Traditional Thai massage


Thai massage (also known as yoga massage) – is an ancient system of healing, which includes a variety of ways to influence the muscle tissue and the body as a whole, namely, deep pressing, stretching, opening the joints, exercises resembling asanas (positions) of yoga, acupressure and impact on the flow of energy of the human body as a whole.

Health-improving systems of the East (alternative medicine) are based on the idea that an energy imbalance, or violation of circulation of energy through the channels in the human body is the main cause of any mental or physical disease or ailments.

The energy of the human body in every culture has different names, such as the life-giving energy “prana” in the Indian Ayurverde, “Qi” – in Chinese medicine. Thai healers believe that energy circulates through the energy channels “Sen”. The concepts are different, but the essence remains the same. Thai massage can improve health by activating the circulation of energy and eliminating the obstacles in its way in the channels. This is done by the action (pressing) on the critical points of energy channels, deep study of muscle tissue and the activation of the muscles, that are almost never used in everyday life.

There are some sub varieties of Thai massage, separate procedures, such as foot massage, facial massage, anti-stress massage.


There is information about the history of Thai massage on our web-site, we’ll say only a few words about it here.

The origins of Thai massage are in the ancient Indian healing system Ayurverda and in the oldest of the world’s medicines – Chinese medicine. The history of Thai massage begins over 2500 years ago.


During a session of Thai massage, which lasts from 30 minutes to 2-3 hours, the client is wearing loose light clothing and lies on a special mat. Instead of usual massage strokes, kneading, tapping and mechanical impact masseur is using stretching, twisting and pressure – which is why Thai massage is also known as “yoga massage” or passive yoga. Massaging (squeezing) is performed with palms, fingers, elbows, knees and feet – this technique allows to work out all parts of the body and reach the most hidden and unused muscles.

Do not worry – you’re in good hands. Our masters – are certified specialists from Thailand. You can also see the video on our site to get an idea about the process.


In the beginning, the masseur makes easy and relaxing pressure on the critical points of each foot, which causes the relaxation of the whole body. By deep and flowing impact on the feet the masseur turns the work of patient’s brain into a slower mode, which, in turn, changes the general condition of the patient, allowing you to look at recent or important events in your life differently, soberly, as if on the other hand.

Thai massage technique does not require any gels, ointments or creams. Other options are massage with herbal bags and aromatherapy massage (oil massage). They can be considered as separate procedures, more information about them can be found in the “Services” section.


  • General improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Harmonization of the blood pressure of the body
  • Relaxation of the central nervous system
  • Range of motion of the joints of the body is increased
  • Increased flexibility of the ligaments, joints, muscles and shells of internal organs
  • Strengthening the functions of internal organs
  • Increased resistance to stressful conditions
  • Strengthening of immunity
  • Better mood and general state of health


  • Feverish condition
  • Acute Disease
  • Recent fractures of the body
  • Recent joint damage
  • Infectious diseases of the skin
  • Varicose veins
  • Massage for those having chronic cardiovascular diseases, disorders of blood pressure and diabetes is different and it is necessary to warn the masseur in advance
  • When the meal was less than two hours before the massage it should also be notified


The work of masters after 22:00 Payable in double tariff, discounts do not apply.

Traditional Thai massage

Imagine that every muscle in your body “sings.” You feel the incredible ease and relaxation, but at the same time you are full of energy and strength. It seems that the world has become brighter, the sounds have become clearer and breathing became somehow easier. Each movement is done without effort, on the contrary – you want to run, run fast and intense, and then jump up high and fly…

These are the feelings you experience after a session of Thai massage.

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