head and face massage is a popular type of service, which you can always order in our specialized SPA salon "Elephant". This procedure, performed by qualified craftsmen, helps to smooth wrinkles, restore the lost facial contours, stimulate blood circulation to start natural healing and anti-aging processes. Sign up for a Thai facial massage in Kiev, in Lviv, you can today to get the possibility of non-surgical rejuvenation, returning beauty, giving the skin elasticity. The effectiveness of the sessions, which is observed after the first visit, is fixed during the passage of 8-10 procedures and you do not need to resort to the help of plastic surgery in order to “preserve” your charm and natural beauty for a long time. Massage prices are pleasing accessibility. The cost depends on the qualifications of the master you choose, as well as on the duration and number of sessions. Please note that you always have the opportunity to agree on a massage of the head, face at home or in the office, in a familiar and comfortable setting for you. Anti-aging facial and head massage What are the features of Thai anti-aging facial massage? Note that professional masters carry out the procedure carefully, using proven and safe technology. During the session, there are no pain, discomfort. Essentially this a pleasant and relaxing cosmetic procedure that is practiced today in many beauty salons. You can come to Thai facial massage from wrinkles, regardless of your age - the impact of the effect is not reduced. In addition to rejuvenation Massage technique helps to raise the mood, get rid of fatigue and nervous tension, headaches. The main steps of the session are as follows:

  • Big and middle fingers, with the help of soft sliding movements, preparing the head and face;
  • An impact on the acupuncture points is carried out with dosed pressure, without rubbing, in order to prevent skin stretching;
  • Massage begins in the forehead and gradually passes over the entire face;
  • The head is massaged starting from the temples, parietal, occipital areas;
  • Study the neckline and neck;
  • The procedure ends with the study of active points located near the auricles.

Benefits and contraindications

Use rejuvenating massage is recommended for:

  • Relaxing the muscles of the face, head;
  • Prevent wrinkles;
  • Smoothing existing wrinkles;
  • Start the natural regeneration of the skin at the cellular level;
  • Cleansing the pores and eliminating acne;
  • Cleaning of the face from the cornified particles;
  • Removal of puffiness;
  • Giving the skin a smooth, beautiful color;
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin on the face, in the area of ​​the neck, décolleté;
  • Restore healthy hair growth.

It should be noted that the anti-aging massage technique can cause undesirable effects if you have the following contraindications:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Infectious diseases, including skin;
  • Fresh dislocations, fractures, postoperative scars;
  • Diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Problems with blood pressure;
  • Feverish conditions.

If you do not have these symptoms and ailments, then the benefits of a rejuvenating procedure will certainly please you. You can order the services of professional masters of our salon in the capital or in Lviv at any time. To clarify prices and agree on time, please contact our phone managers or via the feedback form available on the website.

Thai head and face massage

It removes puffiness and increases skin tone, frees and tightens the muscles of the face, improves blood circulation and the general condition of the body. In addition, this procedure, in addition to rejuvenating effect, excellently raises the mood and well-being, which makes Thai head and face massage one of the most effective and most pleasant cosmetic procedures.

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